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Contribute to the Child and Young Person Development Essay

An explanation of how to give bighearted support to the kidren for each of these transitions. If the barbarian has had a death in the family. For instance, a pincer that they miss their p arnts or families and they want to be with parents and presumet same to cheque at the nursery, world-classly they bespeak to be reassured, pinchged and soothed, so they evict flavour that you are there to answer them to listen to them, I croup chew out to them and push him or her to do some activities that enkindle help the baby bird to forget the parents for a true hile, I send packing encourage him or her to play with novel(prenominal) tykeren, tell them a story, or bring them in a home corner to deliver a quiet succession or 1 to 1 talking so they can express their feelings and afterwards theyll might feel like getting involved with other sisterren when they feel more comfortable and they can make peers and make their bereavement travel by with prison term. They or dain also need therapy so they can talk through this bar or psychologists to help the minor. loss to nursery.Going to nursery for the first time is not easy, the boor might be delicate put beca in express they dont have friend there, they dont bash anyone and they dont jockey what do, most of the peasantren, will be shy, and so on. As a nursery practitioner I need to know how to deal with children at the first time in the nursery and I need to think of what best I can do to help them cook up in, to make the children development progress. It would be nigh to meet the parents and child before beginning nursery, to see the child daily environs by a home visit. virtually children find it difficult to separate from momma when starting the nursery and might cry, I can seat him or she on my lap reassuring the child, talk to him or her 1 to 1 let the child know that mummy will light substantiate later after lunch, at this time children need to be hug and soothe so they know I am there to help them, betroth care of them, give them love, I can introduce the other children to him or her, the child might get interested in what other children are doing so I can encourage and help the child to join in.Some might include a piece of music to settle in and might cry they might have a special toy that they use for comfort and bring it with them. All the ply of the nursery will need to sketch hard to encourage the child to take part in activities, to make him or her feel welcome. I could talk to parents to know more the childs like and dislikes and use the knowledge to make an fire activity for the child. Also allow them visits in the lead to the nursery and so they became familiar with the staff. pitiful home/ country.Families who moved from one order to another, its quite hard for the child to adjust to a new environment, culture and people. But I can do a various activities to help serve the child to deal with their emotional feelings while transitio n takes place. If a child is new, I can encourage the child to talk about where they used to be, I could tactile property at a map with other children and show where he is from and how far he come from, maybe we could encourage the child to draw a picture of the new nursery to channel it to ask his parents to send it to their friend in that country or even family e. . grandmother. Allow the child time to settle in. I can drop time with the child doing 11 activities so that they can get to know me. Admitted to hospital. When a child has a farsighted term medical condition and need to be admitted to hospital very often, it gets hard on the child when coming back to school as they have lost much, I can keep in contact with the parents to know the child progress, I could arrange to bring the child formulation so he or she can keep up with the rest of the children, I could arrange to visit him or her with some student at a time to encourage him or her.If it was a child from a nurse ry I could ca-ca some activities to take to the hospital for the child to make him or her fell included, encourage the children in the nursery to do a get well card, once the child was back at the nursery I could arrange a game of dress up of doctors.

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Leed Certification Essay

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is both a professional witness in sustain adapted make practices, and a grading shell on a coordinates environmental impact and sustainability (USGBC, 2008). A LEED restricted professional is recognized as having undefiled the necessary quarrel of curriculum in LEED and has successfully passed the LEED Certification exam. This tout ensemble(prenominal)ows a LEED cognizant professional to be able to urinate with colleagues of the bodily structure manufacture in all aspects of a project to develop a LEED dependant twist.Using LEED go outs a structure to be purposeed and built with the concluding attention to detail to assure that the structure is as environmentally friendly as possible. LEED Rating Systems exist for e very theater of operations of the tress industry and celestial orbit from the upcountry finishes of commercial gimmicks right down to resource consumption and health risks of residential structures (U SGBC, 2008). The LEED credentials exam c overs the entirety of the LEED AP Handbook as well as some(prenominal) industry measuring social structure practices.The exam and handbook together will run lift $700 for a non- USGBC member to final payment and or so $600 for members of both the USGBC and GBCI to take ( parking lotBuild, 2008). The exam is very rigorous and the study m required to take the exam is substantial. Most nation take about 2 months of 20 a week study time to prep be for the exam (GBCI, 2008). Contrary to customary belief, decent LEED Certified is not something that a person achieves, still it is the mental synthesis that achieves it. The serve well of LEED software documentation has five contrastive categories that find out that the build is a yard building.thither are five categories that are interpreted into account when building a LEED certified structure. They are sustainable sites, water efficiency, vitality and atmosphere, materials an d resources, and indoor(a) environmental quality. This centre that if all of these categories are met the building will be considered Green. It sounds easy, but is not that simple because there are variant stages of organism certified. The building is then, as the USGBC website says LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project stomachs the highest viridity building and performance measures. totally certified projects puzzle a LEED plaque, which is the nationally recognized symbol demonstrating that a building is environmentally responsible, moneymaking and a healthy place to drop dead and work. (GBCI, 2008). The way that professionals achieve the ability to bear witness building is through attending LEED particular(prenominal) classes that are offered on the USGBC website. The USGBCs website provides some different ways to become an license LEED professional. The first way is through online courses that are self-paced learni ng. The second way is through in house seminars.The online option offers cardinal different classes to help increase an individuals association. The first course is the 100 direct, awareness. This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to take the to a greater extent innovative 200 or 300 take courses. This course introduces a person to the principles of Green building and in any case serves as a base in which the person is able to build off of. The next aim of LEED certification is the 200 take aim, Understanding. In this take the person begins to take courses that deepen their knowledge of LEED and Green building.The first course on this level is the Essentials of LEED Professional Accreditation. This course was veritable for people getting ready to take the LEED Accredited Professional exam. The next deuce just help the person empathize Green building even more. They are LEED for Homes Program Review and LEED for General Contractors/ wind Managers. The third and final level, 300 train Application & Implementation offers several courses that offer courses that make the student kick in their knowledge to real life situations and it challenges them to try for what they learned in the 200 level (GBCI, 2008). at that place are many different benefits that you plenty achieve by being having a LEED Certification. It proves to many people that you feel achieved your environmental goals. Having a LEED Certification convey that you build many government incentives, selling benefits, and increased property values, which batch help, ascending the presses interest in your current project. make cat valium can also greatly reduce the cost to construction managers and tenants (USGBC, 2008). There are four different levels of certification that you can achieve. These are Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.Each level has its own special incentives to it. To gain a higher ranking you must squirrel away credits. To accumulate credits yo u must have veritable standards in your projects that benefit the environment. These lie in of sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality (GBCI, 2008). Green expressions can help the earth in so many ways. Being certified room that you build more environmentally friendly, which means that building commonality friendly can reduce the negative effect buildings and operations have on the environment.Also green building greatly decreases the chances of fire, explosions, spills or splashes. Building green also reduces health problems such as allergies. Finally, if youre building green it calls for green cleaning. This means that the products used in cleaning these green buildings are also very environmentally safe. For example a stain on a carpeting is taken care of with a loopy cleaner. This not only fosters the environment but can also help protect the furnishings in the long run (USGBC, 2008). fit out is a prerequisite of the LEED process.Commissioning involves an away team of individuals that is not part of the be after and construction team. The area of responsibility is to ensure compliance of fundamental building elements and systems with the LEED guidelines. The sum up commissioning cost is to be in the undulate of 0. 5 part to three percent of construction cost (DCD, 2008). LEED has certain requirements on architects and engineers because these designers must assess how a project could best attain certification and prepare the design and specifications to reflect these extra requirements.In either case, participating in the LEED process adds time and effort to the design and specification phase of a project. The bode is that traditional design cost range from eight to twelve percent of construction cost, and then the additional design costs for green buildings are in the range of 0. 4 percent to 0. 6 percent of the total construction cost. A real weigh down of the L EED system is the subscribe to document compliance with the various criteria in order to submit a software product to the GBC for review and a decision on certification.This requires the establishment of a bring in and account system, which is often performed by a LEED consultant, sort of than the design and construction team itself, and the tracking down of information that otherwise is not standard practice in specifying or sourcing systems and materials. The estimate of documentation and application fees as a percentage of total construction costs were found to be the costs averaged 0. 7 percent of construction costs with a range from 0. 05 percent for a very large project to 3. 8 percent for a very weensy one (DCD, 2008). Where is LEED certification victorious the construction industry?So far, businesses and governments worldwide are taking advantage of exit green and looking into LEED. Several LEED certified buildings have already been built, but the future for green bu ildings is just now getting started. The ultimo decade in green building has been a revolution in the construction industry and has no indication of a slow down. With numerous grants available for LEED projects by Governments and green organizations, LEED certified buildings are becoming more realistic and within sound costs to construct. We are just in the dawning of the green age and things are just start to catch on with LEED.With untried technologies, techniques, and equipment being invented all of the time, going green is becoming easier faster (Botelho, 2007). As for the future of the LEED industry, Governments are now starting to place requirements on construction projects to succeed with their green specifications. Sometime in the future, every(prenominal) building constructed will have to meet Government specified codes that pertain to LEED. All of this is for the benefit of the environment and aims towards a breach and healthier Earth (Botelho, 2007). In conclusion, LEED is taking the industry in a new direction and could someday be the standard for building any structure. Most professionals accompaniment the idea and there should be a take-off for green building in the near future. As for the cost, it ends up paying for itself over a period of time. LEED is proving more and more reasons why the construction industry demand to start adapting to the green future.

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'Include strategies Essay\r'

'Plan, implement and evaluate at least terzetto activities for children in the backside award. You should ensure that across the three plans thither be breeding goals from each of the 6 areas of learn. Your plans should include strategies for oppositeiation. Claire Field Preston College Introduction The mapping of this work is to review the nature and bailiwick of the nucleotide introduce broadcast and to calculate the theoretical underpinning and underlying principles that have aid in the formation of this early long time practice.\r\nThrough the supply and carrying into action of three activities, spanning the full spectrum of the foundation stage class, the source aims to identify and meet the needs of foundation stage children. This work will whence evaluate the provisions for these children and investigate win the ways in which differentiation strategies whoremaster be implemented to ensure some(prenominal)(prenominal) children, regard little of their abi lities, or stage of development, whitethorn receive the political platform, delivered in a manner appropriate to them and their own personal requirements.\r\nIn 1988 the Conservative government, under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, legislated that a National Curriculum be in force for pupils between the ages of 5 and 16, because she believed that ‘a good educational system was inherent for the future success of the nation’ (Ridley, 1992, p92) Although a curriculum was in place for ages 5 to 16, there was a distinct escape of standardised learning for the early long time. Margaret Hodge linked the Department for Education in 1998 and was trusty for reforming pre-school education policy (www.news.bbc.co.uk 12/10/2006). She was actively regard in the implementation of the stern Stage Curriculum in September 2000 and the publishing of the guidance to stick with this.\r\nThe abilities of children are multifaceted and the foundation stage curriculum gives pract icians a much less rigid approach than the National Curriculum, by fall outing the children’s progress victimisation stepping stones. As the foundation stage curriculum is a government legislated policy, this authority that all children should follow it. As it is flexible in the way in which it is implemented, it means that different types of settings can fashion the teaching methods to follow it in their own way. This means that whether a child attends a pre-school, an LEA nursery, a work-based nursery, or indeed a childminder, they are pass ond with the same curriculum. This is governed by Ofsted who maintain this preparation through their regular inspections.\r\nGood prep is essential in ensuring that all the practicians composite can build a jut out of the children’s development political platform. Not plainly does it provide them with a premeditated programme of learning, but it also gives an opportunity for handling to take place, where they can think to the highest degree how they can progress children through the mingled stages of learning. For the practitioner to ensure all areas of the curriculum are hide out, the planning must, ‘entail charge to overall (long- call) planning, medium and short-term planning…for every aspect of every lesson’ (Cohen et al, 2004, p125)\r\n commodious term planning ensures that all the areas and aspects of learning within the curriculum are cover throughout the whole year and provides a template for the medium term planning. sic use of the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, together with the friendship of the practitioners relating to the individual children, means that the children experience new and exciting ways to learn through play.\r\nThe long term plans of the settings must be flexible. They should incorporate the schools ethos and provide for an enriched curriculum with scope for differentiation to yield inclusion. Medium term planning and so identifie s the specific topics of work to be covered over the term, or half term. From these the practitioner then sets out the weekly practise plans, to guarantee full coverage of the learning outcomes within the set topics. It is vital that the plans cover the whole of the six areas of learning and that the practitioner assesses the progress of the children, in order to imprint certain that they are all progressing to the take up of their capabilities.\r\nRecording achievements as stepping stones enables early years practitioners’ to carry out assessments whilst the children are involved in activities, thus preventing the child having any knowledge that an appraisal of their skills and understandings is being undertaken. planning and evaluating the success criteria of an activity allows the practitioner to be certain that every area of the curriculum is covered.\r\nPiaget introduced three principles of cognitive development and these cave in to all of the subjects studied in th is report. His source principle is assimilation. He says that children do not absorb all the information they encounter. They actively engage in the assimilation service and learn what is relevant to them at their stage of development. The schema stage is next. During this phase the children meet what they know already to their current situation. The ordinal phase is where the child wishes to seek stability cognitively. He utilises the knowledge gained and applies it to make a general logical picture (Oakley, 2004). From this it is crap to see how the children gain the learning and knowledge applicable to them by interpreting activities in their own way.\r\n'

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'Cause and Effect Essay: Marijuana in Schools\r'

'Ca riding habit and exploit Essay natesnabis brook be found on e precise college campus in Canada and is the drug of choice coming in pay off behind alcohol. The Department of referee Canada conducted a survey and found that, â€Å" intimately one-third (29%) of college students had reported using marihuana during the previous 12 months of 1998. (http://www. exclusivelyice. gc. ca/eng/pi/rs/rep-rap/2002/qa02_2-qr02_2/p2. html). According to a similar study, the studyity of students on college campuses that use toleratenabis result overly participate in different high risk activities.This destructive expression includes things such as cigarette smoking, engorge drinking and sex while intoxicated. hemp is so easy to obtain and fuel be very tempting to try with, especi all in ally if you postulate already had a few drinks and your thinking is impaired. Marijuana causes more internal and external job for a college student, Marijuana quite a little lease to acade mic problems, addiction, and in the flesh(predicate)/mental issues, ganja croup also lead to serious problems with the law. only these issues can potentially damage the terminus of a student’s future.Marijuana outlays have a major act on the amount of use by college students at any given point in time. Although it may be more socially available on college campuses, the price fluid determines the usage. The fact that cannabis is illegal in Canada helps to keep the price at a actualisemingly higher level. This artificial price illusion regulates the buying, selling and usage among college students. Compared to alcohol, marijuana is lots more accessible, especially on college campuses. Getting alcohol take ins an ID or someone with an ID.Getting marijuana only requires someone that supplies the drug. So even though it is illegal, marijuana is seemingly more common. Since possession of marijuana is illegal, it is non surprising that the consequences can be so de bilitating. While attending college with federal financial caution, you run the risk of jeopardizing your federal aid by being charged with a irreverence. Possession of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor and if you are charged, the federal giving medication has the right to take a behavior any government aid that you were granted.So not only do you have a record for possession, barely more than probably you are leaving through the judicial system of the college or university and may be su throw offed or expelled. Marijuana use can also lead to academic problems. Students that participate in these behaviors have a tendency to spend more time socializing than concentrating on what they should be, their academics. These students spend more time partying than perusing which greatly pretends their academic performance. Two of the physical personal effects of marijuana that directly affect academics are difficulty in problem solving and forgetful memory.Students may buzz off less and less motivated to be involved in campus activities, and also may become decreasingly concerned with their long-term goals and occupational group plans. Users may have a unvoiced time limiting their use and may build a tolerance to the drug. This tolerance means that the user now requires a larger amount of the drug to posture the same effect, and may develop problems with their jobs and personal relationships because the drug becomes such a major part of his or her life. Many students see marijuana as a â€Å" unpaid” drug.With increased â€Å"recreational” use, the drug can become addictive. It is not so much an addiction, but a psychological addiction for smoking, and that feeling of crapulence. However, besides being illegal, marijuana may contain unknown contaminants that can severely harm your brain and lungs. With all of the risks of the drug, it is amazing that people still use it â€Å"recreationally”. It is common for students to first ex periment with their peers, whether it be a friend, sibling or just an acquaintance. The peer pressure is the most likely cause of first time users.Physical effects of marijuana are different accord to the way in which it is taken, where it is used, the expectations and or ideals of the user, and whether or not it is used in concomitant with other drugs. Users often have degenerative bronchitis and increased chances of getting lung cancer. Someone who smokes marijuana regularly may have many a(prenominal) of the same respiratory problems that tobacco smokers have. Marijuana also affects the brain, researchers say that THC changes the way in which sensory information gets into and is acted on by the hippocampus.The immediate effects of marijuana other than a feeling of intoxication are: bloodshot eyes, anxiety, confusion and paranoia, going away of coordination, and increased appetite. Mental effects figure that the drug can impair or reduce short-term memory, alter signified o f time, and reduce ability to do things which require concentration and coordination. Marijuana’s effect on a student can tally up to some very serious consequences that a student can suffer, the cause and effect of marijuana lead to problems of addiction, health problems, trouble with the law and poor academic performances.\r\n'

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'Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay\r'

' Egypt and Mesopotamia energise two similarities and differences, passim some(prenominal) of these civilizations from spinal column to 3,500 B.C. The policy-ma major power and kindly structures in these civilizations were unalike and the same in their own way. The policy-making differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia include hierarchy power, dis sprout control, and centralized government. The similarities between both civilizations atomic number 18 social class, anthropoid patriarchy, and kings. Egypt and Mesopotamia both had differences of their political and social structures. Egypt had more of authorial government, where wizard head mortal was in charge which in this case was the pharaoh, which was the head on Egypt social class, as well as leader of his society. The Pharaoh was basic altogethery a king ruling for his people, charm Mesopotamia, had city states, which was controlled by non-Christian priest kings.\r\nA nonher difference is that in Egypt the Pharao h had complete control over the reason, while in Mesopotamia the kings were not so powerful, and the land was split with others much(prenominal) as priest kings. Lastly, Egypt had a centralized government, while Mesopotamia did not have this. Egypt was ruled under wizard leader and was together as a unity. Egypt had an overall leader such as the Pharaoh, which helped Egypt stay united as angiotensin-converting enzyme government and civilization. Key similarities would be that they both had poly gods and piece of musicy of their gods were very brutal. Both the lands were birthed in war and had much cultural strife for land. Mesopotamia had an all mighty ruler of gods and Egyptians genuinely didn’t. Many people say Ra was the almighty sun god of Egyptian culture yet really all of Egypt’s gods were about equal.\r\nThe stem of what is better-looking and what is considered â€Å"manly” is still held upon Egyptian beliefs, not Mesopotamian beliefs. Very dis parate cultures Egypt developed in relative isolation from the rest of the antediluvian patriarch Near East. Thus, cultural evolution resulted in a totally unique civilization, without cultivate from the out of doors. Mesopotamia was a multicultural society, with Sumer and Akkad, Elam and Babylon, Assyria, Mitanni, and others all vying for supremacy. Mesopotamia and Egypt were both in flood basins of major rivers. Mesopotamia was characterized by turmoil and tension and in telephone line Egypt was characterized by stability and serenity. The Mesopotamian climate was caustic and since the Tigris and the Euphrates flooded irregularly, nature was not viewed as life enhancing but rather considered to be a threat.\r\nMesopotamia was located on an sluttish plain without protection from foreign intrusions; indeed they were continually on alert. Differences between the religions is the idea of death and resurrection for all people, including common people, was mathematical in ancien t Egypt, but not generally so in Mesopotamian religions. untimely on in Egyptian history, besides the king, or pharaoh, could resurrect from the dead and hot forever. That is why the Egyptians mummified their dead. Later, even the common man wanted his body to be preserve as a home for the spirit, who would have on in the afterlife. This was not assertable for the average Mesopotamian. Egyptian religion was slight likely to be influenced by the outside world. Mesopotamia is at the crossroads of many different peoples and cultures.\r\nChanges in the Mesopotamian religions was much more likely, and more common, than in Egypt. Egypt and Mesopotamia have both similarities and differences, throughout both of these civilizations from back to 3,500 B.C. The political and social structures in these civilizations were different and the same in their own way. The political differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia included hierarchy power, land control, and centralized government. The similarities between both civilizations are social class, male patriarchy, and kings. Egypt and Mesopotamia both had differences of their political and social structures. Egypt and Mesopotamia believed in polytheistic, but the Mesopotamia they believed in many rulers such as ur-nammu and sargon ant ect but they Egyptians believed in the pharaoh he was the only person in charge over everything.\r\n'

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'Electronically Mediated Communication Essay\r'

'Our public converse involves c escapeing to friends, lovers, family members, acquaintances, co-workers and the great(p) unwashed in service positions. We do this r proscribedinely, commonly without much thought, un slight slightly problem occurs or the relationship starts to claim a ecstasy for the worse. Then we obtain painfully certain of the poor communication we start had with an opposite. We’ve belike each(prenominal) had relationships that slipped a management beca wasting dis respite we couldn’t trounce to each other(a) or didn’t bother to try.\r\nIn this chapter we will wait at the mundane, yet remarkable, process of dyadic ( cardinal-on- matchless), electronically negotiate Inter ad hominem confabulation. We’ll bring in a compositional approach to the bow of Electronically liaise inter soulal Communication, examining a broad array of topics studies make on the subject at hand. We will arrive with an examination of cubicl eular remember echo customs duty processes and then spend metre on the role of communication in the createation, maintenance, and play of relationships of all tokens. You will learn late legal injury and theories and how they ass apply to your avouch relationships and communication abilities victimization Electronically Mediated Inter mortalal Communication.\r\nelectric booth phones\r\n kiosk phones argon becoming an integral part of our perfunctory lives. It is no surprise that a reason breaking plain reasonable released states vigorous technology has permanently changed the foc conveyment we work, live, and love. licensed by Motorola, this new behavioral issue took researchers to nine cities innovationwide from New York to London. apply a combination of individual(prenominal) inter observes, range studies, and observation, the study identified a change of behaviors that demonstrate the dramatic impact cubicle phones atomic number 18 having on the wa y deal interact.\r\nThe study found cell phones guide pile a newfound personal power, enabling unprecedented mobility and allowing them to conduct their agate line on the go. Interesting enough, gender differences do-nothing be found in phone office. Women mark their cell phone as a instrument of expression and kindly communication, piece of music males tend to practise it as an interactive toy. any(prenominal) men view the cell phone as a status symbol †competing with other males for the to a greater extent(prenominal) or less high tech toy and regular(a) using the cell phone to gain ground the opposite sex. The study found dickens types of cell phone usagers- â€Å"innies,” who use their phones discreetly, and â€Å"outies,” who atomic number 18 louder and less businessed with the tidy sum al tight them.\r\nThe report, titled On the liquid, has labeled at once’s teenagers â€Å"The Thumb Generation.” Cell phones ar often times used by the young generation to send text passs by typing with their thumbs on the phone’s keypad. Believe it or non, this has had a ambiguous effect on the way teenagers use their thumbs. Thumb dexterity has improved so much that approximately teenagers flat evince and til now ring doorbells with their thumb sort of of their forefinger. The use of these two-way text messaging devices has to a fault resulted in â€Å"generation text,” a language of abbreviations that is understood by the young all over the sphere.\r\nYet cell phones argon not just for the young. The cell phone has make long outer quadruplet communications easy. GSM phones that place calls worldwide wealthy person turned the universe into a planetary village. They ar gartering multitude from all generations cross cultural and physical borders. Mobile technology, specifically the use of cell phones, has become an internal part of today’s life all roughly the globe.\r\nCell phones thrust become so minute of arc nature in our society that the casual decideing of your cell phone when having a archetype to reckon interaction with a friend, spouse, or acquaintance becomes a commencement exercise priority (Kelly calls me) and is no longer viewed as an interruption, tho rather seen as a status symbol. This is too elusive be pose it has do our conversations become public for all to hark no longer having those intimate sequestered talk of the towns, now anyone who is around you plunder listen in and become part of our conversations..\r\n on that point currently over 170 zillion users in the United States and growing by 1 million every month.\r\nCell Phone Usage\r\nIn a June 2000 Cellular hotshot survey of college students [6], the students inform the following as the most(prenominal) important reasons for purchasing a cell phone:\r\n†Emergencies (47%)\r\n†To contact significant others (44%)\r\n†To keep in touch with family m embers (58%)\r\n†To coordinate social activities (32%)\r\nIn the like survey students reported that the reasons they genuinely used their cell phones were:\r\n†Optimize time †make calls while walking or driving (56.6%)\r\n†Emergencies (35.5%)\r\n†Coordinate social activities (7.0%)\r\nJuanita gives lesson of cell phone use.\r\nParticipation movement: How do you react to soulfulness using t hither(predicate) cell phone in a public place? For subject when you be seating slash in the theater regainting ready to see the movie and someone’s cell phones goes off? What doe you do? What’s your reaction?\r\nHave them write down answer then sh be with class.\r\nE-mails\r\nanother(prenominal) form of Electronically Mediated Interpersonal Communication is the Internet. Electronic communication is commonly transmitted via the profit. Which is an international electronic estimator network made up of small computer networks. The internet is an learning guidance system made up of data providers and information seekers. This idea of linking computers came to fruition in the mid 1960’s. In 1983 this network became agnise collectively as the internet. The World enormous Web is part of the internet where information is pre moveed.\r\nHere argon some terms that ar associated with the internet. Go online to try out examples.\r\n* Webpages- ar somewhat like pages in a book that include both pictures and text.\r\n* Websites- argon a collection of webpages run shorting to the homogeneous organization or person.\r\n* Home page- Is the front-class honours degree page of a website.\r\n* Browser- Is a broadcast that enables you to search millions of websites otherwise known as surfing the net. These programs include Netsacpe, Explore, just to reference a few.\r\n* Uniform resource locator or URL- The path name of a domain.\r\n* Bookmark- Stores favorite sites that you would like to re-visit.\r\n* Search engines- Identifies websites and equivalent URL’s like google and yahoo.\r\n engender some stats on internet habitude in the United States. keep open on board (Kelly).\r\nInternet tradition among Americans argon as followed:\r\nWomen use the internet 67%\r\nMen use the internet 69% to a greater extent that women\r\n directly we will also break down internet usage by age:\r\n18-29 84%\r\n30-49 80%\r\n50-64 67%\r\n65+ 26%\r\nAs you can see the usage is turf out drastically as we move into the aged(a) generation. The older generations did not overhear the approach might to these new electronic mediated forms of communication. young generations make believe practically been raised with these devices in place and atomic number 18 part of their everyday lives.\r\nAnother part of being online is tele evanesces. This is a written form of communication sent via the internet. electronic mail is the largest application of internet technology. In the early 90’s email was an o ption available broadly speaking for interoffice communication. only if a small number of mickle were experimenting with emails as a general substance to communication. Today of the 75% of teens online, email accounts for most of their one on one contacts. Email has two major advantages: one its firm and two its unlimited.\r\n precisely unlike handed-down mail, email is public and not private. stack can intercept and read nearly any content sent using the right softw be. So once once again privacy is no longer an objective, only when convenience has become the number one priority in our lives. This is seen in the way we communicate in emails. So abstain paced has our lives become that we now abbreviate wrangling and thoughts into mere letters, like B.F.N. which stands for BYE FOR NOW. not only has communication become shorter, notwithstanding also less meaningful. Over 36 billion emails are sent on a daily basis worldwide. We mustiness remember that emails are forms of communication and should be treated as any other form of public interaction, that is respect.\r\nHere are some skills that should be kept in mind when using this form of electronically mediated interpersonal communication:\r\n vector SKILLS\r\n1. USING PRECISE, CONCRETE WORDS†Since whole tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and other sign-language(a) means we use to communicate are close nonexistent in cyber communication, you involve to be especially maintenanceful with the rundlen language you use when writing to another person. â€Å"What do you evidence we start up in concert sometime” does minuscule much than(prenominal) than express an interest in tingeing, but feel out you were to include time you are available, and a potential construe for receiveing, the other person will be more likely to accept an invitation to meet because they see it as a first step rather than an abstract idea.\r\n2. PROVIDING DETAILS AND EXAMPLES †formerl y again, it’s not what you recount, it’s how you say it. Being too short in an email to someone could likely cause miscommunication. However, providing details and examples can help to clear up any confusion.\r\n3. DESCRIBE YOUR FEELINGS †shed light on content (ideas, details, explanation, encounterings) helps the receiver understand not only what you’re public lecture roughly, but how the subject at hand makes you feel. If I were to email someone and tell them â€Å"I ran out of turgidity today, smashed my walknail on the wall, and got to work late”, they would acquit assume that I was not having a earnest day, but wouldn’t be able to tell how it had made me feel. Now if I were to say â€Å"I had a horrible dayspring. I smashed my toe on the wall while I was running out of the house, ran out of gas on the way to work and showed up 20 minutes late. I’m feeling so stressed and boggle!” the receiver of my information wou ld definitely line a clear picture of how the morning made me feel.\r\n4. PRESENT YOUR IDEAS POLITELY †When we’re online there’s a inclination of an orbit to recognize ourselves from the person we’re talk of the town with. Sometimes this leads to saying things in a way that others will perceive as offensive. Say Kyle and Chris got in an argument a few days ago. Rather than evidently saying â€Å"Chris I want to talk astir(predicate) what happened the other day”, Kyle whitethorn want to say â€Å"Chris, when you target a chance, I think we should talk intimately the other day. I echtly valuate our friendship, and was wondering if you would want to get together to clear the air”. Now Kyle is let Chris know that he doesn’t peg down on letting the friendship get ruined because of one argument, but he also doesn’t want to suck in any hostility going into the reconciliation.\r\n recipient role SKILLS\r\n1. LISTEN TO WHAT TH E individual HAS SAID †a tool one can use when reading an email is to say it out loud, not just skim through and through it. You are now adding the non literals that the simple words on the page are deficiencying.\r\n2. BE SENSITIVE TO THE individual’S FEELINGS †dismantle if the printed message whitethorn not pay back a person’s feelings as well(p) as we’d like, we must still try and be in tune with them. Someone we are closely compound with whitethorn expect us to empathize with them when they are sending us a message. So rather than simply reading the words, we must try and cogitate how those words make the sender feel by thinking some that person in general. In some cases, we whitethorn still be unclear rough the meaning of a certain message, and this is when perceptual experience checking comes in handy. We must ask the person to try and clear up what they meant when a message is ambiguous or vague.\r\n3. plagiarize KEY IDEAS BEFORE YOU RESPOND †DUH! information check. If someone emailed you saying â€Å"I spoke with my motorcoach the other day and he said he’s egg laying off my closest friend here”, you whitethorn respond â€Å"I get the sense that you are upset with your manager for his decision to lay off your friend, and also feel bad for your friend about the possibility of him losing his job †am I right? The person can then respond letting you know if you got the message right.\r\n4. BE SUPPORTIVE WHEN A PERSON IS SHARING GOOD NEWS †unheeding of how a person has phrased their message, they expect their message to be fully understood. If someone shares earnest news with you, they expect you to respond in a positive manner.\r\n5. PRAISE A PERSON’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS †kinda self-importance explanatory.\r\n6. TRY TO COMFORT A PERSON WHO’S HURTING †People who are close to us seek comfort. Because of the drop of sharing the alike personal space with the per son whom we are communicating, we may not feel inclined to get involved in the issue with which that person is struggling. But remember, a person would not say anything unless they were seeking comfort. So if your friend emails you and says â€Å"I’ve been having a bad week.\r\nMy dog is sick, I’m behind on homework, and I haven’t been myself lately”, you musn’t ignore that person, but provide some sort of support. Responding with â€Å"Man, that sucks” is NOT a good way to comfort someone. However, responding with, â€Å"Wow, I’m so sorry. I really consent your dog is okay, and if you need any help with acquire organized, let me know what I can do. I’m here for you, and you can call me if you ever need to just vent” is a give out way of showing the person that you care about them and their current situation.\r\nParticipation head teacher: How often do you use your email account on a hebdomadally basis? salve down answer and then share with class.\r\nOther interactions that can take place using the internet is newsgroups and chew rooms. Everyday millions of peck blab online with friends, colleagues and strangers. Teens use this form of interaction the most amount of time. Many teens engage in internet visit because they can be themselves more oppose to face to face interactions.\r\nThis is due to them not being timid of how people will judge them. One unique characteristic of being online is that your real indistinguishability is usually kept secret. near people adopt a cyber identity or persona. In this make study world you can become anything or anyone you want. This can be somewhat problematic because so can everyone else.\r\nHere are a few definitions on the topic:\r\nNewsgroups- Is an electronic gathering place for people with similar interests. (Online example)\r\nChat- Is an online interactive exchange between two or more people. (Online example)\r\nLurking- audition in on news groups or blab conversations. (Online example)\r\nFlaming- A hostile or prejudicial respond to what you’ve written. (Online example)\r\nParticipation question: Does anyone belong to a Newsgroup or likes to chat online? How often?\r\nThomas gives example about chat rooms.\r\nThanks to advances in technology, people are introduced to others they have never seen through chat rooms and internet dating services. These people mostly meet in a room where they talk about a certain subject. The people who meet online are likely to try and develop these Electronically Mediated relationships (or EM relationship) into a personal relationship. They will meet in a chat room, and if an interest in someone sparks the desire to â€Å"meet” in a private chat room, they may do so. From here, people are able\r\nto communicate one-on-one and may then picture out they have more than one thing in common. If the interest continues to grow, they may talk over the phone, and eventually meet in person. The result could be just a friendship, or an intimate relationship.\r\nStatistics show that 23.7% of the people in a study of a certain newsgroup or chatroom communicated with their partner 3-4 times a week, and 55.4% communicated at least on a periodical basis. These EM relationships are attractive to some people with busy lifestyles who claim they have no time to â€Å"do the hinder scene”. Other people who have a face-to-face relationships use EMC to father that relationship. E-mail was originally designed as a tool for conducting business, but is now used widely by friends, family, and lovers to affirm close connection that might be difficult to sustain when there is a lack of time, or there is great distance between the two parties.\r\n s Messaging is one of the most widely used tools for sustaining or developing relationships. My crony lives with me, yet when we are at home, we get the most talking done while using Instant Messenger from separate roo ms in the house. This is not to say our relationship wouldn’t last if we didn’t communicate via the internet, but it is a good way to catch up on each others’ lives while still works on what needs to get done like homework, and obviously communicating with others as well.\r\nEMC is less fruitful than face to face communication, because text messages are primarily verbal. We have talked about the loss or lack of intimacy in EMC, and this is mostly because the way we say our words means more than just what is said. Ms. Mallard used the example of â€Å"I Love You” in class. typewrite â€Å"I love you”, while getting the message across, does not necessarily mull over the emotion and intent behind those common chord words. We refer to our EM encounters as â€Å"talking to people”, but the words we write seldom carry out as much meaning as we think. precisely with videoconferencing is the full range of nonverbal messages available.\r\n later on all, communication is at its most useful when there are verbal AND nonverbal messages being carried out EMC, conducted via keyboard entries, is slower paced than face-to-face conversations. We think quick than we can type (unless you’re Super-Secretary). Although this slower rate may provide a person more time for thought, this slower transmission reduces the spontaneity that is an important characteristic of face-to-face interaction.\r\nEM communicators are perceived to be less supportive. As stated before, short messages may be interpreted many polar ways, and are more often seen as very impersonal. In face-to-face communication, anywhere from 33% to 100% of the meaning depends on how the message was stated. Many people are attracted to EMC as a means of developing or maintaining relationships if they have had difficulty cultivating beardown(prenominal) interpersonal relationships in person. Because EMC is planned, some people are able to show verbal skillfulness a nd humor in their writing, but lack those skills in face to face settings. Some individuals report that EM relationships are more satisfying than face-to-face relationships.\r\nNow is this because we have advanced so far in the technical field that more and more people are online, thus providing us with a greater range of people to meet, or is this because people are losing the ability to â€Å"hold their own” in a face-to-face encounter. Americans used to go to clubs or bars to meet people, but are now staying home on Friday nights to talk to their online partner because they are more at ease suppressing their need for group interaction in a less threatening atmosphere. call about it, it is easier to talk to someone you are interested in online because the things you would have devil saying in person simply roll right off your fingertips when using the internet. The awkwardness in a first conversation is virtually non-existent. You feel more connected to that person, and relationships tend to develop faster this way.\r\nRole of Electronic Communication in Building Relationships\r\nToday communication technologies are changing the way we building and maintaining relationships. previous to 1990, people became more acquainted mostly with those with whom they had personal physical contact. At the same time, dating services advertised that they can get people in the same community acquainted with each other within a week. Today, people are able to make acquaintances with people around the world within morsels.\r\nFrom Online to In-Person Relationships\r\nIn face to face relationships, trust is make over time. In EM relationships, making a trust evaluation is more difficult. Some of the media through which relationships are certain are very â€Å"opaque.”\r\nKelly gives example about Justine (trust factor).\r\nThe dark side of Electronically Mediated Communication\r\nThere are leash main problems with EMC\r\nEM communication to form relationshi p and acquire information has a number of risks and malignment. ( Abuse of Anonymity) Write on boardâ€- One type of abuse in Internet- based relationships stems from the common pattern of assuming a fake online persona. (Dishonesty) Write on boardâ€â€A second risk in cyber relationships lies in the ease with which one can be deceived. In cyberspace, people commonly lie about their sex and physical attributes, and create fictitious careers, homes, and so forth. Unfortunately, some people use cyberspace to prey on others. When we develop in-person relationships, we usually have self-employed person ways of confirming that the people are what they are representing themselves to be. Because we don’t know our EM partners in person we are severely limited in our abilities to individually confirm what we are told.\r\nAbuse of anonymity and dishonesty are of special concern for EM relationships formed by children. In 1998, seventeen million children ages two to 18 were online. That number is expected to grow even higher. This is of some concern as well due to the growing numbers of Addiction. (Addiction) Write on boardâ€â€ A ternary potential problem for children and adults alike is technological addictions, defined as non chemical (behavioral) addictions that involves humanity machine interaction. People who are hook spend inordinate amounts of time online and contract to prefer their cyber relationships to their real ones.\r\nSo in conclusion technology has made some great strides in bringing the world closer, meaning we literally have the world at our fingertips. We can communicate with someone in Ireland at the press of a button. The effectiveness of Electronically Mediated Communication as it relates to inter-personal communication lies solely in how we choose to use it. EMC, if used incorrectly can drastically deteriorate the direct of human intimacy and can take away the private aspect of communication with loved ones and has i n turn made it into a public affair.\r\n'

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'Kilkenny Lumber Case Study Essay\r'

'Part I\r\n1. Productivity of the cabal would be below streamer. I suppose for the productivity to be below standard because they were sent to this gang because of their lack of use. besides because they conduct been appoint to a nonher crew, does non mean that they leave alone begin to diddle out well right away. When comp atomic number 18d to the Equity Theory, I consider there to be autocratic inequity for the three men assigned to the current-made multitude. For creation assigned to the group due to lack of last, it is unjust to corroborate a higher pay lay than those who curb been in the conjunction for a longitudinal period of time and who are doing their melodic line correctly. This whitethorn cause issues with subprofessionals being motivated to encounter to their full potentials because they may see it as being unfair and at the same time the professionals may think they do non make to work as hard.\r\n2. Crewmen would be middling satisfied wit h their job. I conceive that the crewmen would be more satisfied with their previous job, scarce may not fit in very well with the animated group. any(prenominal) of the crewmen have been working there for sort of a while longer and postureting either the same pay or less. In addition, the existing crewmen may modernize frustrated in having to pick up for the slack of the new crew members depending on the new crew members motivation. I do accept the incentives disposed(p) for good work are good, but I count the pay grade should be ground on how long you have been with the company and your level of output and not centralize on education which is how it appears.\r\n3. Group members would get along with some but not new(prenominal)s. I believe the existing crew members would continue to get along with iodin some other but the new professionals testament feel like away(p)rs. The existing subprofessionals bequeath continue to get along finely with one another, but it may be hard for them to accept the new professionals.\r\n4. Crewmen volition, in terms of the given job exposition do what they are supposed to do, no more or less. If there is no motivation for the job, then according to the motivational theory this surrender for directly mint their level of work. The crewmen who were assigned to this group are probably not happy with their reassignment, so at least in the lineage things may be slow.\r\n5. Some subgroups will have accepted the informal standards most crew behavior while others will not. The crewmen who have been with the company for a longer period of time may have grown accustomed to the current standards. The new crewmen on the other hand may disagree with the standards and try to implement new ones. Since Kilkenny management considered the leader and assistant leader to be excellent foresters and teachers, I believe they will implement new strategies which will pause benefit the crew as a whole.\r\nPart II\r\nMy predi ctions in part I were fairly absolute to the information provided in part II. The existing crewmen talked amongst one another at eat time and the new crewmen isolated themselves from the group. additive information that would have helped with predictive the true could have included information or so the three new professionals past performance in other groups specifically. A translation could have included information almost the amount of work done compared to mate co-workers. Also, if the professionals have been reassigned in the past could have been added.\r\nPart III\r\n1. The primary dodging will be successful. I believe this strategy to be an excellent brain because this would divide the professionals up with existing workers. non only would this allow them to get to acknowledge other subprofessionals better, but it would allow the professionals to better understand how to work with the group as a whole.\r\n2. The reciprocal ohm strategy will be unsuccessful. If t he foremost part were to fail, I do not find how the trice alternative will be successful. I think that a group construction exercise or exactly what the first strategy suggested should help. The first strategy forces the professionals to work with the subprofessionals so they may grow a better relationship with one another. I do not believe the second strategy to work because it seems like a last resort to just tell apart them up and hope for the best.\r\n3. Some other strategy will not be necessary. As explained earlier, I predict the first alternative to work because it forces them to work together. Since existing crewmen have shown to be successful, it will allow the professionals to collaborate with the subprofessionals. The only alternative I would suggest is some sort of team up building exercise either outside of work or on the job exercise that would make them have to work together as a team in order to complete a specific task.\r\nPart IV\r\nMy predictions were inacc urate with the information from part IV. I ruling that making them work with one another would bring them together and start to work as a team. I believe that the information provided was not sufficient lavish to give an accurate analysis resulting in an analytical failure. It appears that the professionals simply do not have the motivation that the subprofessionals have to do the job at a conjectural speed. In part I, it should have given more background information on the professionals and why specifically they had been reassigned.\r\n'

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'Company Law\r'

'BT20403/ come with police force chore Entities: Comp each law of nature Topics c everyplaceed: Types of high society administration of a order; • pluggers Pre- incorporation Contr make a motion • enrolment and clauses of friendship Inconsistency mingled with the object and the phoner’s activities Upon incorporation: • fellowship is an artificial sanctioned psyche • Separate well-grounded entity Lifting the corporate cover scs& deoxyadenosine monophosphate;ismk/ bon ton justice CONT. 2 The Effect of Incorporation • Memorandum of Association &type A; Articles of Directors’ duties and liabilities association • leafy veget adequate impartiality & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; statutory • Termination • express mail Liability Winding up Doctrine of radical Vires Pre-Incorporation Contract\r\nDirectors’ duties and liabilities scs& international adenineere;ismk/ come with virtue 3 In Malaysia, the im partiality relating to companies are governed by the Companies bring 1965 (CA 1965). scs& group A;ismk/ federation virtue 4 The enunciate smart sort out or corporation is defined below s. 4(1) CA: Besides the CA 1965, other applicable legislations are the Capital Markets military c axerophtholaign 2007, the Securities instruction play 1993 and the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001. â€Å" fraternity” means a smart align incorporated pursuant to this Act or pursuant to each corresponding previous rule; Although participation rectitude in Malaysia is based in the first place on CA 1965, in that respect are key areas of order fairness hich are based on judicial precedents. â€Å"corporation” means both personify corporate formed or incorporated or existing within Malaysia or outside Malaysia. A confederation or corporation is a statutory association of people who combine to finance a business. scs& deoxyadenosine monophosphate;ismk/ soc ial club constabulary 5 scs& adenosine monophosphate;ismk/ go with law of nature 6 1 BT20403/Company Law A beau monde with share jacket is a private gild if its M& international angstromere;A provides: s. 15(1) S. 14(2) S. 14(2) CA 1965 provides the classification of companies: • restricts the right to lurch shares; • Limits the number of members to not more than 50; • Prohibits any invitation to world to subscribe any of Type of companies he club’s shares or debentures; • Prohibits any invitation to public to deposit money restrain by shares Limited by warranty with the guild Unexpress shape up liability A public confederacy is a participation other than a private order touch s. 4(1) for definition Limited by twain shares and guarantee scs& angstrom;ismk/ go with law …cont 7 feel approval for the proposed number; Lodge certain documents with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia/ Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM) ) including: †Defines the essential gild’s structure • • • • Memorandum and Articles of Association; statutory declaration by rec on the whole doses and managing directors;\r\nParticulars of directors and registered placement; Declaration of compliance; Statement of the allotment of shares of the bod of the telephoner Company’s equity Company’s liability Object of the lodge scs& ampere;ismk/company law 9 10 all(prenominal) company must support its object. Alteration of the everyday nutriment of the Memorandum of Association to the extent and panache provided by the CA †s. 21. The objects are stated in the Memorandum of Association. The company may, by special result, interchange the memorandum by metamorphoseing or by deleting, the provision, unless the memorandum itself prohibits the alteration or deletion of that rovision †s. 21A. scs&ismk/company law components 8 3rd company who deals with the company may refer to the company’s M&A which is deposited with CCM. Pay the accommodation fees scs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law The purpose: • To define and limit the activities of the company. • If in that location is discrepancy betwixt the object and its activities, therefrom much(prenominal) relations is ultra vires and void. 11 scs&ismk/company law 12 2 BT20403/Company Law By virtue of s. 28(1) CA, the company may alter the provision of its memorandum with respect to the objects of the company. If company’s activities inconsistent with the object, push to Ashbury Railway Carriage & Iron Ltd v Riche (1875) popular law face †much(prenominal) ultra activities are ultra vires therefore void and unenforceable. It keisternot be ratified. Alteration give the bounce merely be done by special resolution at the General Meeting. statutory provision s. 20 Companies Act 1965 †much(prenominal) relationss are valid. scs&ismk/ company law 13 scs&ismk/company law 14 Alteration of the general provisions of the Articles of Association by special resolution s. 31 CA A set of regulations for internal guidance of the company. Option: The company may: †adopts Table A, quarter inscription of the CA 1965 †(s. 30); throw aways Table A, Fourth Schedule of the CA 1965; †creates its witness AA, yet does not exclude the application of Table A, Fourth Schedule of the CA 1965, olibanum Table A ordain be applicable in the publication of any lacunae. scs&ismk/company law 15 scs&ismk/company law It is a binding compress between the company and its members; †Hickman v Kent Sheep Breeders Assoc (1876) †Eley v Positive governing Security Life self-confidence Co (1875) sooner a company can be formed, there must be some persons who pay an inclination to form a company and who take the undeniable steps to carry that intention into operation. (Setting up the company)\r\nIt is as well as a sign up between individual members in their capacity as members. †Wong Kim Fatt v Leong & Co Sdn Bhd (1976) †Rayfield v Hands (1958) 16 Per Cockburn, C. J in Twycross v Grant (1877), a promoter is describe as â€Å"one who undertakes to form a company with reference to a given project and to set it going, and who takes the necessary steps to accomplish that purpose. ” scs&ismk/company law 17 scs&ismk/company law 18 3 BT20403/Company Law Promoter owes fiduciary duties towards the company: Promoters owe fiduciary duties towards the company, not to the individual members of the company. • To act in good credence To ensure that there is no conflict of amour If the promoter is in breach of his fiduciary duties, it is the company who may take sound action against the promoter. Refer to courtships: †Erlanger v young Sombrero Phosphate Co (1878) †Gluckstein v Barnes (1900) scs&ismk/company law 19 scs&ismk/company law 20 Fa ilure to disclose, company has options: A promoter has to disclose any doing entered, either by, • Company may rescind the contract (Erlanger v • disclosing in M&A; • by communicating to an independent Board of New Sombrero Phosphate), and Directors; • By communicating to the existing and intended embers of the company. • in certain part, company may be able to claim the secret profit obtained by the promoter (Gluckstein v Barnes), • Company may file jibe for damages for the breach of fiduciary duties (Re Leeds & Hanley Theater), scs&ismk/company law 21 If the company elects to claim the contract, company may have a cause of action against promoters for: 22 At times, promoters entrust have to enter a contract with a third gear party though the company has yet to be registered. We have to analyse above situation from both position i. e. uncouth Law and Statutory • deceit, • impostor • negligent misrepresentation cs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law 23 scs&ismk/company law 24 4 BT20403/Company Law Pre-incorporation contract is a contract entered by any person on behalf of a company prior to its incorporation: Once such contract is ratified by the company then it will be of retrospective case, s. 35(1). • Common law: Failure to ratify will render the person who enters the contract to be in person bound by the contract, unless there is an express agreement to the contrary, s. 35(2). Company is not bound by a pre-incorporation contract as the principles of agency cannot be invoked (Kelner v Baxter, Newborne v\r\nSensolid, Phonogram, wanderer Industrial etc). • Statute: If company ratifies the pre-incorporation contract, the company will be bound by and entitled to the turn a profit of the contract as if it had been in existence at the date of the contract, s. 35 CA 1965 (Cosmic Insurance passel Ltd v Khoo Chiang Poh (1981) scs&ismk/company law Common Law the pre-incorporation contract is unenforceable on the evidence that: the company is not in existence yet, thus law of agency is inapplicable. the company cannot ratify such transaction as there is no principal- ingredient family involves. 25 Statutory 26 Company XYZ was set up on 1 March 2011;\r\n\r\nMs Kyra (promoter), on behalf of Co. XYZ, entered a transaction with ABC on 15 Feb 2011; Co XYZ’s first concourse was on 10 March 2011, whereby Ms Kyra unwrap the pre-incorporation contract to Co. XYZ. s. 35(1) of CA 1965 allows the company to ratify such transaction, it will bind the company with retrospective effect Cosmic Insurance Corporation Ltd v Khoo Chiang Poh • If XYZ has hold to ratify the contract, thus XYZ is bound by the transaction with ABC with retrospective effect from the date of transaction (i. e. 15 Feb 2011). • If XYZ refuses to affirm, promoter will be personally presumable, s. 35(2). (1981) Newborne v Sensolid GB) Ltd (1945), Kelner v Baxter, Phonogram, Rover Industrial etc). scs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law 27 scs&ismk/company law 28 Upon incorporation, a company is considered as an artificial legal person, i. e a person created by statute. S. 16(5) CA 1965 provides that â€Å" on and from the date of incorporation specified in the certificate of incorporation hardly subject to the Act the subscribers to the memorandum together with such other persons as may from time to time become members of the company shall be a body corporate by the name contained in the memorandum capable immediately of exercising all the functions of an ncorporated company and suing and macrocosm sued and having eternal succession and a common seal with a power to hold land but with such liability on the part of the members to S. 16(5): As a ‘body corporate’, 1. a company’s obligations and liabilities are its own, and not those of its participants; 2. a company can sue and be sued in its own name; 3. a company has perpetual succession; 4. a company’s position is not the situation of its participants; 5. a company can contract with its authoritative participants contribute to the assets of the company in the neverthelesst of its being wound up as is provided by this Act. ” cs&ismk/company law 29 scs&ismk/company law 30 5 BT20403/Company Law a. k. a corporate veil The company is a legal person separate from its participants. The law treats a company as being a separate person from its members and those who manage its operation. In the event of winding up, members are liable up to their gratis(predicate) shares only. They are not liable to contribute if they have had paid up their shares. This means that: Case Salomon v Salomon & Co Significance of the case • its obligations and property are its own and not • ‘Separate legal entity between members and those of its participants; and company’. its existence continues unchanged ev en if the identity of the participants changes scs&ismk/company law cash, debenture Pty Ltd company 20,001 shares Family 32 Facts: The company was put into colony; The assets were realised to pay off the secured creditors: • Salomon was the debenture bearer for Salomon & Co, hence was given priority The unbarred creditors were left empty handed Liquidator sued Salomon tog business Salomon scs&ismk/company law 31 6 shares scs&ismk/company law 34 Lee v Lee’s melody Farming (1961) AC 12 Court of supplicant: • Salomon was liable to indemnify the company against the exhalationes.\r\nAbdul Aziz bin Atan & 87 others v Ladang Rengo Malay Estate Sdn. Bhd. [1985] 2 MLJ 165: House of Lords: • Reversing the Court of Appeal’s decision. • Salomon and the company were separate persons. scs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law 33 35 scs&ismk/company law 36 6 BT20403/Company Law In the Application for Re Yee Yut Ee (1978) 2 MLJ 142 †In a company limited by shares, a member’s liability to contribute to meet the debts of the company is limited to the amount (if any) remaining unpaid on their shares †s. 18(1)(d). The gamy court held that a director is not liable for the company’s debts.\r\nAllows investors to quarantine the risk of a particular venture from their other assets. In practice, creditors may negotiate personal guarantees from controllers. scs&ismk/company law 38 Once a person has change or given his property to the company he no longer has any right over it. The property belongs to the company, and the member no longer has any right or engage. S. 19 mentions that a company has the ‘power to hold land’. This can be taken to mean that a company can own other types of property too. The property of a company is its own, and not that of its members. Macaura v Northern Assurance Co.\r\nLtd. (1925)AC619 . Even if a member holds almost all the shares of a company, he does not have any proprietary interest in the company’s property. scs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law 37 39 scs&ismk/company law 40 The corporate veil will be lifted in these situations derived from • Common law • Statutory There are certain circumstances whereby the Court are asked to lift the corporate veil and ignore the separate legal entity of the company If the court lift up the corporate veil thus it will be able to discover the identity of the participants of the company and impose liability upon them.\r\nThus, the separation between the company and its participants (members and officers) does not exist anymore. scs&ismk/company law 41 scs&ismk/company law 42 7 BT20403/Company Law Common Law In the event of evasion of contractual obligations †Gilford Motor Co v Horne -Jones v Lipman hairpiece purposes: Re FG Films Fraudulent: Re Darby The company is an agent or partner of the controller Taxation and nationality rules: Daimler Co Ltd v Continental Tyre & rubber; scs&ismk/company law …common law(cont) public interests (when it is just and equittable) †Aspatra Sdn Bhd & 21 Ors v marge Bumiputera Malaysia\r\nBhd & Anor …. statutory (cont) …common law (cont) retentiveness †subsidiary: s. 5(1) Holding †Subsidiary • S. 169 financial Companies: contention †Tiu Shiu Kian v Red • Where the company is in rise Restaurant Sdn the relationship of holding Bhd; and subsidiary, SLE is †Hotel Jaya Puri Bhd v inapplicable as the Act National confederation of requires a consolidated Hotel, Bar and profit and loss account for Restaurant Workers holding and subsidiary company, s. 169 Statutory S. 36- member less than 2; S. 121(1) &(2) †misdescription (unless company is willing to ratify) providing share assistance to purchase own shares, . 67(5) Taxation purposes • S. 140 Income Tax Act 1967 pay of dividend from other sources, not from profit • S. 365(2) DHN Food Distributors Ltd v Tower Hamlets London Borough Council …statutory (cont) issuance of course catalogue which is pending approval • s. 44(2) • s. 48(4) incapable of paying the company’s debt • S. 303(3) †no commonsense or presumable expectation fraudulent trading †s. 304(1) scs&ismk/company law scs&ismk/company law 43 44 Definition • S. 4(1): A director is a person occupying the position of director by some(prenominal) name called. • Includes a ‘ keister director: not an ‘official irector, but someone whose directions board ‘accustomed to act’ in accordance with. A director must be a natural person and of full age: s122 (2). The general powers of management rest with the board of directors †Article 73 Table A. 45 scs&ismk/company law 46 Disqualification of Directors • S. 11 CA †makes it a criminal offence for an undischarged bankrupt to act as a director or shadow director without judicial consent. •. Company unfathomableary • any company must have a company secretary. The secretary may be a director of the company, unless there is only one director, in which case the ecretary must be the second individual. scs&ismk/company law 47 scs&ismk/company law 48 48 8 BT20403/Company Law Common Law Fiduciary duties • Bona fide • To act diligently • To ensure that there is no conflict of interest Duty of care and skills • Expectation of a reasonable man • Delegation of authority Retirement Statutory To disclose any interest s. 131 To act in good faith †s. 132 Misuse of the company’s confidentiality- insider trading- s. 132A & s. 132B Unauthorised transactions that might stake the company †s. 132C Interest in another company- s. 134 Secret profit- s. 135 scs&ismk/company law As agreed Resignation • Tender notice as prescribed by t he Articles of Association; Dismissal/ removal • Without waiting for expiry of the term- could lead to another legal suit taken by the director against the company 49 scs&ismk/company law 50 Registrar’s power under s. 308: • inoperative companies In approving the scheme of arrangement, the court may order immediately for dissolution of a company †s. 178. Voluntary winding up †s. 254 • The members of the company may pass a resolution to wind up or through winding up by creditors Court’s Order †s. 217 • The grounds as specified in s. 218(1) scs/company law 51 9\r\n'

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'Plea of an Aborted Fetus\r'

'Every people who exhibits called a indorser. As we read an article or hitherto a story we al itinerarys admit our birth interpretation on what we read. Two ways of yarn is indicant like a reader and cultivation like a author. A nurture right named Steve Peha, theorizes that at that place be two ways of adaptation, nonp beil is discipline like a reader. This way of reading is a normal way of reading. According to Peha there are six activities that readers do while they are reading. First is Question, in which we ask question to our self while we are reading. We are curious in happenings and unusual things in the story or textual matterbook that we read.Questioning helps us to analyze more and to easily go out what we are reading. southward is Predict, as a reader we always predcit and make guesses about what is coming close to the story. Third is Infer, sometimes, readers try to figure out what the author is saying about the story that are non actually in the text. In this way of reading we readers use our imagination. The fourth one is Connect, readers try ro bind their own story in what they are reading, numerous stories reminded reader’s life on a story they read. Next is Feel, readers usually feels what the story is saying, many readers declaim their emotions while reading.Sad parts make them sad, the feelings they express depends on what the story is saying. The last is Evaluate, in this way of reading we try to make judgements on the text or story that we read, we ask questions like, is it a skinny story? What is the goal of the writer why did he/she write this story? It was just a book questions for evaluating a story or a text. other way of reading is reading like a writer. Readers focuses on what the writer is trying to say, they wanted to spang different techniques that writers utilize in making a story or text. Professor Peha enumerates six things readers who are writers pay attendance to.One is Ideas, capric e is the heart of the story, without this a story can be just a simple story without a beautiful idea. Second is Organization, this refers to the order of ideas and the way the writer from one idea to the next and how the writer organize the story to be more interesting to read. The third is Voice, this refers to the feeling of the writer’s individual personality through words. The writer just using the characters in the story or text just to express how he/she feels. after part is the Word Choice, this refers to the different words and set of phrases that writers used in the text to gather more attention of the reader.Fifth is the Sentence Fluency, this is the rhythm and flow of the structured strong belief used by the writer in the text or story. Last is Convention, in making a text we have to be reminded that there are important parts like punctuation, grammar and spelling. Those are things that make writing consistent and easy to read. REACTIONS After I read about Pehaà ¢â‚¬â„¢s two lineament of reading, I just realize that reading is not an easy thing to do, you have to use not only just your lips to read and yoyr mind to think.In reading for us to understand it more, we have to be hand in what the writer is saying in the text, frequently more understanding if we feel and connect it in our life. Expressing feelings while reading. I do love how prof Peha generalizes the different types of reading. I just wanted to realise how he does it? Even though I really don’t know him I value him so much, because of what he done in the human race of reading. If a person really love to read he/she will appreciate the 6 activities in reading like a reader and reading like a writer.\r\n'

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'A Nurse is a Nurse\r'

'The public and transactional images of nursing and the depicting of agrees in the media have a great impact on several execution-related publishings †how health foreboding as a collaborative enterprise is provided to patients, the extent that wet-nurses’ work is valued, the mesh of the nurse in healthc ar team decision-making, the visibility of nurses in shaping national health care and the effect of these images on nurses’ job performance (Fletcher, 2007.Most researchers crack that although there have been improve handsts in the image of nursing, the depicting today is still largely negative †an issue that has been raised by nurses for the past century. G eat uper issues seem to be at the core of this situation.Other disciplines, specifically the medical exam profession, view nurses based on certain qualities. In a study by Weinberg, Miner and Rivlin (2009) on the perspectives of medical residents on working with nurses, nurses were trusted and r egarded as colleagues depending on how competent, congenial and hardworking the residents perceived them to be (p.37).This implies that the collaborative approach does not always soak the nurse-medical resident relationship despite nursing apply being elevated into a profession that is able to other health disciplines. To be respected as a colleague requires a condition †nurses mustiness first have to prove that they possess the qualities judge of them.Mean art object, the media reinforces the image of nurses as a health prole that is lower in status than physicians or as other concepts other than being a professional. In a literature review conducted by Fletcher (2007) concerning the media portrayal of nurses, the author found that television shows, novels, films and advertisements then and startright mainly portray nurses in four categories, that is to say â€Å"as ministering angel, battleaxe, physician handmaiden and naughty nurse” †negative images beca use these do not capture the populace of nursing (p.208).As an acute nursing shortage looms ahead, the bear on to improve the image of nursing, in order to rend more students into the profession, yielded a cocksure outcome. A late(a) Gallup survey on professional ethics and reality found that 84% of Americans agreed that nurses are the some trusted professionals (Singleton, 2009). The Gallup survey image of nurses represents a positive development because nurses were viewed as professionals who are bound by a code of ethics and who adhered to such a code.Both the positive and negative images of nursing seem to suppose the unequal power relationship between men and women in society where women are viewed as every sex objects or as domestic partners. The end product is a stereotypical view of women’s roles as subservient to men.Along with this role are the associated maidenly traits ranging from obedience, hard work, compassion and congeniality to promiscuity. The physi cian-nurse relationship reflects these stereotypes as physicians are disproportionately male and while nurses are disproportionately female. As a male-dominated profession, the physician’s work is highly recognized and valued while the nurse’s work is undervalued and unrecognized.Because of the stereotypes reinforced by media, the public largely identifies nurses only with bedside care and with carrying out physician’s orders. Most would think that since the work involved seems trivial, nurses do not need to catch a 4-year BSN degree. They do not see the confused daily responsibilities of the nurse that requires education, training and autonomy or the current scope of nursing practice. As such, they discontinue to appreciate the significant impact of nurses’ work on patient health and outcomes.Although men have enrolled in nursing, it is still mainly a women’s profession and as Lavinia Dock (cited in Fletcher) aptly lay out it, â€Å"the statu s of nursing in all countries and at all times depends on the status of women” (2007, p.210). Because the nurse is a woman in a affectionateness profession, expectations of her relate to female gender roles as well. Hence, throw out improvements in the status of women will similarly intoxicate the status of nursing.\r\n'

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'Okonkwo: a Life Story of a Tragic Hero\r'

'Esha Moore Honors side II- Hyatt May 23, 2012 Things F both Apart Final liter all toldy Analysis Essay Okonkwo: A Life history of a Tragic Hero What makes up a cuneus in today’s rescript? Young children today imagine a wizard with superpowers and a cape, but little do they know heroes come in many different forms. In his novel, Things Fall Apart, the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe illustrates the making of groundbreaking hero. Even though Okonkwo does not act kindred a regular hero, he still has a distinguished structure, makes mistakes throughout life, and experiences a great downfall.Elijah woodwind instru workforcet once said â€Å"There is cryptograph baronial in being superior to your fellow men. unbowed noblesse lies in being superior to your origin self. ” Growing up, the Umuofia set did not consider Okonkwo noble because of his impecunious take, Unoka: â€Å"Unoka was, of course, a debtor, and he owed every live some m hotshoty, from a few cowri es to quite tangible amount” (Achebe 5). When Unoka died ten years ago he has interpreted no title at all and left Okonkwo in debt. Greatly ashamed of his father, he based many of his beliefs just about how life should be lived by doing the exact opposite of his father.Okonkwo’s nobility all begins about twenty years ago, when his clan announces him the best wrestler. This all happened when Amalinze the regorge- seven year champion- who fights Okonkwo; however, Okonkwo throws the Cat and won the match. Meanwhile, a war was going on in Mbaino, so in the nine villages of Umuofia, all the men must be present tomorrow morning. Umuofia needed a young man and a virgin: â€Å"He was a man of action, a man of war” (10). Okonkwo leaves for Mbaino knowing not to fly-by-night upon his arrival. Okonkwo suffers various hamartia or mistakes that he au agreelytically regrets.Okonkwo starts out being his town hero; however, his biggest dent was having uncontrollable anger , which eventually leads to his violent doings. Okonkwo violent air starts before the Week of Peace. He comes home expecting Ojiungo and dinner she usually prepares for him. Okonkwo realizes her lack of absence; he then starts freaking out because she went to her friend’s house to weave her hair. Since she was not at the house, he came pricker to the army hut and waits upon her arrival, which lead to Ojiungo beating.Ezeani, the priest of the earth goddess comes to the hut to dissertate Okonkwo’s actions and how he could ruin the clan. While get ready for The Feast of the New Yam, he makes other mistake by shooting at Ekwefi-his warrant wife- she mocks her husbands poor hunting ability, making a mark about guns that never shoot: â€Å"He press the trigger and there was a loud track accompanied by the wail of his wives and children” (39). Okonkwo tends not to compute and he acts impulsively and inconsiderately.Okonkwo tries instilling his personal vie ws on how to live as a man to Nwoye and according to Okonkwo, showing emotions are signs of acting womanly. The Oracle of the Hills and the Caves enunciate Ikemefuna should be killed, and the oldest member of the clan informs Okonkwo of this. Okonkwo has an obsessive tutelage of anything that can be associated with the image of his weak, lazy and patch up father whom he always considered a failure. As an ambitious man who became a successful, respectable warrior of the clan, he wants to take part in the killing of the boy; however, the older clan member forbids him to do so.Forced to butt on in a procession, Ikemefuna stricken by one of the clan members, when he tries to seek Okonkwos protection, Okonkwo so as not appear weak performs: â€Å"Dazed with upkeep, Okonkwo pull his panga and cut him down” (61). His irascible behavior leads to besmirching his reputation. Ikemefunas death generates a series of events, which lead to Okonkwos downfall. Okonkwos son, Nwoye and I kemefuna take over self-aggrandizing close like brothers and even Okonkwo has grown fond of Ikemefuna.While attending Ezeudu’s funeral another chance befalls him: â€Å"Okonkwo’s gun had exploded and a entrap of iron had pierced the boy’s kindling” (124). The death of Ezeudus son went against the Earth Goddess, so he was forced into exile for seven years to his mothers village. During the epoch of exile, white missionaries appeared on their bicycles. The Oracle warns the clan about death and destruction in the future. They ask for come to build a church and they are wedded the Evil Forest, with hope the cursed land lead lead to their demise; instead, their church flourishes and gains more and more converts each day.When Okonkwo finds out about Nwoye’s conversion, he beats him so severely. Upset by his father’s action Nwoye runs away and never comes back; he joins the missionaries as a teacher. He sees himself and his fathersâ€℠¢ herd around their ancestral shrine waiting in vain for worship and sacrifice and finding nothing but ashes of bygone days, and his children the while praying to the white mans god. after(prenominal) seven years he returns to his village, hoping to regain his emplacement of importance, but much has changed with the invasion.Resistance to the white men was agree upon because of fear of killing their own clansman. While the meeting was taking place, a group of messengers from the white men arrive and orders them to stop: â€Å"In a flourish Okonkwo drew his machete. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow. It was useless. Okonkwo’s machete descended twice and the man’s head limit beside his uniformed body” (204). From this action, Okonkwo knows that his clan will not go to war. He has lost his respect and sanction he once had from his family and his Umuofia clan.He then commits suicide by hanging himself. Okonkwo starts out being his town hero but later se es himself in situations he regrets. Okonkwo’s inflexibility to accept causes his downfall because he became so obsessed with being everything his dad was not. This causes Okonkwo’s to no longer care whether things were wrong or right. Although Okonkwo demonstrations fear and anger actions much consideration should be taken to make sure his personal flaws in fellowship do not interfere with one’s judgment.Work Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Anchor Books: New York: 1994.\r\n'

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'History of Chess\r'

'The precursors of tare originated in India during the Gupta Empire,[2][3][4][5] where its primaeval form in the 6th century was know as chatura? ga, which translates as â€Å"four divisions (of the military)”: infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry, represented by the pieces that would evolve into the modern pawn, knight, bishop, and rook, respectively. [6] trickster was introduced to Persia from India and became a go of the princely or courtly education of Iranian nobility. 7] In Sassanid Persia around 600 the name became chatrang, which subsequently evolved to shatranj, collectable to Arab Muslim’s lack of ch and ng congenital sounds,[8] and the rules were positive further. Players started visiting â€Å"Shah! ” ( Persian for â€Å"King! â€Å") when attacking the opponents king, and â€Å"Shah embrangle! ” (Persian for â€Å"the king is helpless” †see checkmate) when the king was attacked and could not escape from attack.Th ese exclaimings persisted in beguiler as it traveled to other lands. The racy was taken up by the Muslim world after the Islamic supremacy of Persia, with the pieces largely keeping their Persian names. The Moors of North Africa rendered Persian â€Å"shatranj” as sha? erej, which gave rise to the Spanish acedrex, axedrez and ajedrez; in Lusitanian it became xadrez, and in Greek zatrikion, but in the recess of europium it was replaced by versions of the Persian shah (â€Å"king”).Thus, the game came to be called ludus scacchorum or scacc(h)i in Latin, scacchi in Italian, escacs in Catalan, echecs in French (Old French eschecs); schaken in Dutch, Schach in German, szachy in Polish, sahs in Latvian, skak in Danish, sjakk in Norwegian, schack in Swedish, sakki in Finnish, sah in South Slavic languages, sakk in Hungarian and sah in Romanian; there be two theories about why this change happened: 1. From the exclamation â€Å"check” or â€Å"checkmate” as it was articulate in various languages. 2.From the first deceivermen known of in Western Europe (except Iberia and Greece) being ornamental slicker kings brought in as curios by Muslim traders. The Mongols call the game shatar, and in Ethiopia it is called senterej, both evidently derived from shatranj. Chess spread directly from the Middle East to Russia, where chess became known as ??????? (shakhmaty, treated as a plural). The game reached Western Europe and Russia by at least three routes, the earliest being in the 9th century. By the year 1000 it had spread end-to-end Europe. [9] Introduced into the IberianPeninsula by the Moors in the 10th century, it was described in a famous 13th century multiple sclerosis covering shatranj, backgammon and dice named the Libro de los juegos. Chess spread passim the world and many variants of the game soon began pickings shape. [10] Buddhist pilgrims, Silk Road traders and others carried it to the Far East where it was modify and ass imilated into a game often played on the intersection of the lines of the board rather than within the squares. [10][11] Chaturanga reached Europe through Persia, the Byzantine empire and the expanding Arabian empire. 12] Muslims carried chess to North Africa, Sicily, and Iberia by the 10th century. [10] The game was developed extensively in Europe, and by the late fifteenth century, it had survived a series of prohibitions and Christian Church sanctions to closely take the shape of the modern game. [13] Modern history saw sure reference works,[14] competitive chess tournaments[15] and exciting new variants which added to the games popularity,[15] further bolstered by reliable timing mechanisms (first introduced in 1861), effective rules[15] and charismatic players. [16]\r\n'

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'Greek Gods in Antigone\r'

'Charles W totallyace Mrs. Lopale CP English 10 7 may 2012 The classic Gods and Their Role in Antig champion The classical idols were scene of as the most the right way forces to ever subsist in past times. In turn, they vie a pivotal role in the Hellenic nation’s lives. Their power and influence over the Greek people is evident in many a(prenominal) of the stories in Greek literature. genus genus genus genus Zeus, Poseidon, and infernal region, the most respectable Greek gods, separately played a conk out in the bal bingley of Antigone by Sophocles. Through forbidden the play, â€Å"God” refers to Zeus, the magnate of gods. Antigone’s main motive for defying Creon is that she does non think Creon is doing what the gods would want. Which of us can say what the gods hold wicked. ” That quote centre that Antigone does not think people can see the way gods think. Haimon references Zeus when as queer Creon not to penalise Antigone too harshl y. Creon swears to the gods that he will kill Antigone in front of Haimon. At the end of the play, Creon realizes that â€Å"the laws of the gods ar mighty, and a man must serve them to the last mean solar day of his life. ” The messenger overly prayed to Persephone and pit to beg that Haimon and Antigone are still alive. Antigone knew that she would die if she went against Creon, but figured disrespecting the gods was much dangerous.She had so much faith in the gods that she neer doubted that she was doing the right thing †â€Å"I know I am pleasing those I should please most. ” Although the gods were rarely directly mentioned, they were in control of mostly e reallything. (Sophocles. ) in that respect are three main Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and hell on earth. They are the most powerful gods because they are the intelligences of the most powerful titan, Cronus. They rule the three domains of Earth. Zeus is baron of the tack and heavens, Poseidon i s king of the sea, and the pits is the swayer of the Underworld.They got assigned their domains in a random draw. (Gall. ) Zeus is the king of all the gods. He controls the sky and heaven domain, and is the most powerful of all the gods. His weapon is a thunderbolt, in which he uses to cast lightening down at people. The eagle, scepter, or the lightning bolt is usually used as a symbol for Zeus. The Oak tree is also a sacred symbol of his. Greek mortals make many sacrifices to him and built many sanctuaries in his honor. In ancient Greece, any mortal who claimed to be a peasant of Zeus gained instant respect from the other mortals.He was also looked at as not just one of the many gods, but God himself. Zeus has been mentioned in nearly e really work of ancient Greek literature that has survived to the pre move day. (Gall. ) Zeus’ story is a lot like Oedipus’, Antigone’s father, story. Uranus, the first king of the universe, and Gaea, the Earth mother, made a p rophecy that Zeus would become king of the gods. Cronus knew that one day, one of his passwords would misdirect him, so he swallowed every child that his wife, Rhea, gave hold to. However, when the sixth child was born, Rhea hid him and tricked Cronus in to swallowing a stone instead.She fled to the island of Crete and left Zeus there, fearing for her safety. When Zeus grew up, he knew he was ready to defeat his father. He knew he would need held, though, so he got his wife, Metis, to feed Cronus a herb that would make him throw all of Zeus’ brothers and sisters up. It worked, and Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, and Hestia were freed. Together, they all defeated Cronus, and Zeus was the new king of the gods. (Gall. ) Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea. He is known for creation violent and moody, and he carried a three-pronged spear called a trident.The horse and dolphin are considered his sacred animals. Poseidon is ofttimes referred to as the â€Å"Earth shaker” , because he sends stunned earthquakes when he is not happy. He is also the son of Cronus and Rhea, and is the second most powerful god. He is one of the three supreme gods of the Earth. (Gall. ) In one of his objurgate tantrums, Poseidon realized he was not happy with his ocean domain, and wanted to try and overthrow his brother, Zeus, and become king of the gods himself. Poseidon asked for help from Apollo, the god of light and music. Together, they bound Zeus with chains.Zeus had too much strength and power and freed himself very quickly. Zeus was furious with Apollo and Poseidon. As punishment, he sent them to work as laborers for Laomedon, the king of Troy, a metropolis in what is now considered Turkey. Laomedon promised a very grownup reward if they could build a wall somewhat the city of Troy. However, after they built the wall, Laomedon refused to honor his agreement and did not pay them for their work. In turn, Poseidon and Apollo sent a plague and a sea monster to re voke the city of Troy. (Gall. ) Hades is the Greek God and ruler of the Underworld.He is often associated with wealth and agriculture. He is also the son of Cronus and Rhea and the third most powerful Greek god. Unlike his two brothers, his realm cannot be seen by anyone living. The Greeks believe that his name, Hades, means â€Å"The Unseen One. ” He is the except god that does not live on assume Olympus; he has his own glittering palace made of pure gold and gems in the Underworld. The Greeks believe that when mortals die, their souls go to the Underworld. The Underworld is thought of as a inconsolable and gloomy place, with ghosts flittering around everywhere.When the dead entered the Underworld, they drank from the river Lethe to forget their lives on Earth. That is when they become ghosts. Hades is often considered the evil god by many of the Greeks. (Gall. ) Hades lived a very lonely life alone in the Underworld. He had an infatuation with a specific goddess, Perseph one, daughter of Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Hades kidnapped Persephone and made her his queen. For years, Persephone demanded that she be brought back to her mother, but Hades did not listen. Demeter demanded that she would not allow anything to grow for the mortals until Persephone had been returned.As the mortals started suffering, Zeus decided it was time to step in. He demanded that Hades let Persephone go. Persephone had already eaten the fruit of the Underworld, though and could not return. Zeus made a deal with Hades that Persephone had to stay in the Underworld for six months out of the year, and could stay with her mother the other half. (Gall. ) The Greek gods played a big role in many of the lives in ancient Greece. Although they are not as well known or referenced now in Greece, they play a big part in the literature and history of Greece.Works Cited Sophocles. â€Å"Antigone. ” Glencoe Literature. Ed. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Douglas Fisher, Beverly Ann Chin, a nd Jacqueline Jones Rayster. Comlubus, OH: Glencoe/McGraw Hill, 2009. Gall, Timothy and Susan. â€Å"Zeus. ” The capital of Nebraska Library of Greek and Roman Mythology. Vol. 5. Cleveland: Eastward, 2006. Gall, Timothy and Susan. â€Å"Poseidon. ” The capital of Nebraska Library of Greek and Roman Mythology. Vol. 5. Cleveland: Eastward, 2006. Gall, Timothy and Susan. â€Å"Hades. ” The capital of Nebraska Library of Greek and Roman Mythology. Vol. 5. Cleveland: Eastward, 2006.\r\n'