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How To Fight Writers Block and Win

Writers block is an affliction that affects almost all writers at some point. I say â€Å"almost all† because I have to allow for some cyborgs from outer space posing as writers who never have writers block. For us humanoid writers, it just so happens that sometimes the words dont flow. The ideas dont come, panic sets in. And then paralysis. Writers block can be debilitating and some writers can take a really long time to get back up on the horse after falling off. Ralph Ellison, whose novel Invisible Man made him not only an overnight literary genius but also a hero, is one of the most famous cases of writers block. Publishers and critics waited for decades for his second novel to come. It finally did, in 1999, published posthumously five years after his death. Harper Lees story is much the same. After publishing To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960, she finally birthed her second novel this year in 2015. Some writers have prolific careers and then suddenly stop cold. Truman Capotes last novel, In Cold Blood, was the one that made him most famous and, arguably, the one that ended his career. Sometimes, a work is so famous that the writer becomes intimidated by the task of trying to top it. And then, writing becomes not only difficult but impossible. So, if these literary giants were defeated by writers block, what possible hope do the rest of us have? Well, it can be that you have even more hope than they did. Because chances are you havent reached your peak or written your masterpiece yet. Thats actually the good news. Lets get you writing again, so that you have the chance to reach your top. Can-Do Attitude Jerrold Mundis has a great method for beginning writers. You can read his book or listen to his audio tapes which are sold on his site www.unblock.org.   Mundis method encourages first a healthy dose of self-esteem and a can-do attitude about writing. Silencing the inner critic and believing that you can write are the first steps to getting over writers block. He also warns writers not to focus on the end result, on book deals and movie contracts, but to concentrate on the writing itself, making the goals small and doable. Looking too much at the big picture will inhibit your ability to focus on the small tasks of putting one word after the other. His recommended method is freewriting, with no editing or revising allowed during writing sessions. And he also champions the idea of quitting while youre ahead, i.e. not going past time or word count goals for the day but saving whatever might have spilled over for your next session. Hemingway also recommended doing this. It makes you thirsty for your next writing session to see where that thought process you started will end up. Dont Fight It College professor John Perry made waves recently with his book The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing. The genius of his advice lies in the same wisdom as those martial artists who use the enemys energy against them by not reacting. Dont resist it. The more you resist, the worse it becomes and the harder it is to get over it. He urges people to make lists of tasks starting with the least important and building to the most important. Knocking the less important tasks off the list make you feel productive and builds your confidence so that by the time you get to the important one, you feel more prepared to take it on. You can apply the same to writing. Instead of working on your book, for example, work on an essay or a journal entry or a poem. Build yourself up to the intimidating tasks by knocking off some writing assignments that hold less emotional weight for you. Just Focus On the Work Most writers are pretty good at inflicting terror on themselves. They get caught up in thoughts like â€Å"How will I be able to market this?† or â€Å"How will I be able to look my mother in the eye after publishing this book with sex scenes in it?† Dont try to write someone elses book. Dont try to write a book that your mother would approve of. Dont think about what publishers will say. Just write whats inside of you. Thats the only concern you should have for a good long until you have something thats developed enough to show to someone. Then let an agent or publisher tell you their thoughts. If you get caught up in preemptive worries about the finished product, you may never get to that final stage. Shut those thoughts down and every time they come up, recognize them, breathe, and get back to writing. Remind yourself that this is your job, not worrying about other peoples opinions or the future criticisms of your work. Tape a note above your desk reminding you of this. Type it at the top of every page if you must until it sinks in. Your art is yours, your words are yours. Get Comfortable With Routine All of the professional writers I know follow some sort of routine. And there are scores of interviews with famous writers about their writing process that all go pretty much along the same lines: write every day. Some may, argued that writers block is more of an existential crisis than anything else. Like most artists, writers write because at some point they had a taste of the thunderbolt of inspiration and they wanted more of it. Most days arent inspired days. So what do you do in the meantime? The only way to get on with writing when the inspiration isnt there is to humbly accept the fact that writing, like being a chef, a plumber, a construction worker or a teacher, is work. Youll have good days and bad days, but that you must show up to work. So, create your routine. Designate your working time, punch your time card and write.

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Enlightenment From Conflict essays

Enlightenment From Conflict essays The plague, though not unfamiliar to most in a historical sense, is brought about in a much more personal light in Albert Camus The Plague. Through narration by Dr. Rieux, we watch the personal growth of a character trapped in a town where reality has been sacrificed for survival. But because of his self-sacrifice, determination, dedication to his patients and to all citizens in the town, and through the shared experiences of his friends, we see that Rieux has become a stronger, more understanding, and compassionate man. Throughout this novel, we watch Rieux continuously care for the sick and struggle to stay strong for those who look to him for help and comfort. He is in many ways the anchor of the novel, a center point, not only because of his position as the narrator, but because of his continued support of all the other characters. Toward the end of this epidemic, though, we see Rieux start to question what has come of his efforts while he has survived and so many have not. Looking at his efforts to fight off the plague as a personal, as well as internal, conflict, he states that perhaps what he has won is the experience of having known the plague and remembering it, of having known friendship and remembering it, of knowing affection and being destined one day to remember it. He goes on to summarize that all that could be won from this conflict was knowledge and memories, and through his experiences we see that these are valuable life-long lessons worth the sacrifice (291). The first prize Rieux mentions is having known the plague and remembering it (291). While it may not be obvious at first that this is in fact a benefit, Father Panelouxs experience with the death of a young boy, as drastic as it was, created a more educated member of the church. While in the beginning Father Paneloux preached that the plague came from God for the punishment of thei...

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Third Party Logistics (3PL) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Third Party Logistics (3PL) - Research Paper Example It refers to outsourcing the service from another organization. The service is rendered on their behalf this has been effective in a way that all the company saves on cost. They are all provided under the supply chain management and they defer in services provided. The practice has been adapted by many organizations and business with the aim of saving on cost. Introduction Determining how outsourcing logistic service is more effective in the supply chain is the main aim of the study. How it’s created the issue of completion and effectiveness (Wisner, 2011). The process of evaluating the best in logistic service provider will be studied and evaluated. Procedures and criteria of the selection process will be laid and stated upon. A study was carried with the aim of providing a process and suggesting on the method of selecting the best in the industry. Evaluation was done on firms that have engaged on the practice. Methods used in the study and ways forward will be discussed. The study will try and discuss the merits and demerits of the company under research (Blanchard, 2010). The third party logistic will also be put in under scrutiny on how it operates and eventually propose a way forward. Best channels will be laid on how to conduct third party logistic economically laid. Determination of key players in the logistic industry will be laid down and their role in ensuring smooth service delivery studied as well (Gibson & Novack, 2008).Different roles of the logistic in service delivery will be investigated. The process of selection and how effective it is will be discussed. Abbreviation 3LP refer to the study refer to third party logistic. Literature review The concept of third party logistic is a new trend supply chain management and has been adapted by the many in the business sector. They include the activities of the warehouse which include packaging, value addition and storage. Transport and handling of goods is also a function of logistic. It expands beyond this and lay emphasis on it being a management function. It entails many phases which are determined by the policies laid upon by the given firm (Shah, 2009). They usually include logistic as a specialization, it being a coordinated function, it being a process and as a function in supply management. Of which they are interested in material flow and distinctly. The new trend in logistic is the third party logistic which entails outsourcing. it entails seeking for the services of a different organization to aid in the functions of supply chain management. This enables the company focus on the external environment which includes the competitors and the other services performed by the outsourced organization. It usually comes with its success and down f all as well, it may either affect the brand loyalty or promote it depending the rights given by the outsourced company in service delivery (Wisner, 2011). Data and methodology In an effect to determine the effectiveness of the t hird

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EB Outcomes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

EB Outcomes - Essay Example This paper will discuss the implementation of a change program covering poor hand washing among healthcare service providers at Veema center, which has been found to cause adverse outcomes, during service delivery (Titler, 2008). Planning for Change This stage will cover the phases of preparation (Phase I), Validation (Phase II), and Decision making/ Comparative Evaluation (Phase III) From the evidence given studies, including Garrette (2013) and Canham (2011) hand hygiene is acknowledged by control experts and infection prevention personnel, as the single and most effective measure that helps in reducing the spread of infections in the community and at health care settings (Garrette, 2013). This is the case, because the hands are transmission areas between individuals and the objects, as well as the surfaces within the healthcare environment. Some of the objects that can transfer infections in the healthcare setting include blood pressure cuffs. The means of hand hygiene include tha t of using soap and water, and using alcohol-based products, in the cases where water and soap cannot be used. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) maintain that hand hygiene can aid healthcare providers to uphold quality practice, and patient safety (Pittet, Allegranzi & Boyce, 2009). The practice of extensive hand washing will lessen the risk of infection between patients, lessen the infection of healthcare personnel, and lessen the cases of morbidity, mortality and the costs incurred during the treatment of infection-based conditions (Garrette, 2013). In preparation for the change, a survey was administered to the personnel at the health care center, aiming at realizing the factors limiting hand hygiene. Some of the factors explained as causes of poor hand hygiene at the health center and from studies like Garrette (2013) and Pittet, Allegranzi and Boyce (2009) include that hand washing agents leads to dryness and the irritat ion of the skin; sinks are not available in convenient areas and there is also a lack of soap, water, and disposable towels for drying hands. Others include understaffing, giving priority to patient care needs, disagreement with hand hygiene directives and the low risk of getting infected by patients (Cambell, 2010). Towards ensuring that the factors affecting hand hygiene at the Veema health center are addressed through consulting the medical personnel at the center, when developing the best recommendations on hand hygiene. Secondly, the materials required for hand hygiene, which may not be available should be supplied at all times and hand washing areas should be available at all areas, including wards, casualty and admission centers. From the evidence of studies like Garrette (2013) and Pittet, Allegranzi and Boyce (2009), alcohol-based agents should be used for hand washing, before and after patient contact, after removing gloves, and in emergency situations where water is not a vailable. Implementing the EBP Project (Phase IV Translation/ Application) Towards the implementation of the project, a team will be formed, comprising of staff nurses and doctors, clinical nurse specialists, departmental nurse administrators, nurse and doctor researchers and infection control nurse and

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Consider the Consequences of Reducing a Balance of Payments Deficit Essay

Consider the Consequences of Reducing a Balance of Payments Deficit - Essay Example So as the consequences are the results of relative actions/measures, it makes sense to review the measures of reducing the BOP deficit and consider the impact of each measure on economics. Definition of balance of payments and balance of payments deficit Pippenger (1973, p.6) defines balance of payments as a record of the value of all transactions between foreign and domestic residents over a certain period of time, usually one year; the balance of payments is based on the principle of double entry bookkeeping where the dollar value of every transaction is recorded as both a debit and a credit (Pippenger, 1973). Debit or minus entry in the balance of payments reflects the purchase or import of anything from a foreign partner, while a credit or plus item in the balance of payments reflects the sale or export of anything to a foreign partner (Pippenger, 1973). Applying double entry bookkeeping, the payments received for exports are recorded as debit and the payments made on imports are recorded as a credit (Pippenger, 1973). Balance of payments deficit is an imbalance in a nation’s balance of payments in which payments received by the country are less than the payments made by the country (Economic Glossary, n.d.). This term is also known as unfavorable balance of payments because less currency is flowing in to the country than is flowing out (Economic Glossary, n.d.). Thus, balance of payments deficit causes unequal flow of currency and results in reducing the supply of money in nation, imposing negative implications for unemployment, inflation, production, and other aspects of import-prevailing economy (Economic Glossary, n.d.). In order to minimize these implications it is necessary to understand better how balance of payments deficit can be reduced and what are the consequences of possible measures of reducing BOP? Measures of reducing BOP deficit and its consequences There exist different measures aimed at reducing balance of payments deficits; these measures are divided into two groups: automatic correction and deliberate correction of BOP disequilibrium. In this paper, we will review only deliberate measures as tools for reducing the deficit in BOP. Deliberate measures, broadly applied in different economics of the world, are differentiated by three main categories, including monetary measures, trade measures, and miscellaneous measures. Monetary measures – monetary contraction Monetary contraction or money supply allows a country to influence its level of aggregate domestic demand, demand for exports and imports, and price level of domestic production (Cherunilam, 2008). Contraction of money supply results is applied in order to reduce the purchasing power and consequently, aggregate demand of nation (Cherunilam, 2008). By adopting monetary contraction in the country, domestic output decreases, while domestic real interest increases. Increase of the rate of interest is caused in result of decrease in money supply (Dwiv edi, 2010). Increase in interest rate leads to reduction of domestic investment, and fall of investment leads to reduction of income levels of population (Dwivedi, 2010). Additionally, increase in the interest rate leads to the inflow of foreign capital, which reduces deficits in capital account of BOP (Dwivedi, 2010). In result, demand for imports is reduced because of the fall in domestic prices and domestic aggregate demand, while demand for

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The Verbal and Physical Comic Devices

The Verbal and Physical Comic Devices MacDonald employs both verbal and physical comic devices in this scene. The two verbal devices she has used are sexual innuendo and parody and the two physical devices which have been used are the rise of friendly brutality and persistence of Romeo and Juliet in getting physical with Constance and her constant struggle to avoid them. Use of sexual innuendo is seen throughout the scene: Id quench myself at thy Priapic font, O that I were a fountain pen within thy hand à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (3. 4. P63), For years Ive sought to penetrate your source (3.4. P64). The following conversation shows the use of parody: JULIET for with each new lust, thou creepeth close unto the aged day when soft moist lip and dewy eye convert to senile rheum. ROMEO Thinkst thou to leave a lovely corpse my dear, when even now the crows have footed it in merry measure all about thine eyes? (3. 4. P66) Both these types of verbal comic devices add to the effect of lightening the mood and help to change the monotonicity in progression of the drama. They also help in making the audience feel witty for catching the main intent in the use of these devices. The use of physical device is seen when Romeo places his hand on Tybalts bottom (3. 4. P60), and Tybalt smacks Romeos butt in return [Tybalt gives ROMEO a macho slap on the ass and laughs] (3. 4. P60). Another use of this device is seen when Romeo constantly tries to kiss Constance, and [Juliet takes Constances hand and does not release it] (3. 4. P63). Thus, we see that both the verbal and the physical comic devices serve to lighten the mood and engage the attention of the audience. Part B Drama (relates to Othello and/or Goodnight Desdemona) How does Constance use Desdemona and Juliet for the alchemical process of turning base metals into gold? Discuss with specific references to the play. Effect of Desdemona and Juliet on Constance The concept of Alchemy literally refers to the theory of turning a base metal into gold. Thus, if this same concept is applied to the very essence of human existence, it can be interrelated in the form that a human can attain the zenith of perfection and become divine and flawless. Constance Ledbelly, the central character of this play, does not believe in this concept of a human perfection, and bases her entire thesis on her lack of belief on the academic fact that Shakespeare was the original author of his work. Instead she considers that Romeo and Juliet and Othello were originally written by an unknown author and that her judgment can be proved by deciphering a manuscript written by a character named Gustav. The original Shakespeares tragedy Othello projects Desdemona as a victim of love and trust, and she is shown being devoted to her husband and obeying his commands. Constance however perceives her as a strong-headed, gullible and violent (3. 9. P86) character, and finds her similar to the original Othello character, who although, was valiant and respectful, he was also responsible for his own downfall, due to the lack of trust he had for his wife [Desdemona]. Desdemonas explosiveness is also projected when she declares that the allegations made by academia about her being a helpless victim, is baseless, and calls this Bullshit!! (2. 2. P38). Constance respects Desdemona for her truthfulness and hails her magnificent (2. 2. P38), and being capable of greatness (2. 2. P38). One of the bad qualities Constance finds in Desdemona is her inclination towards tragedy. The other bad quality she has is her being easily exploited, because of her angry and jealous nature. In the end, however, Des demona promises Constance that she would amend herself and change her ways. This acknowledgement also affects Constance and inspires her to discover her own confidence and strength. In a similar way, Shakespeares original Romeo and Juliet, projects Juliet as the embodiment of love, and this is even reflected by Constance who initially calls Juliet the essence of first love / of beauty that will never fade, / of passion that will never die (3. 4. P64). As we get further into the play, we find Juliet obsessed with sexual love. Her attitude also reflects her being immature Ill tell my father! (3. 2. P56). Juliets strong love for Constance and her views about love at first-sight inspire Constance to love her, but at the same time, she feels skeptical about her, due to her [Juliets] obsession with killing herself. In the end of the play, however, Constance makes Juliet promise her that she would reform herself and look at life in a more positive way. Thus, Juliet also inspires Constance to discover her maturity. After the warp, Connie finds herself back in her office at Queens. She tentatively touches herself as if to confirm her reality (3. 9. P88). On removing the feathered pen from behind her ear she notices that it has turned to solid gold (3. 9. P88). This can be directly interrelated to how she discovered her own confidence with the help of Desdemona and Juliet. Thus, even though we see that Constance had low self-esteem initially, by the end of the play we see her as a totally different person. Hence her life has surely undergone an alchemical transformation.

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Autism in the Media Essay -- Media Argumentative Persuasive Argument

Autism in the Media      Ã‚   "Weepinbell, w-e-e-p-i-n-b-e-l-l; Tentacool, t-e-n-t-a-c-o-o-l ; Geodude . . . ," yelled Connor. We were playing his favorite game - identify and spell the names of all 156 Pokà ªmon characters. Connor is a three-year-old boy I worked with as part of the SonRise therapy that his mother organized after he was diagnosed with autism. During my thrice-weekly Connor-directed playtime visits, I entered his world instead of making him enter mine and encouraged eye contact to strengthen Connor's connection with others.    I begin this critique of autism depiction in mass media relating my relationship with Connor because he informs my understanding of autism and colors my critique of media representations. For people who do not know autistic individuals personally, however, perceptions of autism have been shaped, by and large, by character depictions in a series of feature films over the last fifteen years, most notably Rain Man (1988), House of Cards (1993), and Molly (1999). I here examine these three films, each with an autistic main character, to evaluate the image of autism presented to the public and to discuss how that image has changed in the last fifteen years. However, before an analysis of the films, I will briefly overview autism as it is currently diagnosed and treated.    Autism is the label given to a set of behaviors summarized by the International Classification of Disease ICD-10 Handbook as1: 1. Impairment in reciprocal social interaction. 2. Impairment in verbal and non-verbal communication and in imaginative activity. 3. Markedly restricted variety in activities and interests.    Generally, autistic children are first identified by ... ...ons of autism over the last fifteen years reflect popular notions and hopes for cures to psychological disorders. Because mass media representations of autism reach a thousand fold the number of individuals who ready Psychology Review Today and other academic journals, films are an important source of information and a possible forum for advocacy and should be used as such.    Bibliography 1. Frith, U. 1989. Autism; Explaining the Enigma. Cambridge: Basil Blackwell. 2. Hobson, P. 1993. Autism and the Development of Mind. Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 3. Mesibov, G., Lynn, A. and Klinger, L. 1997. Autism; Understanding the Disorder. New York: Plenum Press 4. Grandin, T. 1995. "An Inside View of Autism." http://www.autism.org/temple/inside.html Feature Films: Rain Man (1989) Molly (1999) House of Cards (1993)

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Evolving Toward Ecstasy Essay

This art review by Robert Smith is on a Matisse Exhibition that was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last November, â€Å"Matisse: In Search of True Painting. † The name of this article comes from a quote from Matisse himself, where he claims to work â€Å"towards what I feel; toward a kind of ecstasy. † From the beginning of the article, Smith raves about this exhibit. He calls it â€Å"one of the most thrillingly instructive exhibitions about this painter, or painting in general, that you may ever see. † His excitement for it is unmistakable, but this may be a biased opinion, as he seems to be a huge fan of Matisse himself. He seems genuinely impressed with Rebecca Rabinow, a curator of modern and contemporary art, and how she put the exhibit together, but his love for the artist most likely influenced his view. He praises the decision to show Matisse’s penchant for copying pieces and working in series. Two still life arrangements with fruit and compote are included along with four views of Notre Dame as seen from Matisse’s window and many other series and copies. He describes the exhibit as spacious as it is spread out through eight different galleries. In each pair or group of works, a mini seminar is created according to Smith. He goes into detail about how you could spend your entire visit in the second and third galleries with their sailors, nudes with white scarves and â€Å"contrasting psychological chords and spatial treatments of the Laurettes. † He comments on the textbook simplicity of how the exhibit is set up, letting your eyes wander through the different styles, textures, colors and overall effect of Matisse’s works. There is no doubt that Smith has a very positive view of this Exhibition. He applauds the 49 exceptional works chosen, for how they skim across Matisse’s long and productive career. In this review, he discusses a large amount of Matisse’s works, which sways from the point of the article, which was to critique the exhibition. His support for it is blatant, but he may have gone off on too much of a tangent on his love for Matisse and his works of art. This review could be beneficial to readers, but it could also be misleading if you aren’t already a fan of Matisse’s art. He aggrandizes the exhibit as a whole, so its not really clear if the quality is really there, or if he’s just smitten with the artist displayed.

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Top 7 Cliché Ideas You Should Avoid Including into Your Leadership Essay

Top 7 Clichà © Ideas You Should Avoid Including into Your Leadership Essay Top 7 Clichà © Ideas You Should Avoid Including into Your Leadership Essay Let’s face it: the majority of people hate clichà ©s. Yes, there are some individuals who like them because clichà ©s are their comfort zone. But we doubt that your professor whom you need to write an essay falls under this category. If you wish to avoid stereotypes notions, you need to avoid them not only in your style of writing but at the level of the topic as well. While writing a leadership essay, you need to come up with original ideas. We know it’s hard because this issue has been popular for at least 5000 years, but it’s not impossible. To help you with this â€Å"uphill struggle†, we’ve put down a list of top leadership clichà ©s that you should avoid at all costs. If you follow our advice, you will make your writing more interesting and profound! 1. ThÐ µre Are No Stupid QuÐ µstions Yes, there are. In fact, there are loads of them, and you perfectly understand that. If you want to write a good leadership essay, it’s better to promote the idea that a true leader has to identify and prevent stupid questions. If they still happen, it’s best to highlight and explain why they are silly (of course in the right manner). 2. The CustÐ ¾mer Is Ð lways Right If you have ever worked part-time in a customer support field, you’ll know that it’s not true. For a good leadership, it’s important sometimes to stand the ground of your employee in front of a client. 3. Give It Your Best Shot And what is this supposed to mean? Go and shoot something or somebody? A real leader must explain what expectations he/she has without scattering vague phrases. There are also other word combinations that fall into this category like â€Å"do your best†, â€Å"go above and beyond†, etc. 4. Don’t Bother Me until You Have a Solution This is another clichà © that makes people flinch when they hear something similar from their bosses. If a subordinate comes with a problem to the senior, the latter must sit and puzzle out the issue to understand whether there is a solution in the first place. 5. Think outside the Box And work outside the office. And eat outside the canteen. This is a threadbare motivational phrase that stopped inspiring people years ago. So, why do leaders still use it? 6. Appreciate Every Opinion Someone who is in charge should be able to see valuable opinions and mark them out for others to appreciate. It’s a skill that is hard to hone, and, besides, it’s always easier to say that a true leader must take into account all points of view. 7. Failure Is Not an Option Among many mottos of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, there is a phrase â€Å"Fail faster†. He has even a whole theory that failures lead to success and it doesn’t correspond with one of the main leadership clichà ©s. So, do you think you should mention it in your essay? Avoid these stereotypes to prevent your professor from doing a facepalm and add more interesting ideas that really work nowadays. We wish you good luck with that! At company you can pay for essay writing online. Our experts have great writing skills to handle your leadership assignment.

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Free Essays on Frank Lloyd Wright

The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was the world’s most fabulous architect of all time. This was his ambition in life and he managed to meet his goals. Kaufmann and Raeburn quote him saying, "...having a good start not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time" (Writings 21). With much research Kaufmann discovered that throughout Wright’s life he completed one hundred and eighty eight structures (338). All of his buildings were not simply concrete and/or wood but art. Born in Richland Center, in southwestern Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867, sometimes reported as 1869, Frank Lincoln Wright changed by himself to Frank Lloyd Wright was raised in the influence of a Welsh heritage. Kaufmann and Raeburn learned through Mr. Wright’s writings that the Lloyd-Jones family, his mother's side of the family, had great influence on Mr. Wright throughout his life. The family was Unitary in faith and lived close to each other. Major aspects within the Lloyd-Jones family included education, religion, and nature. Wright's family spent many evenings listening to William Lincoln Wright read the works of Emerson, Thoreau, and Blake out loud. Also his aunts Nell and Jane opened a school of their own pressing the philosophies of German educator, Froebel. Wright was brought up in a comfortable, but certainly not warm household. His father, William Carey Wright, who worked as a preacher and a musician, moved from job to job, dragging his family across the United States. His parents divorced when Wright was still young. His mother Anna (Lloyd-Jones) Wright relied heavily upon her many brothers, sisters and uncles, and was intellectually guided by his aunts and his mother (Writings 6-18). â€Å"Before her son was born, Anna Wright had decided that her son was gong to ... Free Essays on Frank Lloyd Wright Free Essays on Frank Lloyd Wright I have chosen to critique one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s well-known homes, the Kaufmann House. It sits on a wooded terrain in Bear Run, PA and was built in 1936. The principle building material used here is reinforced concrete and stone. This home is also a perfect example of Wright’s naturalistic style of integrating modern materials into a serene natural landscape. In the case of the Kaufmann House, the positioning of the house nearly on top of a small waterfall marries the house and landscape in an aesthetically exciting and mysterious way. I am a true fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. In addition to a naturalistic style, which is my taste in homes, he has designed other homes such as a home with a distinguished sense of privacy in a busy downtown area. Unfortunately, I forget the name of the home at the moment and lack the literature at hand. Regardless, Wright’s designs focus on clean visual lines and integration of a home to its site. His use of modern materials such as reinforced concrete and traditional materials such as stone also marries today’s technology with the aesthetically pleasing feeling of days gone by. I do not feel that Wright’s work was necessarily representative of its time because Wright was creating homes that had no contemporary equal. I truly believe he was ahead of his time. I do, on the other hand, feel that his work was representative of the place and culture it was completed. The Kaufmann House, for example, works well with its site and has the subdued feeling of the Pennsylvania countryside. Because Wright was sensitive to the area in which his designs were to take form, it is hard to imagine the waterfall without the house and the house without the waterfall. In my opinion, this is what makes the Kaufmann House such a successful piece of architecture... Free Essays on Frank Lloyd Wright These ideas proposed by Wright represent a half century of ingenuity and unrivaled creativity. Wright was unquestionably a architectural genius and was years ahead of his time. The biggest obstacle which held Wright back throughout his career was the lack of technogaly that was present during his time. As a architect, Wright accomplished more that any other in history, with the possible exception of DaVincci or Michangelo. His philosophy of Organic Architecture showed the world that form and function could both by achieved to create a house that was both true to nature and affordable. Wrights homes, have today become monuments of greatness and distictionn. Most of them serve as museums, displaying the his ideas and the achievements of a lifetime of innovation. It wasn't until Wright published "The Natural House" however, that he fully was able to illustrate all of his ideas relating toward housing. In the "Natural House" wright defines the meaning of Organic Architecture and how it c an be applied to creating housing which provides a closeness to nature for the occupents. Wright was undoubtly a romantic and individualist. His feeling toward nature and self integrity can best be shown by comparing them to those shared by Emerson and Thoreau. Wrights deep love of nature and his individualism were formed from the events which influenced him as a child and up until his days working for Louis Sullivan. In order to fully understand the ideas which Wright proposed through his philosophy of Organic Architecture, one must first understand the events and influences which led to their creation. As a child, Wrights parents always encouraged him to be a free thinker and individualist. Both of his parents were intelligent and creative people by nature. They, of all people had the greatest influence on Wright. Throughout his life they were extreamly supportive of Wrights dream of becoming an architect, and always made sure that he had books and pic... Free Essays on Frank Lloyd Wright The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was the world’s most fabulous architect of all time. This was his ambition in life and he managed to meet his goals. Kaufmann and Raeburn quote him saying, "...having a good start not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time" (Writings 21). With much research Kaufmann discovered that throughout Wright’s life he completed one hundred and eighty eight structures (338). All of his buildings were not simply concrete and/or wood but art. Born in Richland Center, in southwestern Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867, sometimes reported as 1869, Frank Lincoln Wright changed by himself to Frank Lloyd Wright was raised in the influence of a Welsh heritage. Kaufmann and Raeburn learned through Mr. Wright’s writings that the Lloyd-Jones family, his mother's side of the family, had great influence on Mr. Wright throughout his life. The family was Unitary in faith and lived close to each other. Major aspects within the Lloyd-Jones family included education, religion, and nature. Wright's family spent many evenings listening to William Lincoln Wright read the works of Emerson, Thoreau, and Blake out loud. Also his aunts Nell and Jane opened a school of their own pressing the philosophies of German educator, Froebel. Wright was brought up in a comfortable, but certainly not warm household. His father, William Carey Wright, who worked as a preacher and a musician, moved from job to job, dragging his family across the United States. His parents divorced when Wright was still young. His mother Anna (Lloyd-Jones) Wright relied heavily upon her many brothers, sisters and uncles, and was intellectually guided by his aunts and his mother (Writings 6-18). â€Å"Before her son was born, Anna Wright had decided that her son was gong to ...

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Marketing Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing Research - Essay Example I believe that Paradise Foods should discontinue its promotion of LaTreat and instead get behind the concept of Sweet Dream. Barbara Mayer has her own self-interest at heart when she says that LaTreat should be the sole focus of the company’s strategic efforts. LaTreat has now been established in the market for a few years, but the product’s growth rate is slowing down. For Paradise Foods to retain a stake in the frozen desserts market, a new product needs to recapture some of the customers who were once loyal to LaTreat but have since grown tired of it. In addition, there has been increased competition in the market, and this has had an adverse effect on the sales of the product. The frozen desserts market has expanded significantly since LaTreat first entered the market, and in fact the market has since outgrown the product. This can be evidenced by the fact that revenues for the product did not grow at all in 1986 and 1987. My recommendation to you is that neither La Treat nor Sweet Dream is discarded, but rather both products are promoted together. While this may seem like cannibalizing, in fact both products can work in tandem to pick up customers who fall through the cracks. From the BehaviorScan data, I have managed to break down the customers of LaTreat into four main categories: Loyalists, Trial Users, Accelerators, and Switch-on-Deal customers. Currently, LaTreat is only picking up customers of the latter two categories. Many of the current customers of LaTreat do not feel any long-term loyalty towards the brand or only make purchases when promotions are on offer. For any product to grow long term, these are not the types of customers who will help contribute to this success. This is, however, where Sweet Dream comes in and fills a gap. Loyalists and Trial Users are extremely hard to pick up through using an already existing product because the â€Å"wow† factor has gone. However, Sweet Dream is a brand new product to the market an d is likely to experience a â€Å"honeymoon† period during the first few months after release. The customers who remain loyal to one brand for a sustained period of time are highly sought after, so everything should be done to not only attract them, but keep them as loyal customers. The initial data that I have gathered around Sweet Dream suggest that the product has the potential to be a hit. The data show that Sweet Dream received a three market share in Midland and Pittsfield after only six months. The trial rate was 15 percent, while the repurchase rate was 45%. These figures are all astounding, and even if the product could not sustain these numbers over the long term, it would still capture a significant portion of the market share. To sum up, my recommendation to you is that the committee reconsiders Sweet Dream, except this time in conjunction with LaTreat. While there would have to be competition from an outsiders’ point of view, the two products could be mark eted to different sections of the market. The competition between the two products would be minimal at best; this would be to try and build up the brand image of Paradise Foods rather than result in the promotion of one product line. I would even be willing to work with Barbara Mayer to

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Roundtable discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Roundtable discussion - Essay Example The poem chosen is â€Å"The Unicorn† by Isaac Rosenberg. This poem is moving, describing the nature of insanity in combat. The man, a commander, is talking to a woman, Lilith. The poem describes how the commander is thinking about the women and children caught in the combat. He is delusional, imagining that a unicorn is taking them to the afterlife. The commander muses that the women dying are innocents. Rosenberg writes women are being killed â€Å"By men misused, flying from misuse (215). All the bombs, fear of death, and horrors make the man hallucinate about the Unicorn taking away the innocents and even him in the end. The date of â€Å"The Unicorn† is unknown, but written after World War I. During and right after World War I, people did not understand the effects of Shellshock. Bhattacharjee reports that â€Å"even at a distance, explosions might cause lasting damage to the brain† (206). This could have caused the commander’s delusions. Writing poetry was one way to express Shellshock to people who did not understand. Even famous American Generals, who were battle-hardened. George S. Patton called these men â€Å"cowards†, and even went so far as to slap one man, dragging him out of the medical tent (Axelrod and Clark, pg. 115). The commander of â€Å"The Unicorn† probably would have preferred to ride away on a unicorn in death, than being faced with court martial and ridicule. There was no one to turn to when suffering from Shellshock, except the delusions of angels and demons. Poetry was a way to express emotions about shellshock, no one else wanted to hear at the time. However, all of the poems are useful today. These poems can help people understand the men from World War I. They were not traitors, but heroes doing their best under the