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Law of Criminal Evidence Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Law of Criminal Evidence - Case contract ExampleThis includes any informal chat with police officers and contradictory to popular belief, right to silence has non been abolished.7 In recent years it has been endangered so that a magistrate can draw adverse deduction from the silence.Adrian, taken to Police Station on the suspicion of murdering wife Sandra, had informed his solicitor that he had been inebriety heavily. According to solicitors advice, Adrian keeps silent during interrogation. During run, he testifies that he unbroken silent on solicitors instructions as he was under influence of alcohol and could have impeach himself8. Again his testimony that he killed Sandra under innervation of her having an affair creates a controversy. If he was going to testify so, in what way he could have accused himself more than that One wonders at the necessity of remaining silent during interrogation. No doubt it provided him time to install his evidence but his confession to crime contradicts the relief provided by being silent9 and it is not his role to helper the police to build up a case against him and it is always better to say nothing if in doubt and it does not prove Adrians guilt.Right exists to avoid self-incrimination and it extends from the moment free movement is terminated every by arrest or by being in police station, till the end of trial. It cannot be said that is very practical in Adrians case10 although the background of the case is very important and throw pull ahead light.Whether advice to remain silent is the result of a case specific evaluation or whether it is a outline applied to classes of case or classes of suspect, or whether it is a general strategy applied by authentic types of staff utilised for police station advice by some firm of solicitors11 Terrorism laws have undermined the consequence of this right. As it stands, while accused is entitled to remain silent, he is also cautioned that during trial adverse certainty cou ld be drawn from such a silence, as being silent due to guilt, or readying to fabricate fiction. In Adrians case, as what he told the court could have as well been told the police as hitherto dislodging of alibi do not exist here. It could also be argued that he deliberately kept silent to misguide the interrogating officers and prosecution. According to research, protecting others too could be a reason for silence. Although it is often assumed that guilt is the only significantly occurring motive for silence, the present findings suggest that protecting others is a motive in a small but significant proportion of silence cases12.In May, 2000, a couple convicted on drug charges won legal action in European Court of Human Rights over comments of the trial judge on their silence13. ECHR ruled that their fair trial rights were violated by judges comments on their silence during interrogation14. As they were suffering from heroin withdrawal symptoms, they were asked by solicitor to re main silent15. Judge had given the option of draft an adverse inference from their silence. Court also ruled that silence is not an absolute right in all cases even though it is accepted as the most fundamental right of the suspects but was curtailed by Criminal rightness and Public Order Act 1994. Failure to mention fact can be allowed to draw inference. interrogation 2 Robert who had

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Marijuana Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marijuana - Research Paper ExampleIt contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that cause brain functioning. Marijuana statistics depict that the drug is highly ab utilise in United States. Approximately 69 million people, above 12 years of age have used hemp at least once. In 2006, according to the survey conducted by National Survey on Drug use and wellness (NSDUH) it was the most common addictive drug in America. Around 14.8 million people widely used Marijuana as per the NSDUH survey.It is widely used by young adults in the age group ranging from 18 years to 25 years of age. The data emphasizes college students who at large fall under this category as reported by Centers for Disease Control. (CDH) This is most likely due to the low cost of the drug. The recent statistics illustrates that marihuana was accounted for 16 % of all admissions to health care facilities among which the ratio of males over female was higher (Fernandez & Allison, 2004).Even with such(preno minal) a high popularity, the rate of abuse of marijuana is decreasing. According to the Monitoring Future survey, the rate declined from 6.7% in 2006 to 5.7% in 2007 among eighth graders. Above all, slightly 74.3% eighth graders perceive the use of marijuana as foul for health. However, this drastic fall in the rate is probably due to other drugs that are also soft obtainable. Anyways the hallmark of this decline is that people are abandoning its usage but they might suffer withdrawal symptoms.Comparatively, marijuana has mild withdrawal symptoms than any other drug. The most common symptom is craving for the drug. It is reported that around 75.7% people abstaining from marijuana desperately craved for it. Mood swings are followed by craving. It is estimated that around 50.5% people act to quit marijuana went through mood swings, petulancy or anxiety while other suffered from restlessness, aggression, nervousness and a lack of concentration. Insomnia

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Drama paper- August Wilson's Fences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Drama paper- August Wilsons Fences - Essay ExampleFor instance, the Big Bang Theory that was actual by theoretical physicists, and which is still studied up until today, argues that the Earth came about as a outlet of a gigantic collision of two monumental celestial bodies. There get hold of been rather convincing evidences to this claim. In fact, science has successfully documented many proofs of the theorys parallel notion to the basic principles of physics. So, in considering spirituality, cartel or religion, as against science, evolution, and the old-Earth creation, which way should you go? Personally, I bring in been through a lot of stern confrontations in the past in so far as my faith, my spirituality is concerned. callable to the fact that religion and Christianity have been made known to man for so many years, there is a sense of inevitability in the way people conceive idol. For me, I would not say that I do not personally believe in God, unless in the same manne r, I have my own questions about life, my existence, and the Creation. The doubts could come from various facets. Firstly, the question about whether the Bible is indeed written by God, or by the prophet who He God has provided vision to. Logically, there could be no answer to these questions because earlier the Bible has been introduced to humanity, there was no pre-existing concept about God. Everything was purely a sight of nature, and plain if we go back to the times of the prophets, we could not discern whether these prophets really did exist because the only account we have that tells of their pre-historical existence is the Bible. Hence, the Bible indeed requires faith, a strong faith. Following this argument, sometimes I tried to go under science and faith by transporting the findings of science to the accounts found in the Bible. hardly this is just entirely uneffective in that science and faith are two contradictory entities Faith is in the light of faith science is i n the light of evidence. But I believe in both hence, it places me in a crossroad where a very difficult decision should be made. If only I intended to be partial at my discernment over this particular matter, it would have been a stumbling upshot for me. No whimsey needs to be discarded both can co-exist but they, faith and science, should not be cogitate in all essence. Sometimes, since I somehow consider myself a believer, God is rather real to me. In my walk with God, I would not say that everything was a walk-in-the-park or a bed of roses there were also some stumbling encounters that really shook my little faith and question Gods promises menti unrivalledd in the Bible. For instance, God said in John 316, For God so loved the word that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (New International Version, John 316). At times, this verse could be very doubtful. Problem has been and will always be part of a persons life . So, normally for a believer such as I, there is a innate(p) resort to God but despite all of the confessions and sacrifices that you do, still you do not receive what you asked for. But it is not all sadness and confusion though. I have been through a lot of enraptured moments in my walk with God. I know I am not the perfect believer but through time, I have learned to value Gods love to humanity and His lasting provision to His people. Sometimes, I also reach lofty heights of faith. In those instances, I have realise that belief in God and His promises are not merely determined by how much logic you have in your

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FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS, METHODS, & MODES IN THE HUMANITIES - Essay ExampleThe artistic employs of Giotto, Masaccio, Alberti, Leonardo, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Raphael are among the or so prominent ones in the Renaissance period. The principal characteristics of Renaissance art include development of a bianalogue perspective, shadow and light, expressions and emotions, realism and naturalism, classicism, humanism and geometrical arrangement of figures. Renaissance artists particularly emphasized on the vagary of linear perspective maximizing illusionist depth and space in their works to give it a more realistic and natural look. For instance, the famous createing Flagellation of Christ by Piero della Francesca has utilized linear of perspective beautifully. They studies classical concept in sculpture including human proportion and stance to express their work with weight and fluidity. Renaissance art depicts humanism addressing a number of human values and concerns. For instan ce, Raphaels schooling of Athens shows humanistic interpretations. Moreover, the renaissance artists mostly rejected the use of religious and supernatural themes. They preferred to paint liberal concepts in their works. The 14th century was a time of great crisis in Europe patently unsuitable for any sort of innovation and creativity. The appearance of plague, continuing war, and turmoil in the Catholic church service were among the major catastrophic events faced by the Europeans following the decline of Roman Empire. In such a dark age Europeans sought a cultural movement for revival. Despite these discouraging factors, the culture in Italy was surrounded by the remnants of a once glorious Roman empire capable of supporting a rebirth. Renaissance artists took advantage of the emigrating Greek scholars bringing with them classical knowledge of the Greek civilization, high proportion of merchants sponsor artists, and greater political and religious liberty for translation of thei r ideas into practice. The fancy Baroque meaning the pearl of an unsteady shape marks the style of art and architecture period during the 17th and early 18th century. exchangeable Renaissance, baroque period started in Italy which later spread to the rest of Europe and America. Baroque art successfully flourished until the advent of Neo-classical art style in the 18th century. Early Baroque art was inspired by the works of other artist such as Correggio and Caravaggio and Barocci. However, later in the 18th century, it depicted less(prenominal) drama and color categorized as Late Baroque art period. The most notable of the Baroque period are the works of Rubens, Caravaggio, Carracci, Cortona, Bernini, Rembrandt and Flemish. The general characteristics of the Baroque art are depicted by movement, hammy and emotional, tension and energy, theatrical, sensual, counter-reformation, exaggerated lighting, tenebrism, naturalism, spatial values and time. Baroque artists used circular or diagonal composing to depict motion for emotional effects. According to Wolfflin (1979), the Baroque was the age where the oval replaced the circle as the center on of composition, that centralization replaced balance, and that coloristic and painterly effects began to become more prominent. Baroque works of art commonly imply irregularity, strangeness and extravagance. For instance, Berninis Cornaro Chapel in Rome is regarded as a theatrical masterpiece depicting Baroque art. As new scientific concepts were being introduced by Galileo, Pascal and

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STD's in today's society Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

STDs in todays society - Research Paper ExampleThe transmission agreements ease up become popular in the United States. The documentation shows increased popularity among teenagers who are hinge uponu on the wholey active (Weinstock, H., Berman, S & Cates, W. (2004).). Sexually transmitted indispositions (STD) have become popular in the current society. The infections usually occur through sexual contact with infect individuals (Mandal, 2013). The most common way of transmission is through vagina. However, it is also possible to transmit through viva and anal sex. Some of the STD includes gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and syphilis. Moreover, the organisms causing the diseases include virus, and bacteria. In the society, anybody is disposed to the infections. However, those individuals that engage in unprotected sexual intercourse or exposure are at higher risk of getting the infections (Mandal, 2013). Furthermore, the risk increases in those people with multiple sexual partners, tho se that do not use condoms during sexual activities, drug abusers, and the commercial sex workers (Mandal, 2013). The most common symptoms of infections include discharge and ache from sexual parts ion male and female, pain during sexual activities and during urination, blisters, scaly rash, and reduced weight in infection such as HIV/Aids (Mandal, 2013). A reflection on causes of STD and effects on the body helps in understanding how they affect todays society. ... The effect appears with a painless red sore called a chancre that occurs on the genital area (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). Moreover, the infection whitethorn lead to enlarged lymph nodes. However, the sore depends on types of sexual contact. For example, oral sex results in a sore developing in the mouth (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). The sore acts as a way in which the disease is transmitted between humans. The transmission usually takes place without being noticed. The sore heals for a period of matchless month eve n without treatment. However, failure to treat infection leads to progression to the second stage. In the next stage, bacteria enter the blood and spread to different parts of the body. In these areas, it causes effects such as rash, fever, headache, mischief of appetite, sore throat, anorexia, reduced weight and enlarged lymph nodes (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). Moreover, there is the development of rash in almost all parts of the body. On the other hand, there is a development of patches known as condylomata on the nonsensical areas such as opening, anus, and vagina (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). Any contact with these areas whitethorn lead to infection. The infection at this stage may affect liver, kidneys, and eyes and sometimes cause meningitis (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). Failure to treat the problem at this stage leads to the endure phase. In the final stage, there is usually no indication, but individuals have infections and highly contagious (The Nemours Foundation , 2013). Symptoms may appear several years and lead to damage of the eyes, large blood vessels, heart, bones, and the central nervous system (The Nemours Foundation, 2013). Symptoms that develop late may include memory loss, poor brain function, impotence, and loss

Law of Property Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Law of Property - try out ExampleThough there were by- rectitudes which goerned the use of land, constant disputes amongst the neighboring communities and individuals emerged. Therefore, there was a need for the laws to be set to regulate the use of land and property in every community (Locke, chap V). The laws correct the existence of the property differ from one state to a nonher. It is argued that the existence of the property on a snatch of land gives one an opportunity to use the land upon which the property is. However, there are the rights of property that, in effect, prohibit or restrict people in using other peoples property. some countries surrender adopted these laws. The laws issue legal provisions with regard to land ownership. That is to affirm that only instantaneously involved individuals or close relatives can own a certain piece of land (MacPheron 1987). The law in this context must dictate that private property has to be considered a social and policy-making amenity by virtue of its existence on the land (Blomley 2005). There are critical situations where the governance has to concern itself with increment of sports taking part fully in the community as in the casing of Horne Dale. This is with the view of making the economy of the country better through proper utilization of the set. The effort of the governing to achieve this could be hindered by a number of factors. These include high prices set by the seller, non-compliant neighbors and the previous occupants of the land. Owing to this, analytical measures to curb this crisis economically will be discussed in detail. Rules that governs the ownership of the property in community minimizes the quarrels between the neighboring individuals. The political sympathies mandate is to serve members of a community by adjust property issues. However, the use of the playing fields that are to be put up by the government should have limits to the members for effective service to all membe rs. According to the law, the four charitable companies have ownership over the land by the law of justice which has been set by the state (Ackerman 1977). The high prices the companies may have set for the government could be due to the compensation of the taxes they have been paying for the same piece of land. In this regard, Nozick (1974) argued that the levies paid by an individual or social club are a form of political belligerence hurled up on them by the government. The companies in their high expectations of high prices from the government could also have been as a result of them thinking they own the piece of land. Contrary to this, Kohler and Clarke (2005) argued that any facility initiated by the government is owned by the government and is a non-profit making property. However, in the event of the government making its fiscal budget for the year, it may be forced to collect funds from the services provided in the field to squeeze the financial constrains. Therefore, t he state must diversify a number of activities and make maximum use of the facility by creating more opportunities to involve many participants. In the Insolvency Act 1986, s. 335, it is made clear that if a company is declared bankrupt, the court proceedings will take their course whereby the law of property will apply. In such a situation, the government may apply the law and convert such companies that are not contributing to the economy of the state into a social amenity. It has to be taken into

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Human Rights and Rule of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human Rights and Rule of equity - Essay ExampleDo clement rights really exist How enkindle gay rights be understood and justify. And what is the purpose of the rule of law The following study is purposed to analyze the practical understanding of the concept of compassionate rights in different countries and whether the fundamentals of this concept are universally observed and agreed upon.Rights are creations of human consciousness. Today the existence of human rights has assumed paramount importance for the turn up of society. Human right can exist as a shared norm of actual human moralities, as a justified moral norm supported by strong reasons, as a legal right at the national level, or as a legal right within world(prenominal) law. Enactment in national and international law is unmatched of the ways in which human rights exist. But many realise suggested that this is not the only way. If human rights exist only because of enactment, their availability is contingent on do mestic and international political developments. However on that point are certain rights which are somehow innate and inherent in human beings- the right to life, the right to food, liberty and to formal equality as pressed by the rules of ingrained justice. The more contemporary human rights include the right to freedom of expression, right to a free audition and the right to equality before law and the extent to which these rights are observed in a inclined country primarily depends on its establishment inspired by the policies in practice by the regime. That is one reason why despite the universal agreement on the need for protection of human rights, there exist1s an alarming trend of deliberate violation of these rights within the premises of the current institutions.Every regime claims to advance the well being of its people and still most regimes in the world systematically violate human rights. They do so in the name of maintaining national security, defending civilizati on and advancing the revolution of scotch progress. Our kind of world makes necessary the most robust scepticism toward all ideological labels. Whether a inhibitory regime describes itself as socialist or capitalist, as revolutionary or traditional,Do Human Right go What is the Purpose of the Rule of Law 4 the salient characteristics are the same. People are not allowed to surrender the country. The secret police are not restrained by law and there is no assemblage from police power.

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Why Do Religions Exist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Why Do Religions Exist - Essay ExampleIn Sri Lanka, a Buddhist Monk walks effortlessly along a pebbled pathway meditating in a Monastery garden. At the equivalent time, a prophet in Israel announces the coming of the Day of the Lord. Such activities have been going on for numerous years, and they are likely to continue for longer (Houtman, 2010). Scholars have been trying to explore and comprehend the idea virtually pietism, Nevertheless, for a long time, they have not been able to state precisely what religion is. They have ever tried to define religion besides always come up with less satisfying results. unheeding of how carefully they define the concept of religion, others will always indicate what the exposition has left out (Evans, 1985). When soulfulness poses a question, what religion is, one may point to a church, a mosque, a temple, a Sikh Gurdwara or any other sacred bureau of worship and claim that people who go to this places are religious. He will draw attenti on to the places of worship and the people who go there. He will overly site sacred texts such as the Bible and the Koran. Many have tried to understand religion based on its effect on society and individual persons. Scholars have been trying to explain the oecumenic existence of religion in all cultures. Every culture has some system of unreal beliefs however, it is not possible to prove beyond doubt that any supernatural powers such as gods, witches, angels or devils exist. Moreover, these supernatural powers do not always work as effectively as practitioners want. For instance, praying to God for the recovery of a sick person but the person dies, a ritual specialist conducts a rain dance, but it understood does not rain or relatives sacrificing a goat at the gravesite of the ancestor-god, but drought still destroys them (James, 2008). Nonetheless, disengaging certain characteristics from the totality of human life and labeling it as religion receives considerable support by t he point that such gestures are clearly different from ordinary ways of behaving. Religious activities often take place in an artificially contrived time, space or a certain mode of consciousness. Liturgical calendars, inviolable places, meditative moods, extraordinary fasting, exceptional communal or private actions, meditating, sacrificing, prophesying, praying, self-denial are some of the gestures that egest a notion of being a stylized divergence from normality. They all have a fibre of caricature, play-acting, and sometimes unnaturalness. They stand out so obviously from every day such that they are trying to avoid. They have a special name, and that is religion. However, there is no single anniversary accepted definition of religion (Evans, 1985). Experts disagree with regard to the definition so much that religion is one thing to Anthropologist, another(prenominal) to the Sociologist and Another to the psychologist. Consequently, there is a great variety of religious the ories of the nature of religion. Definition of religion bottom of the inning be too broad and may include what dominates or appear to be the ultimate charge in the human life Children, Home, Work Entertainment among others. Religion can also mean to weightlift worshippers to the deity by observance of cultish ceremonies and acts of devotion. Max Weber argues that trying to define religion as a scholar of religion at the start is a mistake.

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Town Quay development at Southampton Waterfront Assignment

Town Quay development at Southampton Waterfront - Assignment ExampleThe area is considered as a prime location because of its panoramic view of the sea and the volume of business activity surrounding the area. Although it is before long being used as a car park, the business potential of the area is quite considerable. on that point is a need to comprehensively and meticulously plan how the development formulate will operate to lift any problems that may make the venture a failure. One must always take into shape that a comprehensive evaluation of local and government intend policies and guidelines should be undertaken to ensure that the project is symmetric with them. The main goal is that the development actually complements and benefits the surrounding area and addresses the needs of the community. In short, the project is to be undertaken with full regards to the community as a whole. It has long been recognized that this strategy is one determining factor in in the financ ial viability and sustainability of the venture.In the development appraisal portion, an analysis is provided on the following planning constraints, apparent constraints, uncertain matters to be investigated, access and egress, neighbours and any other matters that are likely to influence the success of the development.A development plan is then provided that shows the layout for building massing, use and phasing, suggested storey heights, parking, landscaping, access and egress. We make use of an principle survey map to illustrate the scheme.Following this is an evaluation of how the development plans and the site appraisal fares with the aspirations of the local planning authority. It is also in this section where an analysis of how the scheme will fit in with the established station market, ABPs dock estate and the surrounding buildings. After all this, a residual valuation that analyzes the commercial viability is presented on with the provision of 3 options showing how ABP may obtain a return from the site.Section 1 - judgement of the SitePlanning Constraints Local and government planning policies should be evaluated when planning for any development. Any project that fails to do this has a greater chance of failure as local laws are sufficient effort for non-continuance of the project. In any case, we are developing the area for the local population and we dont want them to be alienated.In evaluating, there is a need to determine what construction practices and parameters are allowed on the area. For example, vertical structures may hardly have a

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LEARNING LOG AND COMPREHENSIVE ACTION PLAN FOR CHANGE - Essay Examplethis variety would result in positive personal and professional growth and in enhancing interpersonal relationships with diverse volume from various walks of life. If I did not change these areas, it would affect personal and career growth as problems and conflicts strike resolution to avoid negative outcomes.Self- considerateness The concepts focusing on geniuss ability to assess personality, attitude, and unrestrained intelligence are relevant as these affects all facets of relating with other people. The lessons learned from this section would assist in ones interpersonal relationships in various situations by acknowledgement of personal strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, a excursion in self-awareness provided me with the opportunity to gauge the areas I am strong in and to address those that need improvement.Responses to Reflection Questions I think that feedback is a necessary element in all communicati on processes. Self-disclosure however is devoted only in appropriate situations and to people one stand inly trusts. Trust should be earned and could not be assumed that all people are trustworthy. Honestly, I am not comfortable with self-disclosure because it exposes aspects of ones self that could be prone to criticisms. Trusting others should only be practiced when trust has been earned. It is therefore more difficult to disclose oneself rather than learn to trust others. Since I am more discerning to disclose oneself to others than to trust other people, then, I welcome feedback more from others rather than me giving feedback to people that I know would hurt them or betray their trust in me. I have established complete trust to my family and close friends and the relationship is symbiotic therefore, the relationship has been bonded through trust and self-disclosure. To enhance relationships with friends, my weakness in self-disclosure could be slowly addressed to be more ope n to them and to communicate what needs to be addressed. If I am more willing to

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Airplane accidents- Who is responsible Should families of victims be Research Paper

Airplane accidents- Who is responsible Should families of victims be entitled to compensation - look into Paper ExampleNo matter the case, families of the victims stand a chance of compensation depending on the accompaniment of the accident and the contractual obligations of the airline company.The carpenters plane contrivers are the most responsible for the woodworking plane accidents. This is because most of the airplane accidents are due to locomotive engine mechanical failures, which come as a result of pathetic engine design and manufacturing. As explained by one of the passengers in the Asiana Flight 214 Then I heard the make noise of the pilot trying to send more power to the engine to push the plane back-up (Irving 52). This illustrates that due to poor design of the airplane engines, which cannot function normally throughout the journey is one of the causes of the airplane accidents. It is the manufacturers responsibility to correspond that all their airplane engine s are of good quality to avoid causing accidents midway through the journey.The some other manufacturing default is the use of poor fuselage skin used in manufacturing the airplanes (Norris 22). When the fuselage skin used in the manufacturing of the airplanes is actually weak then there are blue chances of carry onrence of the airplane accident. This is because the fuselage skin cannot stand the high outside pressure compared to the pressure inside. This forces the air into the plane hence causing the pressure imbalance which cannot be controlled by the pilot resulting into accident.Manufacturing companies negligence is another factor that makes them responsible for the airplane accidents. The article Irving continues to state that W. mob the chief engineer of Boeing asserted that the problem that resulted into the Southwest airlines Flight 812 accident was due to the poor manufacturing of the airplane and not a broader design (54). This indicates that most of the manufacturer s are negligent on their part to ensure that they manufacture quality planes which do not have such serious defaults. But even when such manufacturing problems occur

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To what extent is social class relevant in relation to those who make Essay

To what extent is mixer straighten out relevant in relation to those who irritate the law and those who break it - Essay ExampleThere be four main a loving chassises, such as upper row, middle class, working class and the lower class (Murray, 1995). In rate to discuss relation of a social class to lawbreakers, it is relevant to consider a a social class of Britain as the biggest class of lawbreakers. Law breakers in Britain are often accused of escape of tax payment, are undercharged in shops etc. A dishonest behavior was grantted by more than 50% of Great Britain inhabitants. A paradoxical behavior of British society is defined in the following hurt While nine out of 10 people demand action against those committing these offences, the majority actually admit to committing one of them (Carrabine&South, 2000). In America in that respect is no strict and intense relation mingled with representatives of unlike classes. Nevertheless, American constitution was developed in th e eighteenth century, but in the modern time there is a lack of special social and economic rights (Carrabine&South, 2000). A social class is more aim entity in relation to the society than race. A social class has been determine under the influence of economic relations, symbolic systems and other external factors. Therefore, it is relevant to claim that representatives of a social class are shaped under the influence of education, surrounding people, family traditions, income rates and many other factors. As a result, representatives of lower class have fewer possibilities to realize themselves as successful politicians. It can be supposed that they will execute criminals or lawbreakers sooner than lawmakers. Lawmakers/breakers and social class Symbolic context of a social class has been influenced by politics freight. The western considerations about the nature and the culture and thus further considerations about what class is, is unremarkably conducted in harm of binary o ppositions. In the theory of criminology, social class considerations in terms of binary oppositions have remained relevant to the modern society. On the one hand, in accordance with criminologists, it is impossible to protest between criminals and non-criminals. Nevertheless, starting from the XXI century it has been claimed that nature of criminals is related to gender, race and class. More often criminals are accounted for representatives of an underclass, i.e. the most disadvantageous people who are unemployed or neglected by the society (Andersen and Collins, 1998). It is relevant to trace these interrelatednesss in terms of four main sociological approaches quantitative studies time and place studies ethnographic studies, and social construction studies (Andersen and Collins, 1998). In quantitative studies individuals misbehavior leads to a crime. A representation of certain socio-economic groups is usually questioned in this approach, because very often data collection for s uch kind of researches limits background data of criminals. whatsoever analysts claim that The lack of both significant class effects and any race effects in our general crime scale may suggest a possible interaction effect between a social class and race (Ibid, p. 607). Therefore, in making their judgments lawmakers often take into account an interrelation between a social class and a crime or between who may be potential lawbreakers or lawmakers. Gender, age and family income are often influential factors of crime

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Business Plan - Essay Example............................................varlet 4-5 5). BUSINESS AIMS..............................................................................................page 5 6). BUSINESS OBJECTIVES..............................................................................page 5-6 7). BUSINESS PRODUCTS AND SERVICE.......................................................page 6-7 8). MARKETING MIX............................................................................................page 7 9). BARRIERS TO ENTRY....................................................................................page 7-8 10). DEFINITION OF TARGET MARKET.........................................................page 8-9 11). BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT..........................................................................page 9-10 12). COMPETITOR ANALYSIS.............................................................................page 10-11 13). MARKETING PLAN..................... ...................................................................page 11-12 14). working(a) PLAN....................................................................................page 12-14 15). FINANCIAL PLANNING AND FORECASTS..............................................page 14-15 16). RISK MANAGEMENT.....................................................................................pag 15 17). HUMAN RESOURCE ISSUES........................................................................page 15-16 18). ... INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENTpage 20 22). CONCLUSION...page 20-21 1). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This business propose is designed to secure funding for my idea, which is basically a eating house and cookery school in Leicester city and/or surrounding villages in the united Kingdom. It covers the following topics the business idea, business vision, a mission statement, aims, objectives, the product or service, marketing mix, barriers to entry, a commentary of target market, t he business environment, competitor analysis, marketing plan, operational plan, financial planning and forecasts, risk management, human imaginativeness issues, design strategy, time management, potential five year development plan and intellectual property management. I am seeking money from potential investors, business advisors, and bank managers who will see this business plan. Therefore, in this business plan, the following key questions are addressed 1). How much investment do I enquire? 2). What percentage equity am I offering in return for the investment? 3). How will the investors achieve a return on their investment? 4). What is the potential financial exit strategy for the investors? The business plan provides the answer to all these relevant topics and questions. 2). THE BUSINESS IDEA The business idea of Extensively British restaurant and cookery school comes from its owners dream. It will be a 100 seat restaurant with a 20 seat lounge, and 2 rooms for instruction w ith a capacity for 30 students yearly. Its peculiarity is British cuisine with an Italian touch. The students will take classes from the cookery school, so the restaurant and cooking courses will be in the same place. It

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Regression Analysis Models for Marketing Decision Making Essay

Regression Analysis Models for Marketing Decision Making - Essay ExampleRegression analysis is a statistical technique that determines one-dimensional relationships between two or more variables. Businesses mainly put on lapse as a causal inference and for predictions. The major retrogression models available are linear regression model, non-linear regression model, logistic regression and multinomial logistic regression. Simple regression models use wholly two variables to achieve a particular statistical result. Multiple linear regression is a regression that applies more than two variables. Logistic regression procedures in quantitative statistics will produce all predictions, residuals and fixatetle statistics. Logistic regression also produces goodness-of-fit tests using sales and marketing data in the case where it has to run predictions for the marketing department. The goodness-of-fit tests are created at the individual case level, and this is regardless of orders of data insertion and whether or not the number of covariate patterns is lesser than the total number of instances in question. On the other hand, multinomial logistic regression procedure aggregates all cases internally to form subpopulations with identical covariate patterns for the predictors, residuals, and goodness-of-tests. Non-linear regression is a quantitative statistical method of finding a nonlinear model of the relationship between the subordinate variable and a set of several independent variables. Current non-linear models can be used to estimate models with arbitrary relationships between dependent and independent variables. Iterative estimation is mostly used to achieve non-linear regression. Predicting future marketing trends is business is an necessity requirement for the management if they have to beat the competition. This is because a lot of the data is available for use by business nowadays due to advancements in technology like the web that collects a lot of s tatistical data for analysis. The primary problem facing businesses is identifying theoptimal data analysis model to use in the analysis the quantitative data and getting valid information for predicting the future marketing trends.

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Reflections on Connection of Chemisty to Franciscan Value Essay

Reflections on Connection of Chemisty to Franciscan Value - Essay ExampleOne must have it away that this concept is similar to the Franciscan survey of transformation as it applies in the life of an individual who realizes the consider to change aspects of living or character traits whenever a critical situation calls for it though much(prenominal) type hard-boiledters case occurs within the same someone and transforms him or her not physically. Thus, during transformation, the nature or identity is kept because the energy stays as energy and the person is still a person but the difference amid the initial and final states would necessarily distinguish one form of energy from the other and if a person has improved or worsened compared to the first condition.Diversity, as another Franciscan value, may be perceived in Chemistry subject as it pertains to various possible chemical reactions that proceed impromptu out of four types being simple, combination, single replacement, a s well as double-displacement. In school, students come from divers(prenominal) socio-cultural backgrounds and while this sets barrier in communication, dealing with classmates of diverse ethnic origins helps one learn to adjust with antithetic types of people. Likewise, chemical compounds whether ionic or covalent are formed out of reactants in diverse numeral when a metallic element combines with another metallic or non-metallic element to produce one such type of substance. Then when this is made to react with other substances of distinct atomic composition, a diverse set of products may be recovered yielding useful materials that are available for regular human consumption. The value of diversity in an academic institution works in the same manner for the challenges encountered on interacting with individuals nether a variety of circumstances and personalities pay off by providing opportunities toward personal growth.Besides transformation and diversity,

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Darfar, African Crisis, Politics and Aid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Dar remote, African Crisis, Politics and Aid - Essay Examplea human body of seemingly rational reasons like maintenance of personal freedom, adherence to social balance, and maintenance of law and fellowship are the common refrains that can be heard from people who believe that human rights are world given more importance than that it ideally should get in the international scene. There are umpteen concerns that are debated when human rights issues are raised in the international forums. Often it has been seen that human rights issues have been use as a convenient tool to corner nations that are out of favor with the power blocks of the world. Darfur in Sudan has been in the news recently for gross violation of human rights that is happening in the country. The crisis that started in 2003 achieve international significance when the government of the country was alleged to be abetting human rights violation. The country faced unappeasable censure in many international forums and was criticized for the way in which it handled the issue.The crisis started when rebel forces attacked government installations accusing it of ignoring the downhearted population of the country in favor of people of Arab origin. In retaliation, the Sudanese government forces and militia of Arab origin, overly called as the Janjaweed, has let loose a campaign of terror that has so far claimed about 200,000 lives and go away about four million people homeless. The crimes perpetuated on the black population include murder and atrocities on women in addition to arson and plunder. It has been reported that the militia surround refugee camps and attack refugees if they venture too far away from the camp. Even though legions were deployed to control the militia many human rights groups claim that the military acts in collusion with the Janjaweed. Opposing the military and Janjaweed is the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement, both of which have voluntee rs recruited from the local black tribes. BBC, 2007The Sudanese government has interfered in

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Representations of Women in Early Irish and Welsh Literature Essay Example for Free

Representations of Women in Early Irish and Welsh Literature EssayAlthough in that location be par all toldels between Irish and Welsh sagas of elopement, the powerful self confident women depicted in these narratives do non represent the genuine women of Medieval Ire buck and Wales. Proinsias Mac Cana has suggested that the dominant roles of Deirdre and Grainne in their respective tales (Longes mac nUislenn and Toruigh distributivelyt Dhiarmada agus Ghrainne) be literary variations on the exemplar of the sovereignty goddess (Doan, 1985 90).Bitel (1996 2) asserts that Celticists have been seduced by these dominant young-bearing(prenominal) characters viewing them as representative of real women with considerable power over men, a depiction which if true should be reflected in the lawful philosophy tracts or custom in action(Stacey, 2002 1107). This paper will argue that the ecclesiastical and statutory tracts of both Ireland and Wales offer many images of women, judgeme nts about women, and regulations for women.They do not thus far present the stereotypical gothic cleaning lady as the sovereignty goddess depicted in the unconsecrated sagas. Because women left no written records, we be dependent on male literature (probably all of the texts written in early Ireland and Wales) for a definition of cleaning lady and her cultural role. These male authors wrote of women in saints lives poems sagas and myths gnomic texts histories chronicles genealogies folktales theological tracts and extensive ecclesiastical tracts and secular righteousnesss (Bitel, 1996 12).Although these texts offer insights on women they must be viewed through the hermeneutical lens of the socio-historical context of the era in which they were written. Early medieval Ireland was a patriarchal society and a chars role and respective(prenominal)ism was determined by patriarchal norms and conventions. The literati of this era did not define cleaning lady as an independent indiv idual. Women existed unaccompanied(prenominal) in relation to men and therefore their representation in literature was not entirely accusing or according to Bitel consistent.Tensions exist between various texts. The portrayal of women as capricious beasts (Bitel, 1995137) presented in the eighth century wisdom text Tecosca Cormaic contrasts sharply with the recognition of a char as home-maker and wife with limit recourse to the law depicted in Cain Lanamna or the law of duplicates (O Croinin, 1995 127) . The majority of the extant Irish law books were composed between the seventh and ordinal centuries.At this stage the Irish literati were members of the nobility educated in monastic communities. Many were monks scarcely this elite group as well included jurists, historians, poets and story tellers. Mc strobile has suggested that these learned elite produced literature for the monastery which was heavily influenced by Biblical texts (Bitel, 1996 14). Donnchadh O Corrain, L iam Breatnach and Aidan Breen have argued that there exists a close connection between ecclesiastical law and Irish vernacular law (Stacey, 2002 1108).Stacey asserts that although the legal sources from Wales (compiled in the twelfth and thirteen centuries) are later than the Irish sources there is also a signifi idlert cogitate between legal, poetic and ecclesiastical learning (2002 1108). The Irish penitential books written between the sixth and the ninth centuries reveal conflict between the ideals of Christian leaders and the customs of early Irish communities. These penitentials were designed as moral guides for confessors in attributing penance in the rite of confession (Gula, 1989 25). match to Bitel, Christian clergy were intent on tape drivering social control of bring up from the kin group to the individual Christian (1987 67). Fox concurs with Bitel, asserting that by liberating the individual from the bonds of clan and family, the church was attempting to reduce affin ity to its lowest popular denominator the nu sporting family the lowest kinship group that is compatible with reproduction while appearing to support basic kinship values (1993 109-110). The Clergy in promoting Christian morality for the individual attempted to reorganize Early Irish society.According to Bitel, the kin group were prestigious in controlling familiar action at law. This was necessary to ensure the survival of the community as an interdependent group. archeologic evidence suggests that houses consisted of angiotensin-converting enzyme room. This allowed for little individual privacy and sex was a natural and visible cut off of family life. Illicit encounters had to take place alfresco of the home, and even then they were monitored by the community. Any kind of sexual relationship that had to be conducted in secrecy was considered dangerous.The survival and welfare of the clan depended on social constancy and this principle determined the attitude of the pre-Ch ristian Irish toward sexuality. Sex in itself however was not considered immoral. Celibacy was not portrayed as a virtuousness in the secular literature. Cu Chulainns sexual exploits are recorded in the sagas however his casual encounters did not threaten the community (Bitel, 1987 70-71). Bitel asserts that the tension between individual desire and community need had always to be resolved in favour of the community (1987 72), and herefore spousal relationship was a contractual arrangement determined not by romance or love but by the necessity of producing children and the survival of the kin group.Womans reproductive capacities themselves are integrated into the stinting life of the society. The image of woman depicted in Cain Lanamna is a woman whose social emotional and frugal orientation is directed towards the family and home. Early Irish rectitude, commonly known as Brehon Law was a serial publication of civil laws which governed every aspect of daily life including marria ge and divide.Marriage and divorce were interlinked by virtue of a contract agreed and a contract dissolved. Under the Brehon system, women were free to marry in whiz of nine ways, although the primary type of marriage, lanamnas comthinchuir was the most common. Both partners enter this marriage with equal financial resources. In the bet on type of marriage, lanamnas for ferthinchur, the woman contributes little or no financial assets to the marriage. In the ternaryly category, lanamnas for bantinchur, the woman contributes the greater share of the marriage assets.These three categories required formal pre-nuptial agreements. With the stay six types of married uniting (including cohabitation with a woman with family consent, voluntary eloping without family consent, voluntary abduction without family consent, illicit rendezvous, marriage by rape and marriage of devil insane people) marriage entailed the assumption of financial responsibility for child rearing (O Croinin, 1995 128). Corresponding to the wide novelty of marriages recognized by law, there were many grounds for divorce.A woman might divorce a man who failed to satisfy her sexual needs because he was sterile, impotent, bisexual or homosexual. In this instance she was entitle to be paid her coibche in addition to a fine in compensation. A woman could divorce her economise on the grounds of indiscretion should he discuss intimate details of their marriage outside of the home. A woman could also divorce her husband should he abandon her either for the church or for a life on the road as he would no longer be in a position to maintain her. Physical abuse was also considered legitimate grounds for divorce.Even if the sure blemish disappeared, a woman was entitled to the equivalent of her bride set as compensation. The laws are quite clear about the validity of female testimony in matters concerning consummation of marriage. This testimony is verified by a physical examination of the woman by female dignitaries. In a case where a woman refuses her husband his conjugal rights either because of a problem pregnancy or her menstrual cycle, the law regarded her objections as valid. A woman could also choose to divorce on grounds of infidelity although extra marital relations were recognized by law (O Croinin, 1995 129).O Croinin suggests that in general terms many women were recognized by the law in their capacity as wives and in their own right as individuals (1995 133) Law texts are clear that a womans rights in divorce are specific to each type of marriage and related marriage contract. Lanamnas Comthinchuir was regarded as the most common type of marriage at this time. It was a dignified state for the wife, she was known as a be cuitchernsa, literally a woman of joint dominion, a woman of equal lordship (O Croinin. 1995 128).If this category of marriage ended in divorce, the woman accredited what she had initially contributed to the marriage in addition to a share of th e profit accrued from the couples joint activities during the marriage period. O Croinin records that the parting of post was in accordance with fixed proportions maven third went to the partner who provided the land one third to the partner who provided the stock and one third to the partner who provided the fatigue (1995 128). This last provision recognized the womans work in the home and on the farm.The second type of marriage lanamnas for ferthinchur represented a different kind of divorce settlement. Since the woman provided neither land nor stock, she was entitled to half of her own handiwork and one sixth of the dairy produce in store. If she had worked diligently on the farm and in the home she took one ninth of the corn and cured nucleus in store. She also received a sack of corn for a specified time. Divorce in the third category of marriage, lanamnas for bantinchur, ensured that the woman retained a life interest in the farm.She could not however transfer any rights to the estate to her children. She could however marry one of the heirs to the property and preserve her childrens right to inherit. Although the Irish lawyers appealed to Scripture, particularly to Leviticus to let off parallel cousin marriages, church law declared parallel cousin marriages incestuous (O Corrain, 1985). The Welsh tractate the laws of women contains rules governing marriage and division of property in medieval Wales.There are intravenous feeding redactions of Welsh law manuscripts the Cyfnerth and the Blegywryd redactions both derive from south Wales Iorwerth is classed as a north Wales redaction and in the long run the Latin manuscripts (there are identicalities between the Latin laws and the Welsh redactions). Although the sources from Wales are dated to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, women in the Welsh tractate like women in Cain Lanamna are portrayed as wives and home-makers (Roberts, 2008 58-59).Stacey asserts that the most striking flight of the L aws of Women outlines the municipal and agricultural corrects granted to each partner in cases where the marriage had lasted longer than seven years (2002 1109). This passage is common to each of the Welsh redactions of the law books and can also be found in intravenous feeding of the five Latin compilations. The couple must divide their possessions equally, the pigs become the property of the man and the woman takes monomania of the sheep. If there are only sheep and goats, the sheep go to the man and the goats to the woman.The children are also divided between the couple two parts go to the father, the eldest and the youngest, and the middle to the mother (Stacey, 2002 1111). The division of household goods is itemised all milk vessels, boot out for one pail and one dish becomes the property of the woman. The man is entitled to all of the drunkenness vessels and the riddle while the woman is entitled to the sieve. The man is entitled to the upper stone of the quern and the w oman to the depress stone. The bed wearing apparel which cover the couple becomes the property of the woman while the clothes which they lay on belong to the man.The man receives the cauldron and the blanket and the pillows from the bed together with the wood axe, colter and all the sickles except for one which the woman obtains. The woman is granted the pan, the broad axe, the bill hook and all of the flax, linseed and woolen. She also receives the plowshare. Any gold or silver is divided equally between the couple. The man is entitled to the corn above and below the ground, all of the hens and one cat. The remaining cats become the property of the woman. The woman receives the salted meat but if it is hung it becomes the property of the man.The woman is also granted as much flour as she can carry along with the cut meat and the partly employ cheese. They each retain their own clothes except for their cloaks which must be divided equally. Any balls of wool in stock become the property of the sons (Stacey, 2002 1111). Like Irish Marriage Law, the Welsh Laws of Women attempted to secure a measure of financial license for each partner in the event of divorce. Unlike Irish marriage law however which divided property according to specific marriage contracts, some rovisions in the Welsh divorce law appear illogical. Jenkins suggests that the Welsh division of property on divorce, attempts to ensure that each partner has the necessary nutriment to survive but he asserts that the division of the quern stones is curious since they cannot be used independently (Stacey, 2002 1111). Similarly the coulter is granted to the man while the plowshare is received by the woman. Since both blades would have been required for lay this division appears to make little logical or practical sense.Stacey also points out that the man receives all of the corn and hens but only one cat to protect them from vermin while the woman receives the remaining cats although she has no gra in or hens to protect (Stacey, 2002 1113-1116). Welsh divorce law does not seem to be base on the wealth brought to the marriage by each party or indeed on the status of the marriage. In Irish Law the apportionment of property is determined by both of these factors (Stacey, 2002 1113). Stacey suggests that the division of property in a Welsh divorce is symbolic of the destructiveness of divorce and failed marriage.He asserts that this was a secular homily on the improvident nature of divorce (2002 1124). Although the marriage property is divided the woman in conclusion is disadvantaged because under Welsh Law, she has no claim to land and must be satisfied with portable goods. Although women under Welsh law were afforded the opportunity to divorce their husbands due to his impotency, leprosy or bad breath (Roberts, 2008 63), Nerys Patterson suggests that the woman was further disadvantaged in the wake of marital separation female virginity was highly valued and her divergence of virginity would affect her chances of remarriage (2002 1121).These medieval divorce laws clearly situate the woman in the home, rearing children, cooking, spinning wool and working on the farm. It is tempting to view these laws as depictions of a progressive egalitarian society, however the policy-making and social realities of a womans life suggest otherwise. A womans legal definition derived from that of her father, brother or her legal husband. A legal tract on honour price (dire) defined womens legal and social position her father had charge over her when she is a girl, her husband when she is a wife, her sons when she is a widowed woman with children . . the Church when she is a woman of the Church i. e. , a nun.She is not open(a) of sale or purchase or contract or transaction without the authorization of one of her superiors (Bitel, 1996 8). According to Bitel, these legally and socially incapacitated women were the real Medbs of medieval Ireland. When measuring a womans sta tus, the laws mensurable women against the legal norm of the free adult male and as such a womans worth remained only half that of her male guardians honour price.The Irish literati along with many medieval authors considered female bodies as slight valuable copies of mens (Bitel, 1996 19). This principle is reflected in the only extant Irish medico-legal tracts namely Bretha Crolige and Bretha Dein Checht which accorded women less medical attention and food rations than men (Bitel, 1996 21). Women therefore were considered physically and psychologically less than man, less than mankind (Bitel, 1996 23). The ninth century Triads text, Trecheng Breth Fene unveiled some basic assumptions about the nature of woman.The Triads suggested that the three drops of a given up woman were drops of blood (a good wife was a virgin at marriage) sweat and tears (a good wife should be willing to suffer hardship to support her husband and children). One of the three misfortunes of a man was propos ing marriage to a bad woman. According to the Triads, women were their husbands property and were akin to animals. When a man loaned either a woman or a horse, he had to expect it to be used by the borrower (Bitel, 1996 23).The wisdom text also suggested that like a cows udder, women through her womb, was one of the three renovators of the world (Bitel, 1996 24). Another wisdom text Tecosca Cormaic suggested that women should be feared like beasts because they were capricious beasts (Bitel, 1996 24). A womans physical characteristics and fertility therefore were animal like and unreliable. The eighth or ninth-century wisdom text Senbriathra Fithail considered the characteristics of a good wife (Bitel, 1996 27).Advising his pupil Cormac mac Airt, Fithal (a druid) maintain that a good woman had common sense, prudence, modesty, excellent Irish, delicacy, mildness, honesty, wisdom, purity and intelligence (Bitel, 1996 28). All of these attributes according to Fithal were necessary for a woman to become a desirable wife. A bad wife on the other hand was characterised by wretchedness, stinginess, vanity, talkativeness, laziness, indolence, noisiness, hatefulness avarice, visiting, thieving, holding trysts, lustfulness, folly and treachery (Bitel, 1996 28).Fithal asserted that it was possible to detect a womans character based on her physical appearance. He suggested that Cormac should avoid the fat short one the slender short one with curling hair the fair tall one the dark-limbed, unmanageable one the dun coloured colour one and the slender prolific one who was lewd and jealous (Bitel, 1996 28). Fithal determined that the worst wife was a be cairn or a whore. A successful marriage however could be certain by a union with the tall, fair, very slender ones (Bitel, 1996 28).Fithal admitted to Cormac however that the ideal woman may not exist and that most women had character flaws. The author of Tecosca Cormaic was adamant that all women were chronically dissatisf ied, bad tempered, untrustworthy, wanton, manipulative, ambitious, greedy, arrogant whiners (Bitel, 1996 29). Bitel suggests that the real problem with women is that they were not men and the writers of the gnomic tracts could only define them by their many indefinable natures they had similar physical bodies to men but were not men they had reproductive characteristics and temperaments similar to animals but were not animals.The only certainty appeared to be was that women must be controlled and her inferior position in society maintained (Bitel, 1996 30). The writers of ecclesiastical canons suggested that women could only be redeemed by denying their female characteristics and their female sexuality. Bitel argues that canonists established a gender hierarchy (Bitel, 1996 32). Unlike the typologies found in secular and wisdom texts, the cannon scribes attributed a moral value to virginity and abstinence.Nuns were accorded a high moral value as were widows who took the veil (Bitel , 1996 32). Thomas O Loughlin suggests that the Collectio canonum hibernesis, a systematic accrual of law, codified certain patristic theories producing an understanding of marriage as a state secondary to virginity (1997 188). The canonists justify their position by quoting Jerome who asserts that virginity follows the lamb wherever he goes (OLoughlin, 1997 192).Jerome expands on this theme suggesting that earth is populated by marriage, so heaven is by virginity (OLoughlin, 1997 192). The underlying concept is clear, virginity is exemplified and sexuality creates problems. According to OLoughlin this principle was the earth of ecclesiastical thinking on marriage throughout the middle ages and Jeromes opinion that sexual activity was inferior and earthy in comparison to virginity which was noble and superior has been held responsible for the cult of virginity and celibacy in the Latin church (OLoughlin, 1997 193).Augustine also considered sexuality dangerous but (quoting Paul in 1 Corinthians 7) asserted that while celibacy was the desired state, lawful marriage is to be preferred to burning with desire and adultery (OLoughlin, 1997 193). The dangers of sexuality therefore were to be contained within the institution of marriage. Although canonists admitted that clerics could fall to sexual temptation, the general consensus was that women as the weaker sex were more likely to succumb to sexual temptation.

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Case Study Questions Essay Example for Free

Case Study Questions Essay1. What be the inputs, process, and outputs of UPSs package tracking system?2. What technologies are workd by UPS? How are these technologies related to UPSs business strategy?3. What strategic business objectives do UPSs information systems address?4. What would happen if UPSs information systems were not available?Answer1. A. Inputs* Package Information* Customer Information* Destination* certain Location of the parcelsB. Process* The data are transmitted to a central computer and stored for retrieval. Data are also organized so that they can be tracked by customer. C. Output* Smart Labels* Signatures of recipient role* Proof of ceasey* Receipts2. Technologies used by UPS* DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device)* Barcode scanning systems* Smart Labels* wire and Wireless Communication Network (GPRS, CDMA)* Desktop and Central StorageBest Services and Lowest rangeBecause of the advance integration of UPSs technology. It can provide service s cheaper and more efficiently. That technology solves problems like logistics and turn in chain management, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, mail services. 3. Strategic Business Objectives of UPSs information systems address* functional ExcellenceUPS manage to cut down be and save M 28 Miles by their truck using advanced technology.* New Products, Services and Business ModelsThe information systems of UPS created new way on how to can delivery service. It has transformed the way the company gathers information, creating routes etc.* Competitive AdvantageUPS had already its operational faithfulness and New Products, Services and Business Models which means the UPS already gain a competitive advantage. Having this kind of technologies that they use like DIAD made them do things better than their competitors.4. If UPSs Information Systems were not available* Operational costs could be higher.* Millions of gallons of fuel could be burnt.* Millions of miles could be driven.* UPSs would not be able to track their parcels and deliver them efficiently if these systems were not available.MIS in Action

Urban Growth and Environmental Decay Essay Example for Free

Urban Growth and Environmental Decay experimentAlthough history may be seen as a tapestry portraying the wars and conquests of humankind, it may also be seen as the continuous expansion of human presence in the planet, the domestication of animals, and the reshaping of natural environment into unmatched that fits the needs of humans. Humans argon always chasing aft(prenominal) the next frontier, oftentimes compromising the environmental cleanliness and healthiness of their very own surroundings (Haughton Hunter, 2003). The history of San Francisco is also characterized by a continuous expansion and chasing after the proverbial next frontier. Brechin (2001) in his book, Imperial San Francisco Urban Power, Earthly Ruin explores the history of San Francisco and challenges the stereotypical witness that the city is tolerant. By tracing through 150 years of the citys history, the author was equal to uncover grievous features of the citys history. San Francisco was one of the maj or sites of the Gold Rush in the middle nineteenth century. The founding members of the society, usually from the South, engaged in mining coal and other minerals in the theatre.This resulted to the environmental devastation of wet lands, streams and forests of San Francisco (Brechin, 2001). The aristocracy who managed most of the mining industry derived tremendous profit from such industry. These gain were then diverted into other endeavors such as the exploitation of forests, currency speculation and extraction of oil. As a result of the process, several towns were destroyed. The forest region virtually Lake Tahoe diminished drastically, a wide area of farmland were buried by the onslaught of mining debris, leading to the contamination of the soil and bodies of water around the area.In addition to this, Brechin (2001) underscores that the research on nuclear power started at the University of California and was completed in the Manhattan Project. The price of progress is stagg ering Although San Francisco, today, is a famous city and frequented by tourists, such progress was accomplish at such a big cost to the environment and consequently, the cost will be transferred to the in store(predicate) generations. San Francisco, according to Brechin (2001) epitomizes the city in the Atomic Age, together with the environmental havoc that it brings.The example of San Francisco is also be repeated in developing countries. A lot of people are now migrating from the countryside into the cities. This trend makes the cities crowded, unsustainable in terms of the peoples use of the environment and causes pollution. In spite of these environmental issues, these cities are experiencing economical growth. The question, however, is that until when will this growth be experienced? (Evans, 2002). The presence of economic growth alongside environmental fall is also present in Africa, where most of nations in the region are developing ones.Although the efforts of these co untries for development are bearing fruit, the environmental issues and problems being experienced by these countries in the continent are the result of activities pitch toward making them more developed. The population of elephants in Africa has been greatly affected because of the desire of people to amass riches from their tusks (Tesi, 2000). Urban growth attracts people from less developed areas of any given country. As such, they would need to take up jobs, use the resources available in their environment and sustain their lives.Along the process, the ecological balance is affected. As shown by the experience of San Francisco, as well as by the African continent, economic growth is accompanied by the degradation of the environment.ReferenceBrechin, G. (2001). The Environment and Development in Africa. California University of California Press. Evans, P. B. (2002). Livable Cities? Urban Struggles for livelihood and Sustainability. California University of California Press. Haughton, G. , Hunter, G. (2003). Sustainable Cities. London Routledge. Tesi, M. K. (2000). The Environment and Development in Africa. New York Lexington Books.

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Custom Coffee Essay Example for Free

economic consumption Coffee EssayI believe Custom Coffee Chocolate mission is to establish a small caf where they and their customers could indulge their love of erect java and fine chocolates. sightly and Stacy, recent college roommates, precious a position that got a lot of foot duty from crappers and businesses. Their desire was to target a place near the university because they knew and understood those customers well. The purpose of the cafe is to serve unequalled cocoa blends and specialty chocolates, and the business plan included purchasing only fair trade coffee and chocolates made by a few local suppliers. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths Having a inviolable location where public transportation is not a issue. The owners will be selling products that are considered to be good quality, near top of the line. Customers have the options of eating in or taking out their purchases. Weakness The shop is pretty small, and can only hold a certain amount of customers, and they will need to a greater extent funding to expand.Opportunity The opportunities are unlimited, expanding the menu to include baked chocolates, desserts, tea and other beverages. If the businesses continue to grow, Bonnie Stacy may be able to start a small franchise. Threats I dont detect any threats, unless a similar business moves in the same location.Bonnie Stacy are doing all the effective things to make their cafe affordable, and customer friendly. It is a nice place for friends and family to meet and chat while having a cup of coffee or reading the newspaper. Comfort is always important to me, so I want the idea of them having comfortable seating. Putting up a website and blog page might be implemental to customers and potential customers, for information and feedback. I dont believe that delivery would be a good thing right now, maybe in another six months.Great job Bonnie Stacy, you knew what you wanted and went for it. I wish you much success.

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A comparison of the development of tragedy Essay Example for Free

A comparison of the development of tragedy EssayThis study comp ares the disparitys and similarities in the way in which the tragedies develop in Macbeth and A eyeshot from the Bridge. Macbeth is a more desirous tragedy, as indigent people die as a result of his madness, before he himself is killed. A View from the Bridge is a softer tragedy, dealing with two men who want the same lady. Straightaway, with such a high-powered storyline, Macbeth is going to be the more intense tragedy.The aim of a tragedy is to inspire a mix of emotions in the reader, where they slang attachments to both sides, and to present an unfortunate sequence of events that cause an unfortunate ending. With so many more natures involved in Macbeth and a oftentimes longer sequence of events, it stack be considered infract at creating a mix of emotion in people, and thus might be considered the better tragedy.Both of the primary victims in Macbeth and A View from the Bridge performed a favour for th e individual that dispatch them, which adds to the tragedy. In Macbeth, Macbeth murders King Duncan in order to become king. King Duncan refers to Macbeth as his worthiest kinsman and his worthy Cawdor after he made Macbeth thane of Cawdor, which was a rank of nobility. Furthermore, upon staying within the Macbeth household, Duncan granted many gifts. He presented a diamond to wench Macbeth for her boundless hospitality.This captures Duncans death evermore tragic and unjust, as he did not deserve to die. Similarly, in A View from the Bridge, Eddie ranciders two illegal immigrants a place to stay in his al-Qaida while they find work, and insists he has to buy a tablecloth to make his guests feel more welcome. Yes, Eddies birth with Roldolpho sours, further his initial welcoming was an act of kindness. In both Macbeth and A View from the Bridge, the story started off well.During the development of the tragedies, Eddie went against advice from Alferi, which was to leave Catherin e and Roldolpho to it. Had Eddie taken this advice, he would likely still be alive, so ignoring the advice reach to his demise. Contrarily, it can be argued that Macbeth took a lot of advice from Lady Macbeth and bended to her will. Macbeth was very uncertain about taking this advice, as he considered his loyalty to Duncan as his kinsman and his subject, and recognised that Duncan had his own noble qualities, as he hath borne his faculties so meek. Had Macbeth not taken this advice and listened to himself, he would probably also still be alive. This is a difference in the development of the tragedies because both victims took opposite decisions, but ultimately ended up with the same necessity.Macbeth was killed by Macduff, because previously Macbeth had murdered Lady Macduff and their children. Macbeth had not harmed Macduff himself, so he had not at one time attacked the man who killed him, but the people who were close to him. Marco killed Eddie, though Eddie had not had proble ms with Marco, only Roldolpho. Thus, both characters were killed by people they had not directly attacked. This adds to the tragedy in both cases because it might cause the viewer to have some sympathy for the victim, or sympathy for the murderers who acted out of revenge in both cases.More sympathy might be afforded for Eddie than Macbeth, because the fate that Eddie got was not one he had inflicted on anyone else. While he lunged at Marco with a knife, it could have been that he was acting out of self-defence. However, Macbeth had ordered the deaths of absolutely innocent people. Lady Macduff, her children, Banquo and Duncan and the chamberlains, and had planned to kill other innocent people Macduff and Fleance. Thus, in this case, it could be argued that Macbeths fate was a certain kind of karma. The same cannot be said for Eddie in A View from a Bridge, so this might cause the reader to have more sympathy for Eddie than more Macbeth.Macbeth focuses more on the depths of despon dency that its characters fall into more than A View from a Bridge. Lady Macbeths personal tragedy is explained, her blood-stained hands and her dreams and her eventual suicide may make the reader feel her tragedy as well as her husbands. Duncans fall into the depths of despair are also poetically made apparent, through soliloquies and expressions such as Will all Neptunes great ocean wash this blood, which is the expression of Duncans blood on his hands that haunts Macbeth passim the play. The reader isnt given the same insight into the raw mix of emotions in each character in A View from the Bridge, so the same mix of opinions of the characters is difficult to achieve.To conclude, while there are similarities and differences between the development of tragedy in both Macbeth and A View from a Bridge, Macbeth gives a much fuller and complex development of tragedy. It has so many elements in its plot and unfortunates in the sequence of events that lead to the end that it is difficu lt to fully explore its development of tragedy in comparison with such a short book.

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Impact of television on professional sports Essay Example for Free

Impact of tv set on professional sports tasteIt was in late 1940s and beginning of 1950s that goggle box was introduced to the common people. In the words of Marc and Thompson, marshal McLuhan who was earning the distinction of becoming the first media critic, described television in the 1950s as an electronic hearth, a kind of proto-cyberworld fireplace, around which families were gathering during this new stage of post-industrial existence. (2005, p. 55) Following sports became completely different with the advent of television. straight there was no need to waste entire day to watch ones front-runner game in the stadium or strain ones ears to keep track of the in style(p) happenings in the fields through the radio. Those who had non yet brought this powerful medium of entertainment home apply to be a part of a crowd of people standing in the street in front of an appliance dealership watching TV through the store window. (Marc and Thompson, 2005, p. 53) So people at h omes or as sidewalk audiences started cheering the sportsmen for their efforts that was visible on screen.The television enhanced the status of sports as a social activity that could be viewed at the comfort of homes. It also introduced the masses to different kinds of sports. primarily people were aw are of the sports that were common in their country only. Due to television sportsmen of diverse kinds of sports became household names. goggle box gave the sportsmen, the fame and recognition crossways the continents. This was unimaginable otherwise. Boyle and Haynes observed, today it is difficult to imagine footb any without television or a television schedule bereft of football. (2004, p. 7) This observation is true in a wider context too. Television area has undergone tremendous growth. Hundred of channels all over the world are dedicated to sports, which telecast not only the game but also each and every aspect of the players lives. The top sportsmen enjoy the selfsame(preno minal) fan following and power as the film stars. Where there is maddening fan following and popularity, stinkpot money be behind? The salaries of the top players in all the sports convey soared really high. Its no wonder that popular games like tennis, football, cricket etc.have become businesses in their own right. at that place has been major moneymaking(prenominal)ization of sports since 1950s the advent of television. Talking about football Boyle and Haynes lamented, the increasing influence that television has exercised over the sport and the unhealthy degree to which clubs have become dependant on television income have meant that the economic aspects of the game have become of considerable interest. (2004, p. 8) This pathetic state of affairs can be identified with the economics of other professional sports too.All the different sports can be addressed as different products. The mushrooming of couple leagues in each category of product can be compared to different br ands of that category, which are constantly trying to outdo each other. This competition or war amongst the rival leagues is benefiting them but deteriorating the tenderness of sports. The flow of television money has turned militant balance into competitive imbalance. However Wigglesworth argued, commercialism has evermore been present in sport in one form or another.It may have begun with the bribe of prizes by local tradesmen at holy day recreations and have become more highly unionized in rural sports, often sponsored by publicans. (2007, p. 35) According to Wigglesworth commercialization has helped in the growth of professionalism. This indicates that before 1950s it was impossible to consider sports as a profession because the players were not paid proper salaries. Thus all the players used to dabble with other professions in order to keep their kitchens running.Since the advent of television, sports have been started being prize as one of the well-paid professions and ea ch decade after 1950s has seen a further hike in the players salary. The channel boom in the past decade has made the picture rosier for the players as far as their salaries are mended. Talking about the growth of leagues Wigglesworth observed, money from television coverage and all the associated media opportunities was the spur for the larger clubs to organize themselves into a league (2007, p.129).He further elaborated even cycling clubs have derived commercial benefits from increased television coverage of the sport during the 1980s and 1990s. (2007, p. 132) It is since the 1980s that the television started changing the conventional scenario of sports at a much abundanter pace than ever before. Some of the top rival leagues, which were created in 1960s and 1970s to promote sports, merged sports and media and have even started running their own sport channels, thus taking their rivalry to newer areas.The following statement of Holland paints a gloomy picture of the impact of television on sports As the broadcasting of sport gradually becomes as important as the event itself, there has been growing concern over the adaptation of the sports to suit the needs of television. (2000, p. 138) It is threatening that all the sports event have become a ground of cut throat competition between the satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasters. To get the exclusive rights of the major sporting events these parties have been bidding higher and higher.This factor has shook competitive balance to a great extent, which has started proving detrimental for the sports on the whole. So to conclude the impact of television has been both good and bad across all sports, whether it is cricket, rugby, boxing, swimming, horse riding tennis etc. It has been most beneficial to the players of popular sports, financially. The creation of rival leagues can be viewed a positive impact but growing unhealthy rivalry amongst them and competitive imbalance has been some of the drawback s of television.In the words of Wigglesworth, One result of the commercialization of sport through television has been the depersonalization of spectator sport with the old fashioned fan becoming simply a customer. (2007, p. 164).References Boyle, R. and Haynes, R. (2004). football In The New Media Age. New York Routledge Holland, P. (2000). The Television Handbook. (2nd ed. ). New York Routledge. Marc, D. and Thompson, R. J. Television In The Antenna Age A Concise History. USA Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Walvin, J. (1978). Leisure and Society. UK Longman. Wigglesworth, N. (2007). The Story Of Sport In England. New York Routledge.

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Like Water for Chocolate Essay Example for Free

Like Water for Chocolate EssaySuggests that the dope up has made her feel desire a baby once again given that while she is still in her moms breadbasket she cries very hard when onions atomic number 18 chopped and it suggest the impact of food to Tita. After drinking the soup Tita has miraculously recovered from the loss of pigeons which she kept as pet and that triggered her sense of loosing Pedro and R erself to cook she disappear in love with it and got a part time job as an assistant to a formulation teacher. Even though she has a lack of precision she was hired because she wasnt afraid to fail and has a passion to cook unlike the others and getting hired made her feel confident, hence gaining control of emotional state through cooking. The protagonist, Tita in Like Water for Chocolate gains control through cooking as well. cooking is the only thing Tita love to do because Mama Elena bans her from doing a lot of things the kitchen is the area where she can back out from Mama Elenas demands.When she cooked quail in rose petal sauce she controlled and triggered a lot of peoples emotion. Her babe Gertrudis was the first on affected by the dish, it aroused her sexual desire. She fled naked from her burning shower and when on a horse, galloping away with a soldier. Another incident where she gained control is the Chabela wedding cake she made for her fan Pedro and Rosaura. Even though she couldnt stop the wedding, she made everyone cry. She made people cry for her tragic realize not only the guests cried, Mama Elena cried as well. She lost control of her disembodied spirit but through cooking she gain control of peoples emotions.In Like Water for Chocolate, food is not scantily a nutrition it acts as a very important nurturing role. The ox-tail soup Dr. John gave Tita has recalled the best moments of her life and brought back memories of her and Nacha making ox-tail soup together, chopping onions. It suggests that the soup has made her feel l ike a baby again given that while she is still in her moms belly she cries very hard when onions are chopped and it suggest the impact of food to Tita.

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Chinua Achebe vs. Margret Atwood Essay Example for Free

Chinua Achebe vs. Margret Atwood EssayComp be the slipway that vultures are portrayed and used in the poems by Margaret Atwood and Chinua Achebe. By Jessica Tilbrook. Chinua Achebe and Margret Atwood grew up in two real different environments. They were born almost a decade apart, yet they twain managed to construct two rattling meaningful poems about vultures. Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930. In 1967 the region of Biafra broke away from Nigeria. Achebe became a devoted supporter of Biafra independence and served as ambassador for the mickle of the nation. But to get this come out on that point was a 3 year war of independence ravage. Chinua Achebe witnesses some horrid scenes.He saw babies, children and adults esurient to there death. He saw his own people from Biafra killing others from Nigeria. He saw how loving people nurse the capacity to be hatred and vice versa according to Achebes version on the poem vultures. Chinua Achebe believed that all pricey work o f art should have a purpose. Achebes vultures defiantly had a purpose, as it shows how raze evil, yucky creatures like vultures have the capacity to go to bed. Throughout Achebes poem there is a negative feel. From the very trigger off of the poem it is unpleasant and quite graphic in the description of the vultures.In the poem it occasionally refers to love as one of the vultures inclines affectionately. This suggests that even vile creatures can have the capacity to love. Chinua Achebe uses many techniques throughout his poem vultures. The structure of the poem has no rhyming scheme or lines of the same lengths. The lines are compose short, in all likelihood on purpose as you can then appreciate the horror, by reading it slower, creating tension. Achebes poem isnt rattling in Stanzas it is more split into four sections this is probably through with(p) to keep the flow of evil and ideas outpouring through the poem. there is also a lack of punctuation throughout the poem , this could have been done on purpose to keep the poem streamlined, like the sections. Chinua Achebe choose to right in past tense for the description of the vultures, as its easier to understand what vultures are like whereas the Belsen Commandant is described in the present tense. This might of been done to remind us that evil is all around us now, and everyone has the capacity to be evil. The word oddish on its own, at the beginning of the second section makes us pause, and return about whats really expiry to be strange, which makes you think about the whole section.Throughout Achebes poem there is a lot of resource a good display case of this is Belsen Commandant a mass murderer and his children calling him Daddy, not father. This is probably done so you can visualise how the children have no idea of what there father has actually done, and they are treating him like normal. This is quite emotional to read, as you can imagine this really happening. Another example of Ac hebes imagery is the metaphors he uses to describe death and horror. In the first section it says vulture perching high on broken bones of a dead tree.This makes the atmosphere more intense, and builds up the tension from the very beginning. in that respect is some alliteration in the poem, but there are not many references to sound. I think Achebe wants to concentrate on more visual images rather than sound effects to suggest his ideas. I wish Achebes version of the poem vultures. It had a very meaningful purpose, which is what Achebe wanted to achieve. He wanted to use vultures as a vehicle to get people to understand that even the most loving of people have the capacity to be evil. I think he used vultures as a very triple-crown vehicle at getting his point across.I also think that this poem is ambiguous on one hand, you could say that even the cruellest of creatures show even the tiniest amount of love, but on the other hand, that even the most loving creatures have potential to be even the slightest bit evil. The second poem called vultures was written my Margret Atwood. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1939. She was a daughter of a forest entomologist, and spent part of her advance(prenominal) years in the bush of North Quebec. Atwood is the joint honorary president of the rare bird nine-spot of birdlife international. The main message of this poem is how life comes of death.So basically the cycle of life, and even from the most horrific things in life, can bring something extraordinary out of it. Throughout Atwoods poems there are references to death, such as hung and bones. This does not give a good vibe to the poem. Atwood uses several metaphors throughout. Then theyre hyenas, raucous around the kill, hoo-hah their black umbrellas. This is two metaphors in one sentence. She describes the vultures as hyenas which is not only a good similitude but good use of imagery. Also Atwood says the vultures were flapping their black umbrellas this makes them out to seem huge evil animals.The structure of Atwoods poem is done very well, as she occasionally puts odd words on a separate line to make you think about the poem in more depth. The poem is come apart of in stanzas but there isnt maybe, which helps the poem keep flowing. All of the lines in the poem are around the same length, apart from the occasional odd word. I think it makes the poem easier to read, and get the rhyme flowing at the right pace. Margret Atwood uses a variety of meaningful and powerful words. For example carnage violate gluttonous all these words have a negative impact on vultures.As they are explaining wherefore and how they are vile creates. But some people might say that the way vultures act is completely natural. This is because it is natural for them to eat, which means killing other animals, to feed themselves and there family. Which shows this poem is also quite ambiguous. There arent many references to sound throughout Atwoods version of Vulture s. But she does say vultures snigger at funerals. And sniggering refers to sound. This also implies vultures are vile creature, as it is inappropriate to horribly giggle at a funeral.I think that Margret Atwood successfully used vultures as a good vehicle to show how life comes out of death, even in the most horrible circumstances. I thought both Chinua Achebe and Margret Atwoods poems both had very different meanings, but both shows contrasts between humans and vultures. In my opinion Chinua Achebes version of vultures was the best used vehicle to get his point across. As he point his point across very well, and he achieved his purpose that any good work of art should have a purpose. So I think Chinua Achebes poem just fairly had an edge over Margret Atwoods because of Achebes aims for his poem.

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The Many Types of Anxiety Disorders Essay Example for Free

The Many Types of Anxiety Disorders EssayThere are some(prenominal) dissimilar types of fretfulness disorders which can vary from obsessive compulsive disorder, Post traumatic-stress disorder and the many different types of phobias. Even though there are many different types of anxiety disorders they all are generally built sour the same emotion of anxiety or excessive nervousness. Although we all may odour nervous when put into an uncomfortable position and get nervous or anxious, those with the disorder go through and through a completely different set of emotions.Just to touch basis in depth on a few different disorders, here are a few types of anxiety disorders along with what they are and how it affects the soul. * Generalized anxiety disorder this anxiety affects the person by making him/her worry about spirit in general, with no real reason to be worried. People with this type of anxiety disorder angle to always expect disaster and cant help but to worry about f amily, money, break and or school.Medication is cognise to help people who tend to have a lot of difficultness coping with everyday life. Its cognize that most that are medicated for generalized anxiety disorder starts off on a low dosage and then works to be taken completely off. other form of treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. Which is the person translates about what types things sparks or triggers the effects of their anxiety. This type of therapy is known to help uncomplainings not worry so much. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).This type of anxiety disorder is known to follow someone after they have experienced a traumatic event (sexual assault, unexpected dying of loved one, past war experience) People who have this disorder tend to have thoughts or memories of the traumatic event. It is also well known that people with this disorder tend to become emotionally numb Symptoms * clog falling or staying asleep * Avoiding people, places, things or situations that remind them of the event * Suffer from flashbacks, hallucinations amp nightmares * Difficulty concentrating speedy breathing * Muscle tension Treatment * Medications such as antidepressants.Psychotherapy is used to help patients learn ways to control or manage symptoms and or develop ways of coping with the disorder. * Exposure therapy has the patient re live the past traumatic event, this is known the help the patient overcome their past and present-day(prenominal) worries and fears. There are many other different types of anxiety disorders that vary in effects (long marge and short term), what the person deals with on a daily basis, along with many different types of treatments. All anxiety disorders are similar and dissimilar within many ways and can really vary from person to person.

Frequent Shopper Program Essay Example for Free

patronize Shopper Program EssayThe objective of this project request is to track purchases of man-to-man nodes. The guest purchases give be tracked and accumulated as fealty points for redemption by the customer for gift items, military posture foods and new(prenominal) products or services as made available through partnerships with other external companies. The strategic purpose of the Frequent Shopper Program is described on the Sales Marketing sc totallyywag of the Kudler Fine Foods Intranet site. Purpose Kudlerss new initiative is tracking purchase behavior at the someone customer level and providing high value incentives through a partnership with a loyalty points program. The customer purchase behavior patterns leave help Kudler refine its processes and offerings to best satisfy their values customers. Price is not the primary differentiating factor for Kudler consumers these consumers ar foc put ond on quality and finding specialized items. Therefore, rather than providing workaday discounts to the customers for their purchase frequency like lower end markets, Kudler has partnered with a loyalty points program to provide customers with points which privy be redeemed for high end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods. Technology Infrastructure and ArchitectureThe following sections of this document pull up stakes provide an overview of the hardware, network, software, data strands, and security requirements for the frequent shopper program. These requirements are suggestive Hardware Platform Kudler Fine Foods currently has an elaborate network of hardware that may be used to implement the frequent shopper program. Client-Side hardware1. separately store uses NCR RealPOS 82XRT terminals linked to the network through a POS server. (These terminals go away be used during purchasing to initiate data overhearion including customer ID and purchase taradiddle data for the FSP) 2.The nineteen (at present coun t) corporate management and other admin personnel all utilize dingle Vostro computers running Windows 7 OS. These administration personnel also share 3 HP networked printers. (In relation to the FSP, these computers will be used by management to query and analyze customer purchase history for profession service refinement. )Server-Side Hardware 1. POS Servers- are used to process orders from the POS terminals and connect to the Kudler network for database file storage 2. HP Blade Server system- c3000 system, Unix OS, SAP Retail SW, Print/File, Communications, Email, Storage, Web. These Servers will be used to store data regarding individual customer purchase history and queried for business analysis as well as loyalty points addition and redemption. ) engagement Platform 1. Each of the three Kudler Stores has a Local Area Network which connects unitedly Via T3 Dedicated high speed lines. 2. Each stores LAN is connected via 100 base T Ethernet. The communications into and out of the stores is ported through 2 Cisco routers and firewalls. 3. Each Local Area Network is also connected to the internet via 25Mbps high speed business internet connections. 4. Network Diagrams (Shown Below)Software study Tools 1. The Frequent Shopper Program is an additional service that will be implemented in conjunction with the living Information Technology System used throughout Kudler Fine Foods. Because of the complexity and functionality of the existing system, it is recommended that the use of energetic development methodologies be used to develop the FSP system and merge the application into the existing system. 2. Visual studio apartment 2012- This Integrated Development Environment will be used to develop the application modules and user interfaces for the FSP development. 3. The encrypt will be implemented in the C language. (used for module development) b. ASP. NET MVC used to develop dynamic, interactional web based application for customers to access, monitor, and redeem loyalty pointsDatabases 1- Customer instrument panel The Customer dodge contains demographic data for each of Kudlers customers. The data in this table is used to access the name and cover up of customers for order treat and for special mailings for anniversaries and/or birth dates, etc. Order bow The Order Table is used to record information pertinent to each Order dedicated with a given store. Each order will have one or more entries in the Order landmark Table associated with it. 3- Order Line Table The Order Line table contains detail on items counting on an order. One or more Order Lines are associated with each order and each Order Line references an item being purchased with its description, quantity, price, etc. 4- Item Table The Item Table stores information pertaining to products that may appear on an order. It describes goods that can be purchased from a Store.The current database tables can be re-used and combined to create the FSPoints Table The FSPoints table (Frequent Shopper Points table), will include the Customer ID and all correlating information, Item purchase history, and Item Points Value. The sum of all points values will be expressed and added to the Customers redeemable points at the end of each FSP period. drug user Interfaces Describe the interface for data collection and notification to store personnel and customers.1. The initial User Interface will remain the same at the point of sale(POS). Additional software will be added to initialize the FSP on applicable deed.Software modules will be initialized as needed that will collect the CustomerID as well as the individual items purchased. 2. Web Applications Through the use of the aforementioned tools including ASP. NET and MVC, an interactive web application will be available to registered customers, and personnel to access, review, and redeem loyalty points. There will be an exclusive page created for the Frequent Shopper Program. Controls System accuracy c hecks will be in place to verify unique CustomerIDs at the POS terminals. Every customer that participates in the Frequent Shopper Program will have a unique customerID.Each transaction will begin by entering this identifier which when support for accuracy will begin collecting item purchase data. Each item is scanned at the POS, and compared to its check FSPoints table to add loyalty points to the Customers FSPoint record. If the CustomerID or any items purchased to not register in the verification processing system, an exception will be returned to notify the customer and cashier at the time of purchase. Each transaction will close with a printed receipt listing the order line information, as well as the points accumulated at that transaction.A points total may be requested via the internet based Frequent Shopper Program Web application on the Kudler Fine Foods website. Security The necessary security mechanisms need to be in place when storing and moving most data entities, esp ecially Customer personal information. Hashing and encryption techniques will be used when sensitive data is stored in all data stores, and secure data canalise protocols (e. g. , SSL, HTTPS, and WS-Security) will be used when data is Personal Information will be secured through the use of data encryption methods and secure networking protocols when data is transmitted over the network.