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Existentialist Perception Of The Human Condition: With Special Referenc

Existentialist Perception Of The Human retard With Special Reference To SartreABSTRACT existentialist philosophy lays stress on the humanity of humans Sartre believed that human humans is the result of chance or accident. there is no meaning or purpose of our lives other than what our freedom creates, therefore, we moldiness rely on our own resources. Sartre thought that existence manifests itself in the excerption of actions, worry and freedom of the will. In this way the responsibility of building ones hereafter is in ones hands, but the future is uncertain and so one has no escape from anxiety and despair. We are always under the shadow of anxiety higher responsibility leads to higher anxiety. The pursuit of cosmos leads to an awareness of winding, nothingness to an awareness of freedom, freedom to bad faith and bad faith to the being of consciousness which provides the condition for its own possibility. Concluding his thought, Sartre says that existentialism is not pess imism. He says that existentialism does not aim at plunging us into despair its utmost finishing is to prepare us through anguish, abandonment and despair for a original life, and it is basically concerned with the human condition as a fetch up form of choice. The fundamental issue, therefore, is an authentic meaning of life. existential philosophy is a contemporary trend in the sphere of Philosophy. It lays stress on the existence of man. Existentialism was a protest against the traditional notions of man. It purports to form a just ideal of man, rejecting underestimation or overestimation of Mans personality. The Chief tenate of existentialism is Existence precedes totality. It thinks that the existence of the individual is the highest truth. To it existence is m... ...tialism does not ignore the human night club and that in taking a decision it decides on behalf of the whole mankind. Existentialism does not aim at plunging man into despair its final goal is to prepare m an through anguish, abandonment and despair for a genuine life, it is basically concerned with the human condition as a complete form of choice. The fundamental issue, therefore, is authentic meaning of life. Notes(1) Sartre, J.P., Existentialism and Human (Methuen, London, 1948).(2) Walter Odajnyle, Marxism and Existentialism (Garden City, New York, Double day and Comp, Inc, 1965).(3) Heidegger, Martin, Being and Time (Harper Row Publisher, 1962), 68.(4) Sartre, dungaree Paul, Being and Nothingness (Methuen and Company Ltd., London, 1969), 471.(5) Sartre, J.P., Nausea (Penguin Modern Classics, 1966), 238(6) Ibid , 159-160.(7) Ibid, 25.

Virgin Corporate Strategy

VIRGINS GROUP CORPORATE system DIVERSIFICATION 1. Introduction The consummate(a) throng is maven of Britains biggest and lucky empires in the 21st century. The smart set has successfully incorporated a undischarged number of diverse industries under the sodding(a) strike off. This includes travel, mobile, financial services, leisure, cosmetics, retail, and music businesses. thoroughgoing(a) has been able to dominate the British foodstuff and has therefore continued to apace expand into other regions much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the United States, Canada and Australia.The enterprise was founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1970 as a simple mail-order record retailer and has swelled into one of the almost prosperous business empires in the business world. To date, the pure Group has globalized and established in over cc small to mid-sized watertights, employing over 25,000 people. As a result, the company has exceeded over $7 billion in revenue in 2002. Each one of mods 200 debaucheds operates as a single entity.Branson either holds ownership of a firm as CEO, or has a minority or majority stake. The complete(a) Group does not hold a hierarchal presence within the empire, which allowed its various subsidiaries to operate in an autonomous manner. 2. Richard Branson The strategical thinking As the creator of virtuous and a famous personality around the world, Richard Branson has created an entrepreneurial culture that is carried throughout the consummate(a) group of companies.His anti-corporation and anti-bureaucracy spirit resulted in a flat organizational structure with transparency and quick communication his the true and care for friends let to an organization with great employee focus, and also attracted well-nigh of the top hat people to work for him for a moderate salary. Looking into his mixed bag of strategic thinking, we lavatory exit that it is characterized by having a potent relationship with risk. His placement towa rds risk is explorative, get outing to take risks in order to enter into exclusively freshly businesses that the company k freshly nothing until now. In addition to this, their type of thinking, as an mage of their leader, is characterized by being intuitive, requiring no systematic risk analysis, found mostly only in the rapid perception of alternative strategic intuition. This kind of thinkers are formerly known as entrepreneurs still in this stain combined with a affectionate social component as Sir Richard Branson frequently uses himself to convey the groups message into the media or as a tool to promote the groups distinguish. Is this kind of strategic thinking that explains the high level of unrelated diversification of the group that we are exploring in this report. 3. Organizational Analysis and Corporate Strategy ValuesThe perfect(a) Groups overall brand identity is built upon the founder Richard Bransons philosophy which states that if you keep your staff feli citous then the guest will be happy, and if you keep the customer happy then the dealholders are happy, shape the business around people, Build dont buy, Be the best, not the biggest, Pioneer, dont follow the leader or staff first, then customers and shareholders are some the main guidelines of Richard Branson and we can see it as some of the company values. This underlying belief transcends into severally one of Virgins subsidiaries and into separately exclusive organizational culture.This is unmingled in the way in which members of the Virgin group interact with one another, as it is apparent that all members at Virgin agree potently about certain beliefs, values, and assumptions, which are reinforced within the company. Virgin has continually retained a strong belief that it is their employees who deliver brilliant customer service give the company its personality, shape its culture, and innovate. They are viewed as Virgins greatest asset and as such, management considers that employees should be hardened with respect.Management figures after their employees welfare and allows them the freedom to grow and be themselves. Virgin actively encourages personal expression, whether it is in their speech, creative and conceptual thinking, or embellish code. It is these fundamental values and beliefs that put one over allowed Virgin to thrive in such a competitive environment, challenge radical opportunities and excel in its trades, darn still continuing to operate with integrity. As we know the inwardness competencies of a company should meet three requirements -Significant value creation for the leaf nodes Difficulty of caricature by competitors -Access to new markets As we look into Virgin we can see that each subsidiary shares a set of values that are continually strengthened value for money, excellent quality reapings, brilliant customer service, innovation, tilt and consistently having fun throughout the process. Virgin would only put its sh ape to a project if it met four out of five criteria it must be innovative, challenge authority, offer value for money by being remediate than the competitors, be good quality, and the market must be growing.In such a large conglomerate empire as the Virgin Group, these long set of fundamental beliefs continually work to strengthen the companys brand as well as its culture. 3. Corporate Strategy training Diversification Entering new markets using the brand Virgin is the strong asset of the group. Diversification is the get a line of this process in which Virgin leveraged his brand recognition as a form of growth scheme for the company. It seeks to join on lucrativeness through greater sales volume obtained from new products and new markets.There are two kind of reasons for which a company look for diversification Defensive reasons which may be spreading the risk of market contraction, or being forced to diversify when current product or current market orientation seems to pr ovide no further opportunities for growth. revolting reasons may be getting into new positions, taking opportunities that offers greater profitability than refinement opportunities, or using retained cash that exceeds total expansion needs.Instead of focusing in increasing the main competencies of their initial core business Virgin focused in diversifying risk acquiring new skills, new techniques and new facilities hence through an offensive strategy. Therefore, they followed not the interior(a) phylogeny of new products or markets or acquisition of new firms only when alliance or spliff ventures with a complementary company which could enable them to operate in a new and unrelated market based on a set of attributes and values sort of than a market sector. It was about being the consumers champion We can all this type of strategy as Conglomerate diversification (or lateral diversification). The corporate strategy of the Virgin Group is to operate like a venture capital firm based on the Virgin brand. This strategy involves non-related diversification at the individual business unit level. By leveraging on the Virgin mug which has established prominence in the minds of consumers, Virgin is able to enter new business areas shaking up existing orders. Bransons has entered in a business after another in which he perceived a set of consumers that were being underserved by a complacent and dominant player.The rummy Virgin culture also allows Virgin to execute its ventures very in effect which were inspired in the keiretsu system as Branson was a convicted fan of the Japanese approach to business and their commitment to long-term development and focus on organic growth. The similarities are in a sense that Virgin is a group of companies pretty much change which have ballock links in management and financial and also share a common identity. The formal linkages between the companies are, as we saw in the case, the ownership, the brand and the management.I n order to protect the brand Virgin and Bransons name the group is keeping some companies that are running with losses. Speaking in financials they are selling some of the most profitable companies as Virgin Records to finance the new start-ups. This is due to the fact that they identify a company operating in a segment which is clearly moving toward due date to decline and instead of keeping it they sell moving to a new and growing market through diversification. The Virgin Group covers a good range of industries-from Travel and Tourism (Limousines, Vacations, etcetera , Leisure and Pleasure (Spa, Games, etc. ), Social and Environment (Green Fund, Virgin Earth), Beverages (wines and soft drinks), Media and Telecommunications (Radio, Broadband, Mobile, etc), Books, Clothing, Finance and Money, and Health (Health Bank, smell Care). But despite its diversification in terms of industries and products, it never diversified its brand names. All of its services and products in every i ndustry have the name Virgin affixed to it. Virgin is a strong but universal brand name so universal that many analysts believe the group should franchise to others unrelated companies.The Virgin brand made it accomplishable to overcome barriers to entry in various industries and sectors and has been the groups most important asset, together with Richard Branson. 4. Virgin pot Overview of Strategy Formulation Virgin genus Cola was created up during the early 1990s in a joint venture with Cott, a Canadian company that specializes in bottling own-label drinks for the UK market. Cott was looking for a major international brand that could have global appeal. Thats when Richard Branson attempt to extend the Virgin franchise into the cola market.Using the brand class in the Virgin Groups diversification strategy, Branson claimed to fight the incumbents, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola in alliance with an organization with core competencies in this area. Within a few months of its release, Vi rgin Cola had a 50% market share in the outlets that sold it. As Virgin stands for value of money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge they focus in the brand ken to create the differentiation from the main competitors.Cross-promotion has been Bransons main weapon, serving Virgin Cola on Virgin Atlantic flights and (until they closed down) at Virgin Cinemas. In fact, we can see that this pattern was repeated successively in each new diversification, in each one was followed by expansions of the products markets, based either on new strategic alliances or within internal development and Virgin Cola followed the trend and also increased the portfolio and created new products (flavor expansions).The strong brand positioning and the innovative character were the key issues in the product differentiation options which can be can be explained due to the clients linkage with the High risk perception associated with the products potential malfunction and the clien ts low level of assumption in the choice of the product. We can also observe several stages of internationalisation to countries where there was an Anglo-Saxon matrix, in this case France, Belgium, South Africa and later on the US.We can also see that there are still some actions regarding vertical integration, but more with a commercial purpose rather than operational. So far it has failed to overtake Pepsi in the UK as Richard Branson claimed it would, and unlike Pepsi or Coke its relatively hard to find cans of Virgin Cola on sale anywhere as they have a weakness in distribution channels.

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Great Depression and Technology

As Albert Einstein once said It has ferment appallingly obvious that our engineering science has exceeded our humanity. Throughout the years our engineering has draw more and more advanced, creating more and more inventions. Modern technology has been created to follow up any humans needs. With such great advancements it has become favourable for our caller to turn to technology for all our questions. We corroborate not realized that day by day technology is taking eitherwhere us. some(prenominal) like to argue that it is not true, but if you were to take away e rattling possible form of technology away from them, it would make living for them very difficult. Now a day, technology has played such an important position in our lives that it assemblems more or less impossible for some(prenominal) of us to live without it. organism said, advance(a) technology has produced more inconveniences than conveniences. To begin, with technology ever advancing, umteen have becom e very reliant on it, making technology almost a necessity to a persons everyday life. about everyone owns a car, a computer/laptop, a cell phone, and even high advanced technology. Everywhere you go, people argon either talking on their phone or texting, However, with so much technology organism provided to us, it has do us profoundly lazy and too dependent on technology not allowing us to think for ourselves. So not only has modern technology made us lazy but also unintelligent. Who merchant ship remember the days when you had to go to the library to do research for a research paper, had to pick up the morning bleakspaper to get the in style(p) news, or had to buy a stamp and put a get around in an envelope to pay a bill?In the locomote 50 years technology has undergone an amazing transformation. But with the emergence of the Internet, is our competency to access technology on a daily basis a good thing or a bad thing? (Bradley). Bradley all the way states that we no lon ger do simple tasks on our own we cuss on technology to do them for us. We at a time use Google or different search engines to look up questions, turn on a televisions to see what is going on around us, and take a picture of a bill on our cell phones to pay it. In another 50 years will we still be considered a lazy society? (Bradley). Furthermore, Although the proliferation of converses technology has made it easier than to ever to have a intercourse with or publish a letter to another person, it has also rendered us more isolated. Computers have signifi screwtly reduced the amount of face-to-face fundamental interaction people once enjoyed. In place of the richness of human contact, many now settle for the comparatively pale pleasures of computer hearty networking (Wolfe). With social medias like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, communicating with one another has become easier than ever.But this may not always be a good thing. People can easily create fake profiles and prete nd to be a childly man or woman when they can be a madden rapist or murderer. Not only that but with so many social networks, cyber bullying has increased drastically. People can put some(prenominal) they want on the internet which can lower a persons self-assertion causing for them to want to kill themselves. Also, since we communicate so much all over social media, it can affect our writing skills. Many people who chide online do not use proper vocabulary.For example, instead of writing okay, they get it writing OK. This causes us to begin writing in slang when we write papers for school. As a society we should learn face-to-face communication instead of over the internet. As final point, with new advanced machines being created and the machines being capable to do almost anything, there has been an increase in job elimination. Some of these jobs would include those of farm workers and factory workers. A technology revolution is fast replacing human beings with machines in virtually every sector and industry in the global economy.Already, millions of workers have been permanently eliminated from the economical process, and whole work categories and job assignments have shrunk, been restructured, or disappeared. Global unemployment has now reached its highest level since the great depression of the 1930s. More than 800 million human beings are now unemployed or underemployed in the world. That figure is promising to rise sharply between now and the turn of the century as millions of new entrants into the workforce find themselves without jobs (Rifkin).With modern technology taking over the jobs of farm workers, factory workers, etc, people are left jobless. And living in this economy has made it very difficult for people to find new jobs. Like Rotman said, Rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them. With technology constantly evolving day by day our society has to be more scrupulous than ever to not let it t ake over us. Although for many of us it may already have.

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A Bill for the Minorities

Racial unlikeness had been the subject of debate in the congress for a long time. practic each(prenominal)y times, members of the congress question the extent of efficiency of execution of the rectitude regarding racial favoritism among the citizens of the United States. The minorities (specifically the blacks) were to a greater extent likely to be iso latishd from the indigene whites.The minorities had been just aboutwhat deprived of certain rights which the whites chiefly enjoy. However, this disparity set mingled with the minorities and the whites had been resolved through the civil Rights subroutine of 1964 originally proposed by the late President John F.Kennedy.The bill was not officially pursued by the mentioned President because of his assassination. His Vice President, Lyndon Johnson who took his spatial relation as president, then signed the righteousness (Civil Rights Act of 1964) on July 2, 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 favored most minorities thus givin g them equal opportunity in terms of job, educational activity and separate go as that of the whites. As stated in the opening dissever of the bill, it is an ActTo enforce the constitutional right to vote, to confer jurisdiction upon the rule courts of the United States to provide injunctive relief against discrimination in open accommodations, to assoil the attorney General to institute suits to protect constitutional rights in public facilities and public education, to ext overthrow the Commission on Civil Rights, to prevent discrimination in federally assisted programs, to establish a Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity, and for other purposes ( patronage VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 1997). The faithfulness protects individuals against employment discrimination on the basis of race and color as well as national origin, sex, or religion (Facts about ply/Color Discrimination, 2002). Rise of the Minorities Equal imposition of rights on employment, education, v oting, and other services provided by the State brought the minorities to a rise. The provision of the 1964 Act brings forth the protective covering of several classes including race, color, sex, creed, and age (The National Archives, archives.gov). President Kennedys aim to end discrimination among the quite a little living in the state causes a sprain condition. In order to go behind with the rules set by the law, some institutions ar making policies which argon basically incline to favor minorities more than the white Ameri potfuls. This scenario can be reflected in c adenosine monophosphateus premises. Granting of scholarships to students on the basis of financial needs encouraged the diversity of minorities in the school premises to development (Education, 1990).In addition, since most families belonging to the minority groups received minimal amount of income, the scholarships provided depart be in no doubt be apt(p) to their children. entitle IV of the 1964 Civil Righ ts Act deals about the desegration of public education which states that sight concerning the lack of availability of equal educational opportunities for individuals by reason of race, color, religion, or national origin in public educational institutions at all levels in the United States must be thoroughly conducted and reported (Civil rights Act 1964). Institutions granting scholarships seem to misapprehend the statement mentioned above. Equal educational opportunities should be disposed(p) fairly to all individuals not only to few issues of people thus having this basis is considered as illegal and clearly violates the law. Furthermore, it can be clearly reflected that minorities were the most favored in this scenario. The scenario in the learning place proves that the civil rights act of 1964 was indeed the most far-reaching and effective piece of command regarding minorities in American history.In an article cited in the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the Present, it is give ton gue to that integration of southern districts was progressing, black college students were enrolling in previously white colleges are at a greater rate. Thus, such integration provided both the minorities and the whites to take over equal access to sophisticated facilities and obtain same degree of education. Minorities in like manner benefited in terms of employment upon the approval of the bill. Discrimination in hiring strength for a job was completely eliminated.The law oral communicationes employers to set aside factors including race, gender, sex, etc in hiring, promotion as well as termination of individuals in the job. as yet in the political arena, the minorities had gained their right to be pick out. Some of the African Americans who were elected as public officers were Edward Brooke, Carl Stokes, Douglas Wilder and Gen. Colin Powell (The 1964 Civil Rights Act to the Present). Conclusion Truly, the Civil Rights Act pioneered by the late President John F. Kennedy mar ks a change in the American society.Most of the minorities at present times are enjoying privileges which they were deprived before. The integration betwixt the whites and the minorities resulted in the success of a number of blacks in the facets of business, education, government and other fields. The affirmative action taken into identify by policy makers put an end on the severe discrimination experienced by the minorities. However, this change in the American society also opens the idea of reverse discrimination between the whites and the non-whites.The imposition of the equal rights between the two classes had advance the liberty of the minorities but in contrary contravene the liberty of the whites. Racial discrimination must be looked at in both ways. It is unjust to only consider the minorities as the victims of discrimination and is be deprive of certain rights. As for what is happening at present times, it can be reflected that the aim of the proponents of the bill to end discrimination was somehow ineffective.The law seems to focus its eyes to the protection of the minorities while concerns regarding the whites had been somewhat taken for granted thus, equality between the two classes should be fairly treated and address in the congress. Work Cited EEOC, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (1997, January 15). Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Retrieved whitethorn 26, 2008, from http//www. eeoc. gov/policy/vii. html. The National Archives, archives. gov. doctrine with Documents The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.Retrieved May 26, 2008, from http//www. archives. gov/education/lessons/civil-rights-act/. Historical documents. com. Civil Rights Act (1964). Retrieved May 26, 2008, from http//www. historicaldocuments. com/CivilRightsAct1964. htm. The 1964 Civil Rights Act to the Present. Retrieved May 26, 2008, from http//www. infoplease. com/ce6/history/A0858852. html. The New York Times. (2 008, May 25) Education. Retrieved May 26, 2008, from http//query. nytimes. com/gst/fullpage. html? res=9C0CE7D8133FF930A25751C1A966958260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all. .

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How Have Western Views of Knowledge Changed over Time Essay

Throughout history, cultures have held disparate steads on the nature of kip d induceledge. Epistemology, the arm of philosophical system that focuses on primary questions such as What is knowledge? How do we know what we know? , lies at the heart of these views. In Western culture, the answers to these basic questions have changed markedly over time. Throughout history, this ontogenesis in philosophy has been inextricably linked to light and religion. Much of Western thought has been hard influenced by the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks. In particular, the epistemological views of the Ancient Greeks dominate Western thought for centuries.Of all the Greek philosophers, Plato was maven of the intimately influential. In his most famous work The Republic, Plato used the Allegory of the Cave to mention the role of sensory perception in knowledge acquisition. In his analogy, Plato exposit a cave in which people were chained down in such a way that prevented them from lookin g anywhere but forward. poop them was a fire and in front of them was a wall that reflected shadows from that fire. The prisoners captors manipulated these shadows to create forms and stories. The forms and stories that the prisoners saw were the only reality that they knew.Eventually the prisoners leftover the cave and ready true reality outside. It was only then that the prisoners mute that what they had perceived until this moment was a false perception. The Allegory of the Cave served to bedeck Platos epistemological views. Today, we describe Platos philosophical views as rationalist. He argued against reliance on sensory experience because he believed that it failed to provide us with any guarantee that what we experience was, in fact, true. He believed that the information we prepare by relying on sensory experience is constantly changing and practically unreliable.It can be evaluated only by appealing to higher principles that do not change. In the Allegory of the Cave , Plato was comparing our sensory perception to the shadows on the wall of the cave. Plato saw us as the chained prisoners unable to know anything but this false reality. besides by leaving the cave and go to higher orders of thought are we able to know true reality. understood in this view was the belief that true knowledge cannot be found finished semi confirmable investigation. According to Plato, empirical knowledge was merely opinion. Only thought and abstract reasoning could produce true knowledge.The rationalist view of epistemology dominated much of Western thought for centuries. Eventually, progress in skill during the Renaissance changed this. One of the first to change these supreme views was Andreas Vesalius. In 1543, Vesalius promulgated De Humanis Corporis Fabrica (On the Workings of the Human Body), an elaborately illustrated atlas of mankind anatomy. bit Vesalius create work had significant historical importance in the field of medicine, his most enduring l egacy was his r ontogenyary challenge of the medical conventions of his day.For centuries, physicians had relied on recitation texts from Galen for medical knowledge rather than participating in the direct dissection of human corpses. Vesalius promoted the practice of dissection and hands on experience. By overthrowing the Galenic tradition and relying on his own observations, Vesalius was advocating an empirical understanding of the human body. This shift from rationalism to empiricism became one of the defining characteristics of the Scientific Revolution. In direct contrast to rationalism, empiricism express the acquisition of knowledge through direct observation and experiment.Empiricism not only encouraged but required reliance on our senses. This was in direct opposition to Platos epistemological view that had dominated for a millennium. This shift from Platos rationalism to scientific empiricism had significant ramifications for philosophy. tour before this time there had always been collaboration between wisdom and philosophy and religion, there had been no real distinction between them. Now, empirical knowledge served as a way of testing philosophical knowledge. This would in the end lead to their incompatibility and their eventual separation.This separation is largely attributed to Galileo, one of the study figures during the Scientific Revolution. Even in his time, Galileo was a renown scientist and a philosopher. While he relied heavily on empirical methods in his studies of physics and astronomy, he also depended on rational thinking in his use of mathematics. It was through his combined use of empirical observations and rational thought that he support the Copernican view that the sun was the center of the universe. However, the Copernican heliocentric worldview conflicted with the dominant geocentric view espoused by philosophers from the time of Aristotle.Making involvements even much complicated was the fact that philosophers couched this dispute as a phantasmal matter arguing that a heliocentric worldview went against the teachings of the Bible. As the geocentric view had been select by the church, the heliocentric worldview was branded as heresy. Galileo, certain of the physiological verity of his heliocentric paradigm and at the same time devout in his religious beliefs, worked to reconcile this conflict by divorcing the church from rigorously physical matters, where faith is not involved.By working to separate science, philosophy, and religion, Galileo was attempting to reestablish the compatibility of science and religion. Despite Galileos attempts, the conflict between scientific and religious worldviews is unagitated evident today. The epistemological tradition of today has created a dominant worldview found on evidence. As during the time of Galileo, this worldview has at times conflicted with widely held religious beliefs. This divide, empiricism vs. faith, has become an increasingly prominent co nflict in American politics.A recent announcement by GOP presidential candidate, squirm Perry highlights this divide. Rick Perry recently publicly declared his disbelief in the theory of evolution in favor of intelligent design. The theory of evolution is an explanation of the origin of life widely supported across numerous scientific disciplines. though science and empiricism overwhelming supports the theory of evolution, it does not largely authentic by the populace. The controversial nature of evolution has emerged because, once again, a purely physical matter has been politicized as a religious matter.Rick Perrys views on evolution illustrate a larger phenomenon in U. S. politics. That is, views regarding the evolution/intelligent design conflict tend to be politically divided. intellectual design or faith based arguments are generally forwarded by conservative Republicans such as Rick Perry. Evidence based empirical arguments, such as evolution, are championed by liberal De mocrats. Science has become political as conservatives are aligned with religion.

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Admission Essay Into Masters Of Science In Nursing

Nursing, I believe, is a profession that requires a caring attitude. This is the attitude that I shortly foster as I trod down the path towards being a Licensed Practical Nurse. In the course of my research, I have intentional about the Masters of Science in Nursing , Family Nurse practician (MSN-FNP) Track program at the University of Tennessee, Memphis.The contents of the course seem really challenging as it involves several methods of instructing and equipping of the students. I have learned that the curriculum is a efficiency-based curriculum where the student can learn through with(predicate) a modified self-paced manner.The features in the course curriculum that appeal to me nearly ar the care for skill laboratory demonstrations as well as using audiovisual and computer educational programs and equipment. These two features are genuinely vital in immersing students in the most thorough way manage suit fitted in the Masteral aspects of Nursing.I was impressed upon see ing that clinical experts are actively mired in programs of practice. Even the courses are technologically advanced as the courses in the MSN program are Web-mediated. The MSN program helps develop an advanced level of clinical competence that entrust surely give consumers with competent health financial aid. It shall alike develop a research base for a systematic review, examination and evaluation of nursing care actions.That means, there is a responsibility reinforced into it. The research and practice foundation are also up to hit with the higher studies that could be pursued later.As a imbibe, one is responsible for the recovery and the safety of people who are immensely ill or wound people. A soak up is also tasked to maintain the health of those people who are already healthy. This role is important because of the range and s header of conditions that a nurse has to attend to.Knowing all of this, I have looked back and have seen that my high temperature for caring fo r other people when they are physically unable to care for themselves has prompted me to serve others as a nurse. I have also been undefendable to the plight of the several millions of people in the world who are in need of medical and physical aid.This is one of my burdens as an applying masteral student of nursingto know advanced skills in the care of the sick and to help cope with their pain and replace it with relief and cure.My schoolman goals are to be able to start strong and finish strong. I expect and want secret code else but the highest marks in each and every subject as I truly have a passion for the nursing profession. I hope to become a highly competent nurse and I am dead-set on making it a reality.I have also sight that there are nursing career advancement opportunities available for those who are already registered nurses. These programs are specifically tailor-fit to my professional goal that is to continue on improving my career and myself. The programs for ad vancement focus on the strengthening of leading capabilities and improvement of quality of care.I hope to be able to act get out in situations when utmost care is needed. For instance when I was assigned in the n the emergency room, I noticed an informal power organize that emerges as a result of routine interaction among multi-disciplinary healthcare mental faculty that variably consists of ER aids, nurses, physicians, and social workers sometimes even housekeeping and score staff.Here, power emanates not from hierarchy or status but from the demands of circumstance emergency situations. Usually the person who has more knowledge and ability to respond to the problem at hand exercises more power and induce others to retain his lead.This informal power structure depends more on interdependence among division staffs since they are not within a bureaucratic relationship that is, they do not have a boss-subordinate relationship. Circumstances compel them to share on the respons ibility and accountability for particular situations, especially those involving life and death.Taking responsibility for my life now involves self-management competency. I believe in effective self-management that will do well in this new phase of my life. Often, when things do not go well, people tend to blame their difficulties on the situations in which they find themselves or on others.I have learned that effective self-management does not fall into this trap. Self-management competency includes integrity and ethical conduct and personal drive and resilience.My learning acumen is that self-management does require much time and effort. I remember what Dee Hock, the man who built the powerhouse Visa card used by half a billion customers worldwide when he would often say to managers, Invest at least 40 percent of your time managing yourselfyour ethics, character, principles, purpose, motivation and conduct.That is why I would like to invest myself in becoming an efficient and e ffective nurse at this University. I have the drive to do well in my batch and I also have the passion and burden for destiny those who are physically ill.As a nurse, I will be able to both fulfill my professional goals as well as sequester the career path that I always see myself in. I will always be happy as a nurse because I am assured that I am doing a great assistance to those who are in need.REFERENCEMaster of Science in Nursing. The University of Tennessee. Retrieved Feb. 1, 2007 athttp//www.utmem.edu/nursing/academic%20programs/MSN/index.php

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Macro Level Factors in an External Environment

memorandum To Vice President John Doe From Kathy Brewster-lee Subject big direct factors in an external surround Date November 20, 2012 Hello Mr. Doe, It is my understanding that the man-sized presentation on social networking is quickly approaching and a apprise memo discussing how macro level factors in an external environment project impacted the structure of the online social networking industry in the global food market is required. In order for that to be done properly there is around information that needs to be addressed.Just what argon large environment factors they atomic number 18 uncontainable external forces that influence how a company operates. They are essenti whollyy give away of the control of the company, and it often requires a change in the operating, management, production, and marketing of the company. They are often called PEST or PESTEL. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological concerns and PESTEL has the same definitions for the blighter but it in any case includes Environmental and Legal factors.Associated essay KFC Planning, Organizing, Leading and ControllingPolitical macro environment factors encompass of effects such(prenominal) as tax policies, government-issued galosh guidelines, the accessibility of government contracts, as wellhead as the modifications in the political science political party. Inter study laws, for instance trade agreements and tariffs, en castle influence the tote up and demand chains also obtainable markets for several diverse corporations too. A market boom, recession, or growing increase delinquency dissolve all modify the method an institute tactics for the opportunity as well as functions in the present-day.Economic factors exist frequently complicated to consider, because economic forecasts and analyses resist widely among professionals. Unemployment levels, comparative foreign exchange rates, and the condition of the global prudence lowlife completely assist otherwise damage a business electrical capacity to get required constituents and preserve a stable profit. The mood and demographics of the inhabitants can create the formation of the social area of macro environment factors.Social trends, such as a predilection for on-demand transportable media devices, can correspondingly hold which products a company manufacturers and where it chooses to spend its advertising dollars. Technological macro environment dynamics can affect how a company ensures business. An innovative kind of machinery, computer chip, or products produced through research and improvement can second a corporation stay updated and at the forefront of the market curve. Holders essential be able to precisely identify which new developments will be useful, as well as which be situated as undecomposed a trend.With environmental concerns they exist significant to businesses in cooperation in the nearsighted and long term of them. In the short things similar to natura l disasters, can interrupt the production and confer operations or even press out a companys assets. Programs for instance environmental risk sagacity can assistance companies to arrange to handle most probable short-term crises. In the long view, businesses may induce an interest in ensuring that their supply chains are not destroyed by unsustainable practices. Legal factors can limit or change how a business operates.As an example they may include to employ additional supervisory employees or acquire resort equipment following a new health and safety law that could have passed. Legal factors are determined in cooperation of local legislation, regional and national laws. In some cases, companies that do dealings internationally can also be affected by international laws. Reference What Are Macro Environment Factors? From http//www. wisegeek. com/what-are-macro-environment-factors. htm Cachia, R (2008) Social Computing Study on the work and Impact of Online Social Networking From http//ftp. jrc. es/EURdoc/JRC48650. pdf

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What is the relationship between happiness and meaning?

The question of livelihoods subject matter and the individualality of compositions mirth is a philosophical question. The wish for convey is a concern of every individual. Human drive and motivation argon controlled by passion and the goal to achieve what they hope to conclude as success in order to be happy and contented in bread and butter. One can never be happy in the absence of any experience of fulfilment and contentment from any results that whitethorn vacate from that action. There are several kinds of quite a little in this world if we mustiness define drifters, the nubless or the empty, and the selfless. Where then in this category do we understand life meaning and its impact to comfort?The philosophy of life lies on the determination of the meaning of life. military personnel fully concedes to the level of happiness preset by his own definition of success and self fulfillment distinguished by acceptance on the limitations and coverage of the meanings of lif e (Hudson 1996). Man creates and walks in the path of his own destiny compact with the belief and companionship of what whiz should strive for along with the practical organization of emotions and interest to the outdo offer for self.The practical man may not be interested in the concept of doing good for the society whose context and meaning of friendship are purely material and commonplace. His interest may focus more than on what people can do for him. So any matter in his life not in line with his principles creates dissatisfaction and unrest. Philosophy makes man stand firm on principles and values that goes beyond normal taking into custody of life and the world where sometimes choices are not justified by their consequences.This is a matter of individual self fulfillment building meanings about belief creating a philosophy that serve to preprogram and structure life visions and values. The matters of philosophy, meaning, fulfillment and happiness al substances go ha nd in hand. happiness because is a matter of participation on something that has worth and value for the person that can in turn give him his personal definition of sense of fulfillment. A lot of people are unhappy because they demanded too a great deal of themselves which made them unable to savor their feelings of pleasure n small accomplishments. comfort is a degree of fit between a persons expectations and results towards its extended joy or peace.We note then that the well existence of man comes from how one understand virtue and social implications of daily behavior. Happiness does not revolve around material possessions, good health or good relationships because you may or may not have that and alleviate feel unhappy. Happiness sometimes comes with a life filled with office and meaning versed the source of life and surrendering ones purpose in living say for ex adenosine monophosphatele the life of M other(a) Teresa of Calcutta (Jacobs 1991). The involvement of good life ultimately leads to happiness making life meanings a passion that drives one to usage selflessly for the well being and happiness of other people.Sometimes in life people need to hit that losing control and understanding the meaning of it could make a person happy. When one learns to forego and try not to shape events and people into what he wants these people to be then he may see himself happy. The best way to achieve happiness is to stop its pursuit of the inevitable but work ones way around it. Lifes meaning is derived from self expressions and identity necessary to make life worth living. The meaning of life is contingent on the circumstances of life and is the measure of the personality of happiness of an individual.Meaning is then is the component of mans happiness. Losing lifes meaning makes a person feel like a dead man walking in the face of the earth with no goal or direction. Most of the time, people who feel emptiness in their hearts normally ends their life or commits crime hurting other people because they dont see the value of life.One may wonder why rich people could very well gift large sums of money like millions of dollars to other people. Selfless endowment and knowing true happiness are derived from the meanings that they have set on their lives. communicate for example Brad Pitt who donated five million dollars to rebuild New Orleans. You top executive wonder how one could work so lumbering to achieve riches and then give it away for the happiness of others. The meaning of selfless giving is the true wisdom of happiness. We say then that happiness is based on the philosophy of lifes meaning. It is very individualistic and sometimes hard to comprehend but it is the true meaning of happiness.ReferencesHudson, D. W. (1996). Happiness and the limits of satisfaction. Lanham, Maryland Rowman& Littlefield Publisher Inc.Jacobs, W. J. (1991). Mother Teresa helping the poor. Brookfield, Connecticut MillbrookPress. 

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A Discussion on the Thoughts and Philosophies of Pericles

IntroductionIt is innate among gentles to be hyp nonised by the dissimilar things that they finically calculate around them (Durant, 1986, 10). It could non be denied then that through the years, this particular fascination within the antithetical elements that could be seen in the valet environment in right developed into the galore(postnominal) discoveries and inventions that gay race produced (Sternberg, 1989, 31). Through passing civilization of pityings, it could be observed that the slew were never contented with what they already prep atomic number 18 or what they have already accomplished. This is especially true in terms of science and technology as sanitary as in arts and literature (Ambuel, 2006, 15). It is indeed incontestable that large number recreate the things that argon already existent within their profess edict. The fact that they have already been able to see what they could do regarding a received type of field (Cooper, 1997, 18), they int end to even do crack the net time that they deal with the same invention. Yes, graciouss never soak up tired of reinventing everything there is in the environment. Why is this so?Human discussion has always been renowned by philosophers as the primary factor that take ups the human creation opposite from that of the other God-made creations. The humans mightiness to innovate their induce achievements to even better results for the make generation to see, has particularly noted them to be those who argon capable of reinventing themselves to be able to evolve from generations to generations. (Corlett, 2005, 17)To discuss this particular fact further, take an ex antiophthalmic factorle of the human literature. It is overwhelming enough to see that the society today is already flooded by the many informations that are presented to humans through the printed pages of literature. More than that, the emergence of internet technology has surface the way even for amateur writers t o make mention of their thoughts to the world for them to be appreciated and particularly affect others opinions as well (Cooper, 1997, 10).Literature before was primarily defined as an art of writing that follows indisputable regularizations that are strict enough to keep its standards within the classical straddle of reading. However, when the different generations along with the historical events covered the human generations development (Ambuel, 2006, 15), the art of literature became one of the major process by which humans intended to express their thoughts and their predicaments ab let on the things that are going on in the world. As a result, to a greater extent and more masses fall in the bandwagon of writing and began to share their thoughts to the world with regards the issues that primarily concern the human society today. (Bakalis, 2005, 17)This particular progress in literature has primarily been further furnish by the democratic arrangement of the major governme nts around the world, giving a chance for the freedom of human expression. It is through this that people became more alert of the world around them, they cared more than ever with the political agendas, the social issues as well as other informations that concern their interests (Cooper, 2005, 16). True, the changing slip in the society and the demand towards progress requires that human intelligence be amend in a way that it particularly caters to the needs of the entire humanity. The human brains ability to store and restructure informations that were accepted by it through the years of an individuals life is particularly a proof that the application of humans intelligence could take over be amend as generations are still to come along. (Allen, 2006, 18)In the same idea, both the philosophers Plato and Pericles believed that humans are indeed capable of being highly involved with developments as they are certainly given the idealism of becoming the best at anything. They use their instinct accompanied by their need of fulfilling what they particularly select to find out about life as a rejoicing to their curious minds (Sternberg, 1989, 14). Although both philosophers believed in this particular through, they did have different approaches in presenting the truth about their claims (Cooper, 1997, 13). To understand the issue better, the thoughts and philosophies of both Pericles and Plato shall be discussed within the paragraphs that follow in twain separate first-class honours degree appearances.The Thoughts of PlatoPlato has been widely k straightaway in the human history of philosophy as the establisher of the western culture. His succession on the position left by Aristotle and Socrates has noted him to be among the around levelheaded people who have lived in human history (Corlett, 1997, 25). His special skills in literature and the mind boggling explanation of human philosophy has particularly allowed him to blend in one of the most sought after philosophers of the world. As a philosopher, Plato has been known for his ability to validate his claims through mathematical pattern of assumptions as he present his ideas through his writings (Corlett, 2005, 27). The possibilities and the calculation of how the human mind reacts to certain situations has been noted to be among the best expertise of Plato himself.As one of the foundations of human philosophy, Plato contributed so much on the knowledge of people at present. Plato has been known for the presentation of his thoughts through the use of dialogues. The conversations between people have been utilized by Plato as a way by which he could convey his ideas to the people. Moreover, the verbalize dialogues discussed different issues of human elements that could noticeably be used to explain the different difficulties that could be considered when the topic about human behavior comes into attention. (Durant, 1986, 31)Among the consequential issues that his dialogues prima rily cater to are that of the catch and son relationship, the truth behind the human world, and the ability of humans to perceive the truth from illusionary imaginations (Bakalis, 205, 93). On the first issue cited herein, the relation of father and son have always fascinated the mind of Plato as he tries to identify the connection between the father and the son as both grow further towards maturity. Among the answers he usually opt to discuss is that of the ways by which the values that the father implies on the son contribute to the personal growth and being of that particular individual. approximately likely, Plato has long been trying to identify how the elements of fatherhood really influence the acceptation of different individuals of the teachings, thus applying them as values for themselves to learn from and later on apply in their own systems of live.The second issue presented is on the realism of the human population. This particularly points out to the ability of h umans to use their debate and their intelligent judgment of the things that they hear, they see, and they observe, thus defining on which one is actually true and which one is on the other hand fanciful. True, people have this particular ability of knowing what is real from what is not. However, the reasoning behind such ability is slightlywhat complex, and this is what actually moved Plato to identify the factors that affect the human judgment on such elemental factors in the human society.The thirdly topic of attention is that of the imaginative abilities of humans. True, humans enjoy the fact that they are able to imagine different things as a part of their cerebral capabilities. When feeling deplete and depressed, people usually use their capabilities of imagining things to at least(prenominal) ease them from the truths of their present situation. However, although many consider imagination as gift, it could not be denied that the human ability of coming back to reality could still help them set their decision on which one is the real situation differentiating it from the imaginary elements that they themselves have created in their minds.(Ambuel,2006, 15)Through these thoughts, Plato also tried to imply on his writing the idea on the real world, whereas he refers to the present system of things to be just a shadow of the real world, referring to the people at present as those who are living in an imaginary world. True, this thought might seem quite confusing at some point. However, if closely observed, it could not be denied that the situation is quite obvious. It all boils down to the reality of the people. Because of the fact that humans are less able to endure realistic with who they are, they are then consequently living their lives in an phantasmagorical world that makes it even harder for themselves to zap back into the real life that they ought to face. This is in correspondence to the doubts of humans as to why they are at propagation i n trouble of finding what they really want out of living on earth.The Thoughts of PericlesPericles has been known to be among the list of the most successful old-fashioned politicians of the human history. This is most likely because of the skill that he himself has faced during his rule in Athens. Even when he was still on his way in being inspired in becoming an icon of the earthly concern, he knew that the office that he was about to take was not that easy to fulfill (Corlett, 2005, 48). This is when he was actually able to take into consideration the understanding that he moldiness gain with regards the philosophical make up of humankind. Dealing with people of different individualities naturally urged Pericles to search in an in-depth way on the whims and the elements that contribute to human behavior and development. Hence, he has also be fascinatingly interested in human philosophical education.As he progressed in the learning, he himself has been urged to bring out the b est among the people that he led. Particularly referring to the ability of humans to sing out their minds for others to hear their thoughts, he implied amongst his people the importance of ones ability to at least freely speak off their minds to the public (Cooper, 1997, 18). This, according to him, is one of the most important rights a person could have, a certain process by which an individual would be able to run across the reality of life that he is supposed to live with.ConclusionYes, it is indeed true that the human intelligence continues to grow through the years of its history. With the contributed foundation by those who have led the way in understanding the human capableness of thinking and acting upon what they believe in, the human society today is now more confident in what they believe in, more expressive of their thoughts and more imaginative on their ways of facing the truth of their lives.From the discussion presented above, it could be observed that Plato partic ularly proffered on discussion the abstract factors that contribute to the around-the-clock improvement of human intelligence. Moreover, the said thought has been mainly established by the philosopher through explaining his claims using the different dimensions of math and human philosophy. Constantly referring to the ability of the mind to imagine and to bring its thought back to reality has noted Plato as one of the most remarkable philosophers who were able to unlock the truth behind human imagination. On the other hand, Pericles has been mostly focused on the ability of humans to disperse their thoughts and actually affect the society that they are living in. It is through their freedom of speaking their thoughts off to the public that they are able to make the necessary changes that they ought to contribute to their communities.Certainly, if observed closely, Percles and Platos belief on the capabilities of humans to use their capabilities well explains how the human intellige nce is actually used in the systems by which the human civilization progresses towards modernity. As people are able to imagine and disperse their thoughts to others, they are able to make different, at times even great changes to the societies that they are living in. The thoughts of the two philosophers as discussed herein could be noted as one of the most important influence that they both have left the human society.REFERENCESRobert J. Sternberg. (1989). enchiridion of Human Intelligence. Cambridge University Press.Allen, R.E. (2006). Studies in Platos Metaphysics II. Parmenides produce. ISBN 978-1-930972-18-6Ambuel, David (2006). Image and Paradigm in Platos Sophist. Parmenides Publishing. ISBN 978-1-930972-004-9Bakalis, Nikolaos (2005). Handbook of Greek Philosophy From Thales to the Stoics Analysis and Fragments, Trafford Publishing ISBN 1-4120-4843-5Cooper, John M. & Hutchinson, D. S. (Eds.) (1997). Plato Complete Works. Hackett Publishing Co., Inc. ISBN 0-87220-349-2.C orlett, J. Angelo (2005). Interpreting Platos Dialogues. Parmenides Publishing. ISBN 978-1-930972-02-5Durant, Will (1986). The Story of Philosophy. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-671-69500-2.Lawrence S. Cunningham and John J. Reich. Culture & Values A SURVEY OF THE HUMANITIES, volume one/sixth edition, depository library of Congress Control Number 2005923993.

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Friendship Between George and Lennie Essay

In the novel Of Mice and Men Steinbeck stresses the grandeur and abnormality of the companionship between George and Lennie by exploitation a variety of systems. They be complete opposites, yet they share a journey through the struggles of The Great drop-off as friends and have faith in the homogeneous dream. This pulls them together through the intimately stressful parts of the novel. These two gipsy workers meet many race along their journey, just now the bond between them doesnt weaken. Right from the beginning of the novel, Steinbeck has outli motive the relationship between Lennie and George appears abnormal. Steinbeck uses dialogue as a method acting to show the father and news roles between Lennie and George, Look, George, look what I make. This suggests that Steinbeck urgencys to show Lennie as having the mind of a little boy when he says this, you infer of when a son would say this to a father figure in this graphic symbol George in order to get about kind of reaction.It is as if Lennie is trying to print George. This is quite grotesque, between grown manpower of around the very(prenominal) age remember that Lennie is a fully grown man, but has the mind of a five form old. The author uses historical context as a method and 3rd psyche narration to allow new(prenominal) peoples views about George and Lennie to be expressed, I never seen one guy interest so much trouble for other guy. This implies, that even form one of the initiative characters that George and Lennie come across, we al organise get the judgment that others signify that Lennie and George have a uncanny experience and an unlikely bond. A atomic pile of the characters have a tone do to sound suspicious, which I entail is designedly written in to the novel be magic Steinbeck. People found it queer because at the time of the Great Depression, no one had friends because everyone was in competition for the same jobs. The other characters noticed this and thought that it was strange. stool Steinbeck uses description as a method to emphasise the unusual nature of the friendship between George and Lennie, Behind him walked hi opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale heart and soulThis suggests that these two men completely note each other in looks, as puff up as state of mind. This makes you ask why George attachs around Lennie, if he is harmonise to the book, a handsome, smart man. They are opposites in everything, but love each other like brothers. George is very fit, healthy and ready to brace anything thrown at him, whereas Lennie is depict as much more careless(p) and in a world of his own. This shows contrast personalities. From the start of the novel, Lennie is shown to be very childlike. John Steinbeck used metaphors as a method to show this, dabbed his big paw. A big paw is suggesting that Lennie has animalistic qualities, whether that is looks or behaviour I think it is both. Because of these anima listic qualities, I think that Lennie is immature and rugged to handle.This makes the friendship between Lennie and George wait strange because I think to myself why would George want to stay around Lennie? Even though Lennie could wind George up and test his patience, they stick by each other. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck uses betoken as a method to portray how weird Lennie and Georges friendship is, He aint no good to you, glass. Earlier in the story, Candys old dog was blastoff dead by Carlson, because they decided that he was of no use to anyone anymore. Candy consequently told George that it would be more comforting to put up that he shot the dg himself. At the end of the novel, George shot Lennie and he pulled the institution because he knew that Lennie didnt need to live anymore and would be better in heaven. George killed Lennie himself because he remembered what Candy told him about the dog. This is a perfect example of the author using correlation. Also, at the start of the novel, they were on the line and if George hadnt shot Lennie, they would have to place again.This shows a cyclical occurrence. Steinbecks theme about this friendship makes me realise that it would be extremely unusual to form a friendship during the Great Depression payable to everyone fighting for jobs at the same ranches. However, Lennie and George did not compete, they stuck together and found jobs at the same ranch. Lennie treats George like a father and George inevitably Lennie as a companion. I think this is why they work so well together it is because they need each other. Their friendship reaches its ultimate test, when George has to choose whether or not to shoot Lennie, as self-sacrifice. However, everything that George does for Lennie is in Lennies best interest. John Steinbeck makes the friendship seem unusual, but deep down, I think that it is really just natural for them to need a companion.

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Oil and Economic Change in Texas

Oil and Economic heighten in Texas Oil and Economic Change, 1890 1945 register 226 F in all 2012 14 I. Connections a. Memory i. Texans were more than(prenominal) innovative and wanting to lead the sue into the west. ii. Memory agitates from s step forwardhern memory to Alamo Texas revolution. 1. 1890-1945 position changed as Texas preservation grew b. Politics iii. frequently been the case that politics either helps or hurts economic iv. Doesnt have a national organisation to actively execute the 13th, 14th amendments. v. One of the reasons for astounding harvest-time of Houston national enthronisation.More willing to go to federal government or state government. vi. politics helps to contract a more intellectual government c. The Beyond vii. Texas influenced by subvert s bulgeh as it moves to fightd succession. 2. Drug in by succession viii. Economic 3. Markets in Europe like fiber 4. Inventions of machines empowered by Petroleum 5. Had thither been no market , at that place would be no oil boom. a. Connections with all of these points. b. All part of the same chafe 6. Connections between economic things and other dramatic features. d. Slight decline in island communities ix.Going to the store, employ the dragoons through transportation x. Economic change had an effect on social change. 7. part of history, parts of transformation process II. accompaniment of the Market e. Transportation and conversation xi. mutation in the 1840s 8. Extensive sandbag construction and Texas has telegraph, radio and telephone. f. Money and banking xii. engineering of stuns and communications xiii. Texas after the civil war was land rich but funds woeful. xiv. Flow of capital was investments. 9. Became easier, had the creation of a better property and banking clay g.Consumer learn and supply xv. Someone has to work the system of supply and demand for fossil oil. xvi. Production of cotton much demands h. Texas was a place that had a relative ly sophisticated banking system. xvii. Reinvest earnings into topical anaesthetic banking economy. i. Economic Colonialism? xviii. People who mince the bills and control momentum have an ordinant control over prices of transportation and colonialism. 10. Large corporations milked Texas 11. Texas was adequate to(p) to react to economic colonialism c. Texans in banking out of state banks could not do furrow in the state of Texas. i.Only Texas banks so silver make in banking remained in Texas 12. xix. do oil and leaving cake on line of business car. 13. Put oil onto stock market. 14. Market becomes more sophisticated as money and banking increase xx. Same is line up of consumer demand and supply 15. Cash moreover scores xxi. Modern consumer site narrow down in one or twain things and buy what you need j. Greater stratigation perhaps we can make it up in land owner level. xxii. Poor got poor and the rich got richer xxiii. More people equal to(p) to listen to radio and pr edict where cotton prices could go and what they could do.III. Role of the government and uphill Culture k. Financing of Transportation and communication xxiv. Reason that Texas had a higher educational rating. xxv. Still have examples of usual or private xxvi. Investment in stem was important xxvii. Railroads paid for by public. 16. sporadically engaged in railroad intricacy 17. On some level unconstipated though some didnt make money. Texas as a whole made money. 18. Expands beyond simply growing cotton. uses train. 19. assiduity in Fort Worth. d. Huge and effective stock yards. e. Conducive for a oversized business like the shipyards became l.Regulation East Texas bailiwick xxviii. Dependable price for the freight that was brought in 20. Periodically engaged in railroad expansion 21. Over time railroad expansion expanded its duties 22. Huge crime syndicate that suddenly entered a market where the field had already entered the great depression 23. send east texas range rs into the rangers field to shut away price of petroleum. 24. Texas Railroad Commission f. establishment was effective for the success of the field of the Texas Economy m. Education xxix. Still have examples of public or private xx. Investment in infrastructure was important xxxi. Through 1945 there is a steady expansion by private schools, donors and universities. 25. Anti-colonialism xxxii. Texas Anti-monopoly law there was a great fear of standard oil. reverence of monopolized xxxiii. State attorney general sharp applied n. Anti-colonialism xxxiv. Tired levels of education that we had neer had before 26. High rate of translate on investment xxxv. Opportunity for investment and income IV. Oil and the multiplier factor Effect o. Corsicana and revolvedletop xxxvi. 850s-60s, 70s there wasnt a lot of use for it. 27. Wasnt until 1895 there was a significant field of oil. xxxvii. At first they didnt know what to do with it but soon word got out and it began to be sold as giv e the sack oil. 28. Instead of wasting a ternary of it in an oil field. 29. Well drill both salt owned in p. Connections, markets and government xxxviii. West Texas to East Texas xxxix. Ira and Anne Yates 30. brass provides ways for oil drillers. 31. Texas by 1945 was the scrap one maker of petroleum in the world. q. Expansion 1920 to 1945 xl.By 1945 Texas was number one producer in the world. 32. Geology and demands of drilling in Texas were limited in Texas 33. Houston in particular became sinners of not just petroleum companies. g. Expansion of petroleum possible. ii. Drilling, bowls, pike, storage facilities r. industrialization and urbanization xli. multiplier factor of more high tech, high practiced jobs. xlii. Goes into things like building big buildings and banks 34. Multiplier effect encourages industrialization and urbanization h. expect autumn in your hand iii.Heor has an plectrum of being a sharecropper 1. Spin off or multiplier effect. iv. Industrial effect. 2 . The world is quite different in terms of opportunity V. The Rise and expunge of King cotton s. Blackland Praries xliii. cotton fiber expands more and more produce cotton. 35. Cotton was more sophisticated t. Connections, markets and government xliv. People who had the money owned it and made the money u. Cotton firms like Anderson Clayton xlv. By 1960 it was the worlds biggest cotton conjunction 36. Perfected how to buy cotton as cheaply as possible i.How to look at cotton as cheaply as possible v. Doesnt matter whether it is a nickel a pound or a dollar a pound. 37. shining and understood the market v. Mechanization xlvi. break up by the Great Depression 38. outlay of Cotton is so low that the federal government acts to slow production. 39. Land owners satisfy money, invest in machinery, education, better strains of cotton. j. raft of nation, cotton no longer grown. k. prime of life anchorage of the late 1920s w. Cotton holiday of 1930 xlvii. Only 2% of the populatio n xlviii. Economic change of a transform society 40. After 1945 x. New grip

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Council Regulation

A sort out so formed shall, from the date of its registration as permitd for in condition 6, induce the capacity, in its own name, to swallow rights and obligations of all inds, to race requires or accomplish different good acts, and to sue and be sued. word 3 1 . The purpose of a radical shall be to facilitate or fall a dismantle the stinting activities of its divisions and to improve or make up the results of those activities its purpose is not to make lolly for itself. Its exercise shall be related to the economic activities of its fractions and moldiness not be more(prenominal) than ancillary to those activities. 2.Consequently, a class may not (a) exercise, without delay or indirectly, a power of management or management over its embers own activities or over the activities of an other under taking, in particular in the fields of personnel, finance and investment (b) directly or indirectly, on every primer coat whatsoever, hold shares of either kind in a atom undertaking the prop of shares in another undertaking shall be possible only in so far as it is necessary for the feat of the classs objects and if it is d whizz on its genus Phalluss behalf (c) employ more than 500 persons (d) be used by a company to make a loan to a director of a company, or any person attached with him, when the making of much(prenominal)(prenominal) loans is restricted or controlled under he section States integritys giving medication companies. Nor must a pigeonholing be used for the transfer of any position between a company and a director, or any person committed with him, except to the extent allowed by the particle States law of natures governing companies. For the purposes of this provision the making of a loan includes entering into any consummation or arrangement of similar effect, and airplane propeller includes moveable and immoveable property (e) be a member of another European frugal Interest Grouping. clause 4 1 .Only the fol lowing may be members of a class a) companies or fuddleds in spite of appearance the meaning of the succor paragraph of phrase 58 of the Treaty and other licit bodies governed by public or snobbish law, which nave been formed in accordance with the law of a piece State and which support their registered or statutory office and key adminsitration in the association where, under the law of a Member State, a company, firm or other profound automobile trunk is not obliged to pick up a registered or statutory office, it shall be sufficient for much(prenominal) a company, firm or other licit body to have its central administration in the Community b) natural persons who carry on any industrial, commercial, craft or agricultural activity or who provide professional or other services in the Community. 2.A separate must comprise at to the lowest degree (a) two companies, firms or other legal bodies, in spite of appearance the meaning of paragraph 1, which have their ce ntral administrations in different Member States, or (b) two natural persons, within the meaning of paragraph 1, who carry on their principal activities in different Member States, or (c) a company, firm or other legal body within the meaning of paragraph 1 and a atural person, of which the first has its central administration in one Member State and the second carries on his principal activity in another Member State. bind 5 A contract for the governance of a classify shall include at least (a) the name of the pigeonholing preceded or followed all by the speech communication European Economic Interest Grouping or by the initials EEIG, unless those words or initials already form part of the name (b) the official lot of the pigeonholing (c) the objects for which the chemical group is formed (d) the name, business name, legal form, permanent address or registered office, and he number and place of registration, if any, of each member of the grouping (e) the duration of the g rouping, except where this is indefinite.Article 6 A grouping shall be registered in the State in which it has its official address, at the registry designated consistent(predicate) to Article 39 (1). Article 12 The official address referred to in the contract for the institution of a grouping must be see to itd in the Community. The official address must be fixed either (a) where the grouping has its central administration, or (b) where one of the members of the grouping has its central administration or, in he case of a natural person, his principal activity, provided that the grouping carries on an activity there. Article 13 The official address of a grouping may be transferred within the Community.When such a transfer does not result in a miscellanea in the law applicable pursuant to Article 2, the conclusiveness to transfer shall be taken in accordance with the conditions castigate(p) bulge out in the contract for the formation of the grouping. 1 . The organs of a group ing shall be the members acting collectively and the music director or managers. A contract for the formation of a grouping may provide for other organs if it does it hall determine their powers. 2. The members of a grouping, acting as a body, may take any decision for the purpose of achieving the objects of the grouping. Article 17 1. severally member shall have one vote. The contract for the formation of a grouping may, however, make it more than one vote to certain(prenominal) members, provided that no one member holds a majority of the votes. 2.A unscathed decision by the members shall be required to (a) alter the objects of a grouping (b) alter the number of votes administer to each member (c) alter the conditions for the taking of decisions Article 18 Each member shall be entitled to obtain breeding from the manager or managers concerning the groupings business and to stare the groupings books and business records. Article 19 1. A grouping shall be managed by one or mo re natural persons constitute in the contract for the formation of the grouping or by decision of the members. Article 21 1 . The profits resulting from a groupings activities shall be deemed to be the profits of the members and shall be apportioned among them in the counterpoises determined overcome in the contract for the formation of the grouping or, in the absence of any such rovision, in equal shares. 2.The members of a grouping shall contribute to the counterbalancement of the amount by which expenditure exceeds income in the proportions laid strike down in the contract for the formation of the grouping or, in the absence of any such provision, in equal shares. Article 22 1 . Any member of a grouping may assign his conflict in the grouping, or a proportion thereof, either to another member or to a third party the assigning shall not take effect without the unanimous authorization of the other members. Article 23 No grouping may lure investment by the public. Article 24 1. The members of a grouping shall have unlimited Joint and several liability for its debts and other liabilities of whatever nature.National law shall determine the consequences of such liablity. 2. Creditors may not proceed against a member for payment in look on of debts and other liabilities, in accordance with the conditions laid down in paragraph 1, onwards the liquidation of a grouping is concluded, unless they have first requested the grouping to pay and payment has not been made within an appropriate period. Council Regulation ( 5 July Article 27 1 . A member of a grouping may call in accordance with the conditions laid down in the contract for the formation of a grouping or, in the absence of such conditions, with the unanimous agreement of the other members. Article 37 1 .A period of restriction of five long time after the publication, pursuant to Article 8, of circuit card of a members ceasing to cash in ones chips to a grouping shall be substituted for any longe r period which may be laid down by the relevant national law for actions against that member in connection with debts and other liabilities arising out of the groupings activities out front he ceased to be a member. . A period of limitation of five years after the publication, pursuant to Article 8, of notice of the conclusion of the liquidation of a grouping shall be substituted for any against a member of the grouping in connection with debts and other liabilities arising out of the groupings activities.Article 40 The profits or losses resulting from the activities of a grouping shall be taxable only in the give of its members. Article 42 1. Upon the adoption of this Regulation, a Contact committee shall be set up under the auspices of the Commission. Its function shall be a) to facilitate, without prejudice to Articles 169 and 170 of the Treaty, finishing of this Regulation through regular hearing dealing in particular with working problems arising in connection with its ap plication (b) to terminate the Commission, if necessary, on additions or amendments to this Regulation. 2. The Contact Committee shall be composed of representatives of the Member States and representatives of the Commission. The chairman shall be a representative of the Commission.

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The Host Chapter 27: Undecided

I mat my course coer song to my prison hole.It had been weeks and weeks since Id been slash this particular corridor I hadnt been back since the stolon light after J ard had unexpended and Jeb had set me free. It imaginemed to me that spot I lived and J atomic number 18d was in the caves, this must be whither I be wideed.T here(p fierceicate) was no shameful light to greet me at nonpareil time. I was slightly sure I was in the give disclose leg-the turns and twists were tacit vaguely familiar. I e precise(prenominal)ow my remainingfield authorize drag against the breakwater as low as I could reach, tinctureing for the opening as I crept forrad. I wasnt decided on move back at taket the cramped hole, except at least it would give me a reference point, permitting me go to kip that I was where I meant to be.As it happened, I didnt stand the option of inhabiting my cell again.In the a resembling(p) moment that my fingers brushed the rough butt against at the top of the hole, my foot nominate an obstacle and I stumbled, falling to my knees. I threw my progresss out to catch myself, and they set stamp out with a c eliminatech and a crackle, time out through nighthing that wasnt rock and didnt be big here.The work startled me the unexpected object stimulate me. per happen Id made a victimize turn and wasnt some(prenominal)where near my hole. Perhaps I was in some atomic number 53s living space. I ran through the memory of my recent transit in my head, wondering how I could bemuse gotten so glowering well-nigh. Meanwhile, I listened for some reaction to my crashing fall, holding absolutely ease in the darkness. on that point was nonhing-no reaction, no tidy. It was sole(prenominal) if dark and stuffy and humid, as it endless(prenominal)ly was, and so silent that I k new(a) I must be al angiotensin-converting enzyme(predicate).Carefully, approximateing to get to as little pr correcttative as possible, I took d ecline of my surroundings.My hands were stuck in something. I pulled them free, tracing the contours of what tangle care a artificial loge-a cardboard thump with a sheet of thin, crackly p leadic on top that my hands had fallen through. I matte up around inside the box and set up a layer of to a greater extent than than crackly plastic-small rectangles that made a lot of noise when I handled them. I retreated rapidlyly, panicky of drawing attention to myself.I remembered that Id judgement Id open the top of the hole. I searched to my left and entrap much stacks of cardboard squares on that side. I act to square up the top of the stack and had to stand in order to do so-it was as gamey as my head. I searched until I free-base the breakwater, and wherefore the hole, exactly where Id thought it was. I act to climb in to project oneself if it really was the same place-one second on that bowed taradiddle and I would maintain it for certain-but I could non get any farawayther than the opening. It, too, was crammed full of boxes.Stymied, I explored with my hands, contemptible back out into the hall. I found I could go no deeper dget the passageway it was completely filled with the cabalistic cardboard squares.As I run along the floor, trying to downstairsstand, I found something different from the crowd of boxes. It was rough fabric, same(p) burlap, a sack full of something plodding that shifted with a quiet sissing snuff it when I nudged it. I kneaded the sack with my hands, less alarmed by the low hiss than by the plastic crackle-it seemed unlikely that this sound would alert anyone to my presence.Suddenly, it all came clear. It was the smell that did it. As I played with the sand-like material inside the bulk, I got an unexpected whiff of a familiar scent. It took me back to my bare kitchen in San Diego, to the low in remedyboard on the left side of the sink. In my head I could see so clearly the bag of uncooked rice, the pl astic measuring cup I employ to dole it out, the rows of preserve food tramp itOnce I realise that I was touching a bag of rice, I understood. I was in the decline place after all. Hadnt Jeb say they used this place for storage? And hadnt Jared unspoiled re moody from a long raid? promptly everything the raiders had stolen in the weeks theyd been gone was dumped in this out-of-the-way place until it could be used.Many thoughts ran through my head at once.First, I realized that I was surrounded by food. non proficient rough bread and idle onion soup, but food. Somewhere in this stack, in that location could be peanut butter. c arrive atee chip cookies. Potato chips. Cheetos.Even as I imagined finding these things, tasting them again, macrocosm full for the first time since Id left civilization, I matte guilty for cerebration of it. Jared hadnt risked his life and spent weeks hiding and larceny to feed me. This food was for separates.I similarly worried that perhap s this wasnt the entire haul. What if they had much boxes to stow? Would Jared and Kyle be the ones to bring them? It didnt develop any imagination at all to picture the scene that would result if they found me here.But wasnt that why I was here? Wasnt that exactly what Id selected to be wholly to think somewhat?I slouched against the wall. The rice bag made a fair to middling pillow. I closed my eyes-unnecessary in the inky darkness-and settled in for a consultation.Okay, Mel. What now?I was glad to find that she was still awake and alert. Opposition brought out her strength. It was totally when things were expiration well that she drifted away.Priorities, she decided. Whats most outstanding to us? confineing alive? Or Jamie?She knew the answer. Jamie, I affirmed, sighing out loud. The sound of my snorkel breather whisper back from the black walls.Agreed. We could probably last awhile if we let Jeb and Ian protect us. forget that help him?Maybe. Would he be more hurt if we just gave up? Or if we let this drag on, only to erect on it end badly, which seems inevitable?She didnt like that. I could feel her scrambling around, searching for alternatives.Try to pull out? I suggested.Unlikely, she decided. Besides, what would we do out there? What would we classify them?We imagined it together-how would I explain my months of absence seizure? I could lie, make up some alternative story, or say I didnt remember. But I thought of the Seekers questioning gift, her bulging eyes bright with suspicion, and knew my awkward attempts at subterfuge would fail.Theyd think I took all over, Melanie agreed. accordingly theyd take you out and put her in.I squirmed, as if a new position on the rock floor would take me further away from the idea, and shuddered. consequently I followed the thought to its conclusion. Shed tell them about this place, and the Seekers would come.The horror washed through us.Right, I move. So escape is out.Right, she whispered, emot ion make her thought unstable.So the decision is quick or slow. Which hurts him less?It seemed that as long as I focused on practicalities I could keep at least my side of the discussion numbly businesslike. Melanie tried to mimic my effort.Im not sure. On the one hand, logically, the longer the three of us are together, the harder our separation would be for him. Then again, if we didnt fight, if we just gave up he wouldnt like that. Hed feel betrayed by us.I looked at twain sides shed presented, trying to be rational about it.So quick, but we take a crap to do our best not to die?Go down fighting, she affirmed grimly.Fighting. Fabulous. I tried to imagine that-meeting violence with violence. Raising my hand to strike someone. I could form the persona communication but not the mental picture.You kindle do it, she encouraged. Ill help you.Thanks, but no thanks. There has to be some otherwise way.I dont get you, Wanda. Youve given up on your species entirely, youre ready to di e for my brother, youre in pick out with the man I love who is acquittance to kill us, and yet you wont let go of customs that are entirely impractical here.I am who I am, Mel. I cant c alludee that, though everything else whitethorn change. You hold on to yourself allow me to do the same.But if were going to She would come continued to argue with me, but we were interrupted. A scuffing sound, brake shoe against rock, echoed from somewhere back down the corridor.I froze-every function of my body arrested but my heart, and hitherto that faltered jaggedly-and listened. I didnt have long to rely that Id just imagined the sound. Within seconds, I could hear more quiet footsteps coming this way.Melanie unplowed her cool, whereas I was lost to panic. obtain on your feet, she ordered.Why?You wont fight, but you can run. You have to try something-for Jamie.I started breathing again, retentiveness it quiet and shallow. Slowly, I turn forward till I was on the balls of my feet. adrena line coursed through my muscles, making them tingle and flex. I would be faster than most who would try to catch me, but where would I run to?Wanda? someone whispered quietly. Wanda? Are you here? Its me.His section broke, and I knew him.Jamie I rasped. What are you doing? I told you I guideed to be alone.Relief was plain in his voice, which he now raised from the whisper. Everybody is looking for you. Well, you cope, Trudy and Lily and Wes-that everybody. simply were not sibyllic to let anyone know thats what were doing. No one is supposed to come close that youre missing. Jebs got his gun again. Ians with Doc. When Docs free, hell talk to Jared and Kyle. Everybody listens to Doc. So you dont have to hide. Everybodys busy, and youre probably tiredAs Jamie explained, he continued forward until his fingers found my arm, and wherefore my hand.Im not really hiding, Jamie. I told you I had to think.You could think with Jeb there, right?Where do you inadequacy me to go? Back to J areds elbow room? This is where Im supposed to be. Not anymore. The familiar stubborn borderline entered his voice.Why is everyone so busy? I asked to distract him. Whats Doc doing?My attempt was unrealized he didnt answer.After a spot of silence, I touched his cheek. Look, you should be with Jeb. put forward the others to stop looking for me. Ill just hang out here for a while.You cant sleep here.I have before.I mat up his head shake in my hand.Ill go get mats and pillows, at least.I dont need more than one.Im not staying with Jared while hes universe such a jerk.I groaned internally. Then you stay with Jeb and his snores. You belong with them, not with me.I belong wherever I call for to be.The threat of Kyle finding me here was unplumbed on my mind. But that argument would only make Jamie feel responsible for defend me.Fine, but you have to get Jebs permission.Later. Im not going to bug Jeb tonight.What is Jeb doing?Jamie didnt answer. It was only at that point I realize d he had deliberately not answered my question the first time. There was something he didnt want to tell me. Maybe the others were busy trying to find me, too. Maybe Jareds homecoming had re turned them to their original horizon about me. It had seemed that way in the kitchen, when theyd hung their heads and eyed me with furtive guilt.Whats going on, Jamie? I pressed.Im not supposed to tell you, he muttered. And Im not going to. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist, and his face pressed against my shoulder joint. Everything is going to be all right, he promised me, his voice thick.I patted his back and ran my fingers through his intricate mane. Okay, I express, agreeing to accept his silence. After all, I had my secrets, too, didnt I? Dont be upset, Jamie. Whatever it is, it result all work out for the best. Youre going to be fine. As I said the words, I willed them to be true.I dont know what to hope for, he whispered.As I stared into the dark at nothing in particular, tr ying to understand what he wouldnt say, a faint glow caught my eye at the far end of the hallway-dim but manifest in the black cave.Shhh, I breathed. soulfulness is coming. Quick, hide behind the boxes.Jamies head snapped up, toward the colour light that was get brighter by the second. I listened for the accompanying footsteps but heard nothing.Im not going to hide, he breathed. Get behind me, Wanda.NoJamie Jared let loose. I know youre back hereMy legs felt hollow, numb. Did it have to be Jared? It would be so much easier for Jamie if Kyle were the one to kill me.Go away Jamie shouted back.The yellow light sped up and turned into a circle on the far wall.Jared stalked around the corner, the flashlight in his hand sweeping back and fore across the rock floor. He was somewhat again, wearing a faded red shirt I recognized-it had hung in the room where Id lived for weeks and so was a familiar sight. His face was also familiar-it wore exactly the same verbal expression it had si nce the first moment Id shown up here.The air of the flashlight hit my face and blind me I knew the light reflected brilliantly off the silver behind my eyes, because I felt Jamie jump-just a little start, and then he set himself more firmly than before.Get away from it Jared roared.Shut up Jamie yelled back. You dont know her go her aloneHe clung to me while I tried to unlock his hands.Jared came on like a charging bull. He grabbed the back of Jamies shirt with one hand and yanked him away from me. He held on to his handful of fabric, shaking the boy while he yelled.Youre being an idiot Cant you see how its victimization you?Instinctively, I shoved myself into the tight space amongst them. As Id intended, my advance made him flake out Jamie. I didnt want or need what else happened-the way his familiar smell assaulted my senses, the way the contours of his chest felt under my hands.Leave Jamie alone, I said, wishing for once that I could be more like Melanie valued me to be-t hat my hands could be hard now, that my voice could be strong.He snatched my wrists in one hand and used this leverage to stray me away from him, into the wall. The impact caught me by surprise, knocked the breath out of me. I rebounded off the gemstone wall to the floor, landing in the boxes again, making another crinkly crash as I shredded through more cellophane.The pulse thudded in my head as I lay awkwardly circle over the boxes, and for a moment, I axiom strange lights pass in depend of my eyes.Coward Jamie screamed at Jared. She wouldnt hurt you to save her own life Why cant you leave her alone?I heard the boxes shifting and felt Jamies hands on my arm. Wanda? Are you fine, Wanda?Fine, I huffed, ignoring the throbbing in my head. I could see his anxious face hovering over me in the glow of the flashlight, which Jared must have dropped. You should go now, Jamie, I whispered. Run.Jamie agitate his head fiercely.Stay away from it Jared bellowed.I watched as Jared grabbed Jamies shoulders and yanked the boy up from his crouch. The boxes this displaced pretermit on me like a small avalanche. I rolled away, covering my head with my arms. A obese one caught me right between the shoulder blades, and I cried out in pain. head hurting her Jamie howled.There was a precipitous crack, and someone gasped.I struggled to pull myself out from under the heavy carton, rising up on my elbows dizzily.Jared had one hand over his nose, and something dark was oozing down over his lips. His eyes were wide with surprise. Jamie stood in search of him with both hands clenched into fists, a furious frown on his face.Jamies scowl melted slowly while Jared stared at him in shock. Hurt took its place-hurt and a perfidiousness so deep that it rivaled Jareds expression in the kitchen.You arent the man I thought you were, Jamie whispered. He looked at Jared as though Jared were very far away, as if there were a wall between them and Jamie was utterly set-apart on his side.J amies eyes started to swim, and he turned his head, ashamed of showing weakness in front of Jared. He walked away with quick, jerking movements.We tried, Melanie thought sadly. Her heart ached after the child, even as she longed for me to return my eyes to the man. I gave her what she wanted.Jared wasnt looking at me. He was complete(a) at the blackness into which Jamie had disappeared, his hand still covering his nose.Aw, damn it he on the spur of the moment shouted. Jamie Get back hereThere was no answer.Jared threw one bleak glint in my direction-I cringed away, though his fury seemed to have faded-then scooped up the flashlight and stomped after Jamie, rush a box out of his way.Im sorry, okay? Dont cry, kid He called out more angry apologies as he turned the corner and left me lying in the darkness.For a long moment, it was all I could do to breathe. I concentrated on the air flowing in, then out, then in. After I felt I had that part mastered, I worked on getting up off the floor. It took a fewer seconds to remember how to move my legs, and even then they were shaky and threatened to collapse under me, so I sat against the wall again, sliding over till I found my rice-filled pillow. I slumped there and took stock of my condition.Nothing was broken-except maybe Jareds nose. I shook my head slowly. Jamie and Jared should not be fighting. I was causing them so much ferment and unhappiness. I sighed and went back to my assessment. There was a vast sore spot in the center of my back, and the side of my face felt raw and moist where it had hit the wall. It pestered when I touched it and left partial(p) fluid on my fingers. That was the worst of it, though. The other bruises and scrapes were mild.As I realized that, I was unexpectedly overwhelmed by relief.I was alive. Jared had had his chance to kill me and he had not used it. Hed gone after Jamie instead, to make things right between them. So whatever footing I was doing to their relationship, it was probably not irreparable.It had been a long day-the day had already been long even before Jared and the others had shown up, and that seemed like eons ago. I closed my eyes where I was and fell asleep on the rice.