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Criminal Investigation Essay - 275 Words

Criminal Investigation (Essay Sample) Content: Criminal InvestigationNameCourseDateAffiliationOne of the most significant frameworks of trying to determine the time of death of an individual is by first measuring the body temperature (Basu Samet, 2002). The general equation used to evaluate this is 37.5 oC 1.5 oCSteps in the calculationsStep 1Covert the 90 F to degree Calcius which is now 32.2Step 2Deduct the living body temperature from the rectal temperature (37.5 oC - 32.2 oC) = this gives you 5.3oC.Step 3Divide 5.3oC by 1.5oC/ hr = then you will get 3.53 hours: This means that the individual passed on 3.53 hours ago (). Note: The determination of profound rectal temperature presumes the usual body temperature at time of death at 37.2 oC. This formula is equal to the normal body temperature of 37.5oC; keeping in mind that the body loses 1.5 oC/ hr until the body temperature is the same as that of the environment. This type of temperature that is equated to the environment around it is referred as ambient tem perature (Raven et al., 1975). This temperature; depending on how long it may take it can take hours or even minutes to get to this temperature. This is a clear indicator of the time a person has been dead. It is worthy to note that body temperature drops much faster when the body is brought in contact with extreme cold. For example, being left outside or immersed in cold water or ice (Wheaton Hayes, 2010). ReferencesBasu, R., Samet, J. M. (2002). Relation between elevated ambient temperature and mortality: a review of the epidemiologic evidence....

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Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworths...

Poetry was an outsider to the cold, efficient, emotionless environment of the Industrial Revolution. Romantics of all arts criticized the changing ways of life and idealized the pre-industrial revolution era. London was the haven to this revolution, and the hell to all poetry. William Wordsworth and William Blake both denounced Londons new environment with their poems London, 1802 and London respectively. Both authors were against this transformation of the city because it destroyed all beauty and happiness, both of which they were very fond of. But, their writings went about different ways of showing their feelings of dissent towards the mechanical lifestyle of London. In both poems, Blake and Wordsworth shared the idea that London†¦show more content†¦He perceived this London as a pure uncorrupted land. This is the complete opposite of the modern London he lived in now where people were miserable and did not revere the teachings of purity or God. Blakes poem contrasts grea tly with the more upbeat mood of Wordsworth. Blakes point of view in his poem is the sorrow encountered in modern day London which is the polar opposite of that of Wordsworth. Blake looks towards the present situation of grief, and his poems reflect that sentiment. The despair grows apparent when he talks of the loss of innocence in London. He speaks of the Youthful Harlots curse(l 14) corrupting the new born Infants tear(l 15). The feeling he depicts is one of depression. It shows how there is no happiness in London and the future is being destroyed. He describes the toll of the slum like on humanity, which is neither happy nor gives any hope for the future. The poem is much darker and it is apparent when compared to the more free-spirited poem of William Wordsworth. Another enormous difference that distinguishes the authors is their different ways to grasp the readers attention and emotion. Both Blake and Wordsworth use heavy imagery, but they describe this imagery using different senses. Blakes poem fills the readers ears with the cries of many, while Wordsworth paints a picture using visual

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New Curriculum Reveals Gaps in Teachers Knowledge

According to Girls’ School Association president Alice Phillips, recent changes in national curriculum have uncovered unpleasantly surprising gaps in the expertise of the majority of younger teachers. Since last year grammar and spelling are graded separately from each other in GCSEs, which turned out to be even more problematic for teachers than for their pupils. It isn’t exactly their fault – if one has to allocate blame, it should be pinned to the very fact of changing educational standards without proper preparation. In 90s and 2000s, when teachers of the younger generation attended school, English grammar wasn’t taught as such. Not knowing all the rules doesn’t hinder them in communication in general, but when it comes to explaining to their students the more obscure elements of language they find themselves at sea. Now, when educational standards have once again changed, this shortcoming may become a source of major problems – while teachers are supposed to coach their pupils in most aspects of proper usage, they generally have only a tentative grasp of them. If the new national curriculum is to be properly delivered the entire generation of teachers should undergo comprehensive training themselves. This is not the only problem Alice Phillips tries to attract the society’s attention to – in her opinion, today we suffer from a severe shortage of qualified math teachers, which may become even more apparent in years to come. Although she is much more satisfied with the average level of modern math teachers, there are simply not enough of them to cover the extra requirements imposed by the new curriculum. As a result, schools may have to resort to using student teachers without full degrees to cover this shortage, which may result, at least temporarily, in decreasing the quality of education nationwide. According to Ms. Phillips, the most effective way out of this situation would be to create an incentive for new teachers – a reduction of university debt for those graduates who spend at least three years teaching in schools. This may alleviate these problems in the short term, making the transition to the new curriculum less painful; to provide long-term incentives she suggests that for those who stay in the profession for at least 10 years all their fees should be waived. As of now, students in postgraduate teaching courses are offered financial incentives, but these are generally considered to be insufficient to persuade the necessary amount of young teachers to enter the profession. These incentives are, of course, different according to priority of every particular discipline, but even the bursaries for students with first-class degrees in mathematics, physics and chemistry (the most understaffed disciplines) don’t rise above  £20,000. All in all, national educational system seems to be not very well prepared to the drastic changes introduced by the new curriculum. At least for some years to come we may expect general decrease in the quality of schooling; although this situation opens up new possibilities for job hunting if you are inclined to work in this sphere.

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The Apology The Understanding of the Soul in Life and...

Four main themes are the most important in the assigned section of The Apology. I will begin with a brief synopsis of each major theme, with an analysis and my opinion following, and ending with the question of Socrates own death. Firstly, Plato introduces the important concept that it is far worse for one to do wrong than to suffer wrongdoing. Socrates, refusing to be harmed by Meletus, believes that â€Å"it is not allowed that a good man be injured by a worse† (pg. 41). Despite Socrates impending death or banishment, he does not think that these are the worst possible situations and still goes on to say that â€Å"it is a much greater evil to do what [Meletus] is doing now, and to try to put a man to death unjustly† (pg. 41). Certainly†¦show more content†¦If we believe that the one who does good for ones soul participates in a life of true happiness, then Socrates is correct. By harming others, we are truly harming ourselves, destroying our chances for happiness and the good. It is an interesting point, however, that although Socrates claims that no one knowingly does wrong, is he not crediting his accusers, such as Meletus, with the evil intention of trying to unjustly put Soc rates to death? Secondly, the notion of the gadfly and the horse compared to Socrates duty as a philosopher to the state is an important metaphor in understanding Socrates philosophical lifestyle. Socrates â€Å"clings to the state as a sort of gadfly to a horse...that needs to be aroused† (pg. 41). Socrates, questioning and probing for knowledge, arouses the â€Å"polis†. The citizens, â€Å"indignant, as drowsy persons are when they are awakened† (pg. 41) are ignorant without Socrates dialectic method. This philosophical way of living, questioning and interrogating similar to how a gadfly might irritate a horse, has caused Socrates to neglect his own personal life in search of human excellence. Socrates, always depicted as searching for the answer of the good, uses dialectic to probe for knowledge and virtue. Through the use of questioning, Socrates disturbs the citizens into thought and the pursuit of the good. Like a gadfly, although annoying,Show MoreRelatedPlato s Apology And The Apology1591 Words   |  7 PagesPlato s Apology and Phaedo have difference ideas of what it means to be a philosopher. I will explain how in the Apology, the philosopher is wise in how he/she understand that they are wise because they know that they don t know, and in Phadeo the philosopher knowledgable and are concern in gaining more knowledge. In Plato s Apology we learn about Socrates life and who he really is. In platos Apology a philosopher is a wise person because he understands that being wise is understanding thatRead MoreApology and Phaedo, by Socrates833 Words   |  3 PagesPaper One Contemplating Death Both philosophers and non-philosophers stand on a level of equality with respect to death. There are no experts on death, for there is nothing to know about it. Even those who study the death process have no edge on the rest of us. We are all equals in thinking about death, and we all begin and end thinking about it from a position of ignorance. One trouble with discussing this topic is the instinctive fear of death. We tend to avoid death in our thoughts and actionsRead MorePhilosophies Relationship to Death Essay971 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophies Relationship to Death Apology and Phaedo Knowledge of Death versus Belief in a Soul In Plato’s Apology, Socrates says that he knows nothing of death while in Phaedo he discusses many of his beliefs on death and its philosophical ramifications. From this simple perspective it may seem as though he is contradicting himself although he, after further investigation, is not. Philosophically, the idea of death and an afterlife can be looked at from multiple non-contradictoryRead MoreAnalysis Of Platos Apology On The Man Of Save The Day, But Not Himself1285 Words   |  6 PagesHimself An Analysis of Plato’s Apology Socrates, painted as a humble man who never had any of his own writings, and often speculated to be illiterate, is considered one of the major partisans of Western philosophy. Western philosophy is the philosophical thought of the western world. This idea proves to be quite accurate when considering Plato’s Apology, the apology of Socrates which is not really considered an apology but a defense. In the ancient Greek era, the word apology meant to defend one’s actionsRead MorePlato, Philosophy, And Philosophy929 Words   |  4 Pagesfor some unknown reason and I instantly couldn’t wait to begin reading the dialogues of Plato and begin to understand why he is regarded as one of the great philosophers. The first piece I read, was The Apology, spoken by the great philosopher Socrates and written down by his student Plato. The Apology was Socrates defense in the Athenian court against accusations that were falsely brought upon Socrates. The charges brought against So crates was that he was a corruptor of the youth and that he believedRead MoreEssay about Socrates vs Gilgamesh1173 Words   |  5 PagesSocrates’ view of death in the Phaedo, Crito, and Apology is complex. His argument tries to prove that philosophers, of all people, are in the best state to die or will be in the best state after life because of the life they lead. Socrates’ views are sharply contrasted in The Epic of Gilgamesh. In fact, he would probably say that Gilgamesh had not lived the proper kind of life and his views of life, and death would lead to an unsettled existence in the afterlife. Socrates’ view of death, from his opinionsRead MoreSocrates World Views1549 Words   |  7 Pagesclass. These four world views will include Death, Condition, Solution and Morality. Finally, I will use my understanding of the world *views assessment to critique Socrates’ view of morality. Death The first and most obvious worldview that I wanted to cover is Socrates’ view of death. That is, what really happens to us when we die? This was such an evident topic to me because throughout a majority of our readings, Socrates was being faced with death, so what better time to discuss one’s thoughtsRead MoreLenses of Education 1051 Words   |  4 Pagestrial in the â€Å"Apology† and in â€Å"Meno.† One of the main factors discussed in both texts are the role of teachers in society and if Socrates is a teacher. Socrates also relates past stories or experiences when giving his dialogues. This allows him to explain his thoughts and reasons on certain topics. One final factor that plays a role in both the â€Å"Apology† and â€Å"Meno† is the role of the gods through the dialogues. Teachers, stories, and the role of gods all play a key role in the â€Å"Apology† and â€Å"Meno†Read MoreAllegory Of The Cave Readings And Good Bra hmins By Voltaire733 Words   |  3 Pagesassignment for this class is to compare the different philosophy viewpoints of Plato’s Apology and Allegory of the Cave Readings with Good Brahmins by Voltaire. A recapitulation of the Apology, Allegory of the Cave Readings and Good Brahmins will provided, evaluating each story’s position. Finally, concluding both Socrates’ and the Good Brahmin’s into my own philosophical understanding and perspective. First, Apology. This is Plato’s narrative of Socrates trial for charges â€Å"that Socrates is a doerRead MorePlatos The Republic and The Apology1714 Words   |  7 Pagesand The Apology, the topic of justice is examined from multiple angles in an attempt to discover what justice is, as well as why living a just life is desirable. Plato, writing through Socrates, identifies in The Republic what he thought justice was through the creation of an ideal city and an ideal soul. Both the ideal city and the ideal soul have three components which, when all are acting harmoniously, create what Socrates considers to be justice. Before he outlines this city and soul, he listens

Inclusive Leadership And Its Impact On Cultural Diversity

Global organizations create a need for diversity. It is in our schools, our classrooms and conference rooms, and our community. Diversity encompasses many aspect of our lives such as: race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, education, and background. Inclusive leadership model brings us together by using our knowledge and our differences. Ospina, Hdidy, and Caicedo (2011) define inclusive leadership as an organizational culture that consistently produces results that benefit all of those stakeholders â€Å"Inclusive Leadership (IL) is about relationships that can accomplish things for mutual benefit† (Hollander, 2008, p.3). Inclusive leadership has a greater impact on cultural diversity. Leaders who possess inclusive leadership traits have a positive relationship with their followers. Inclusive leaders are more consumed with their relationships with followers than power. The purpose of a global leader in a diverse workplace is to engage all employees by put in use wo rkforce diversity at all levels, building collaboration and commitment for a balanced work-life environment. Hollander (2008) states, â€Å"Reaching leadership at this next level means doing things with people, rather than to people, which is the essence of inclusion† (p. 4). Inclusive leadership influence the productivity of the organizations. It strengthens employees’ performances at all levels of the organization’s structure. This paper will analyze the effectiveness of inclusive leadership, theShow MoreRelatedInclusive Leadership Is The Practice Of Leadership1445 Words   |  6 PagesInclusive leadership is the practice of leadership that carefully includes the contributions of all stakeholders in the community or organization. The way a leadership mind is structured depend on how he structures his organization. An individual mindset might over shadow their ability to effectively overturn certain decision or behaviors. A leader’s values and charac teristics strengthen the organization cultural diversity. Modern leaders use different styles and skills to shape human intuition.Read MoreSample Resume : Office Of Personnel Management1648 Words   |  7 Pagesworkforce by leveraging diversity and empowering VA`s employees to achieve superior results in services, leadership and coaching to our Nation and its Veterans at large. The purpose of VA agency as it mission is to build a diverse workforce with inclusive workplace that delivers the best services to our Nation’s Veterans, their families, and beneficiaries. VA`s office of personnel management`s vision is to value professional hiring, develop effective managers as well as inclusive program adheres to theRead MoreDiversity And Inclusion Of An Organization1204 Words   |  5 PagesIn a survey, 24 executives were asked way advancing diversity in their organizations was so important to them. The majority believe â€Å"it was a business imperative because their companies needed it to stay competitive, and they believed it was a moral imperative because of their companies needed of their personal experiences and values† (Broysberg Connolly, 2013). Steve Reinemund was the first senior leader at PepsiCo to focus on diversity and inclusion from a perspective of changing the entire cultureRead MoreThe Diversity And Cultural Diversity Management1634 Words   |  7 PagesïÆ'Ëœ Which advantages do Cultural Diversity and Cultural Diversity Management have ? The complexity of the current economic climate demands creative and innovative business approaches and presents the opportunity for growth in developing markets by addressing unexpected or counter-intuitive consumer needs. Shifting demographics, increasing purchasing power of non-traditional segments and a trend towards customization present a compelling case for viewing MasterCard’s business efforts through a diverseRead MoreClassroom Management And The Environment989 Words   |  4 Pagesenacted in a culturally responsive way, classroom management extends to consider how a student’s culture influences their motivations and behaviors. Calloway indicates, â€Å"a positive relationship was found to exist between classroom management and cultural teaching† (Calloway, n.d, p. 5). Responsive teaching permits the individuality of the student in conjunction with an equitable structure and scope of learning opportunities. Culture determines the context students need f or inquiry, establishingRead MoreThe Main Tents Of Ethical Leadership Essay1346 Words   |  6 PagesThe main tents of ethical leadership in public service is for leaders to be transparent, accountable, and professional to have a successful organization. Committed leaders will exemplify professionalism for followers and possessing the motivation to achieve organizational goals. Naturally, to be professional is to comprehend the significance of roles and performance in public service. Accountability is important to the functionality of a public organization. And transparency in public administrationRead MoreThe Influence of Organizational Culture on Organizational Functionality861 Words   |  3 Pagescontinues to break down cultural barriers. As this continues it will be essential for organizations to not only understand, but embrace cultural differences and styles (Trebing and Estabrooks, 2005). Clearly, the changing demands of global stakeholders require new ways of approaching divergent customer bases. There are differences in style, skill, education and attitude in every organization now accentuated when we think of the multi-national organization. Correctly managed, this diversity can be a huge bonusRead MoreReflection On Diversity827 Words   |  4 PagesA Reflection on the Analysis Diversity for me is central to having a successful, creative, dynamic education environment where everyone is welcomed. Without diversity, I think we are less creative individually and collectively. I can describe diversity as a collection of people who have their own unique qualities, who are different and sharing and embracing each other’s individual beliefs, cultures, and thoughts. The differences could be cultural, racial, or learning styles. According to ColemanRead MoreInclusivity Of All Students Is Essential For Effective Teaching And Learning923 Words   |  4 Pagesinclusion, diversity of learners, differentiation of lessons together with ethical and legal responsibilities for teachers and professional conduct, all align together to provide an inclusive, safe classroom for all students regardless of ability. Classrooms display a range of diverse students who should have access to the same quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background, varied skills and abilities, health, gender and ethnicity (Fogaty, 2016) through an inclusive learning environmentRead MoreSteps Transformational Process : A Medical Ready Force And Deliver Prevention Focused1048 Words   |  5 Pagesready force and deliver prevention-focused, easily accessible Healthcare to our Active Duty Air Force Community. Vision: â€Å"Premier Medics, Unrivaled Care† Five Step Transformational Process Step 1. Discovery (what has been done in the areas of diversity and team building) My observations for the last two months while assigned to the 43d Medical Squadron has been very positive. My unit is very diverse demographically, cognitively, organizationally, and globally. My squadron has the following demographic

Sherlock Holmes the Best Detective Sample Essay Example For Students

Sherlock Holmes the Best Detective Sample Essay When the word ‘detective’ is expressed. who can non state that the first image to come to mind was the adult male in the ear chapeau and the Belstaff coat. amplifying glass in manus. a pipe resting upon his lips? Undoubtedly. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most celebrated literary characters of all clip. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creative activity is known to this twenty-four hours as the superb investigator who can work out any enigma utilizing simply the art of his head. yet the abiding image of this ‘high-functioning sociopath’ remains an mystery even to his devouring readers. Through his books. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced to his readers the power one can hold with his head. But his return on work outing jobs is non by the usage of mere guessing and logic. as most people would believe. Sherlock’s method is a far more complex signifier of concluding. one he calls ‘the scientific discipline of deduction’ . His logical thinking . sometimes besides known as abductive logical thinking. relays that: â€Å"When you have excluded the impossible. whatever remains. nevertheless unlikely. must be the truth. † However. the basic foundation for his mastermind is from illations. The difference that Sherlock has from most people is that he notices everything. He knows where to look and what to look for. He knows the importance of a bread crumb lying on the floor. a cleft in a thumbnail. and a shudder in a left manus. His acute oculus for item enables him to see things other people don’t. taking him to utilize his imaginativeness in hunt for replies. which he uses to prove the chance of a hypotheses. It is non difficult to see why Sherlock Holmes is endearing to many. He embodies the mind that ordinary people do non possess and that the universe is missing. His glare makes him about unapproachable. and it is with the unachievable that everyone gets attracted to. And as Irene Adler has artfully said in A Scandal in Belgravia. â€Å"Brainy’s the new sexy. † It is undeniable that Sherlock is a proper mastermind. Combined with eccentricity and merely the right sum of ostentation. he endears to people by being a entire enigma. one that even he himself finds difficult to work out. It is non at all an easy thing to analyse a mastermind such as Sherlock Holmes. what with the height of his mind and the complexness of his character. Although we by and large know much about Sherlock Holmes. he is still shrouded from position. doing it look as though we know nil about him after all. Mycroft Holmes has voiced absolutely what an full race has been inquiring for old ages: â€Å"My brother has the encephalon of a scientist or a philosopher. yet he elects to be a investigator. What might we infer about his bosom? † But since he is a fictional character ( unhappily ) . Sherlock’s head can neer be to the full unbarred and fathomed—a shame when the universe is in desperate demand of work forces like him.

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Eom Draft free essay sample

Although many practices such as resale and consignment of clothing are not widely known in Singapore, they are possible practices that could be adapted and promoted in our culture as an alternative to recycling clothing, making it relevant to our project. The concept of the consignment boutique is for shoppers to â€Å"wear the outfit once, bring it in, get money back and continue their shopping habit†. This encourages the idea of reuse of clothing but keeps the clothing in a fixed circuit, being recycled in the same boutique. Instead, these shops can expand their networks or probably work together with other resale shops and reach out to more buyers and sellers, providing them with a bigger variety as well. Although when reselling it to the different boutiques, varying offers may be made by different boutique owners. These boutiques may standardize the prices to offer according to the number of days from which it was purchased, which will be recorded in a computer system assessable to the owners in the network. We will write a custom essay sample on Eom Draft or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The article claims that â€Å"people don’t have a stigma against buying used clothes anymore† but I disagree. In Singapore, many second-hand clothing stalls are not popularly purchased from, due to the social stigma that used clothes are old, unwanted and unhygienic which is usually reflected through how the shops are usually disorganized, unlike those mentioned in the article where ‘the racks aren’t overcrowded’ and the store has a ‘boutique feel’ which appeals to the target demographic. Thrift shops in Singapore could be mirrored to have organized racks for different clothing articles and trends and could hire youth volunteers who would communicate better with the shoppers. This would increase the appeal for used clothing and possibly change the perspective on used clothing. In a consignment, the owners are able to ‘chose what [they] want’ to purchase. This may be unreflective of what the rest of the consumers want. Also, when they are willing to purchase it, the seller may be unhappy with the price of the offer. Therefore, instead of having the retailer as the middle-man, events where people can swap or sell their clothing would be more effective as buyers are able to chose what they want while sellers can name their own prices according to their perceived value for it or allow others to bargain for cheaper prices. The article states that consumers want good deals and are ‘growing tired of mass produced clothing’ therefore resale shops targets the ‘vintage aspect’ to set themselves apart. I agree with this statement as mass produced clothing are widely seen around the market and loses its originality and one-of-a-kind concept which customers define unique. Consumers would be willing to pay slightly more if the article of clothing is not commonly or easily found. Furthermore, the vintage aspect suites current clothing trends and would appeal to the target group of teenagers well. There is also a small number of male shoppers visiting or purchasing from consignment and resale boutiques, possibly because resale boutiques may not appeal to the male demographic widely, as they may come across as more female-centric and may not be as widely known. As the article mentions that the location affects the target demographic, these boutiques can be relocated or expanded to places in the urban areas which have many other male clothing outlets in order to boost its image as a boutique for male clothing as well and attract more male shoppers.