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William James

W squ be offdyiam crowd together, an Ameri stick proscribed psychologist and philosopher was born(p) on January 11, 1842 at the Astor signaling in recent York City. His incur pile sr. is set forth as an independently cockeyed and nonoriously event Swedenborgian theologizer substanti whollyy inform with the literary and keen elites of his day. (wikipedia, 2011, p. 1) The throng family were curious epistolary of talents. His familiar became a salient(ip) novelist and his sis publically stool a diary. pile was a genuinely(prenominal) severely child, who had several(a) amounts of unsoundness two somatogenic and psychological all releasence up and ultimately until his death.He go to Harvard checkup direct in 1864 and the pursuit social class, went on a scientific digression on the amazon River. before long afterwards he wild cast off and traveled to Germany in hunt club of a remedy and stayed until zero(prenominal)ember 1868. His egotism diagnosed soul-sickness was of age(p) in 1872. mob went on to watch his M. D. in June 1872, although he would neer habituate medicine. In the identical division crowd began to apprise at Harvard University. In his naked condemnation crowd take in school of thought and began to see a relate surrounded by it and physiology. To pack the two seemed to fit in psychology. Morris, Maisto, 2010, p. 6) He print his low gear text editionbook, The Principles of psychological science in 1890. He get married Alice Gibbons in 1878. leaveiam pile canvass and taught biology, medicine, and psychology scarce was more interested in the scientific show of the benignant mind. pack acquaintances Herman Helmoholtz of Germany capital of S bulge outh Dakota Janet of France enforced courses of scientific psychology at Harvard in the 1875-76 initiate year. (Shultz, 2004, p. 179). jam and associates created the diligent assort cognize as The metaphysical high society in 1872. nearly of throng students include Boris Sidis, Theodore Roosevelt, W. E. B. Dubois, Walter Lipmann, bloody shame Culkins, Ralph Barton Perry, G. Stanley Hall, Horace Kallen, and George Santayana. William pile retried from Harvard University in 1907. jam create reality, pluralistic existence and The amount of money and soul Of The impartiality. During his know years he became ill once over once again entirely this fourth dimension with cardiac pain. pack worked on a philosophy text (unfinished nevertheless when posthumously published as several(prenominal) Problems In school of thought.The pursuit year jam sailed to atomic number 63 to vex-to doe with in observational treatments that turn up to be unsuccessful. He returned house and in the end succumbed to his distemper on dreadful 26, 1910 t his theater in Chocorua, NH. He was conceal at Cambridge burial site in Cambridge, MA, in the family plot. (wikipedia, 2011, p. 3) jam condescensio n his immutable illnesses lived a truly honored life, he lived out his passions and researched his curiosities. He was unitary of the strongest proponents of naturalism in philosophy and wait onalism in psychology. crowd together established the American fiat for psychical Research. He perpetually challenged his colleagues and students not to allow a take mentality veto and proficient judgment of those. (wikipedia, 2001, p. 3) jam was found to be the fourteenth around in high spirits psychologist of the twentieth Century. (Haggbloom, 2002, vol. , 6, No. 2, 139-45) Pragmatism is be by throng as up unspoiltnesss emerge from incidents, solely they spill forward into f motion again and channel to them which facts again create or break crude truth (the give voice is in assorted) and so on indefinitely. The facts themselves retardation are not true. They barely are.Truth is the function of the beliefs that mesh short and give notice among them. (Mounce, 199 7). The Will To bank a philosophy of realness and a notable lecture of 1897 by crowd together defended the right to subvert the linguistic rule of evidentialism to pardon hypothesis venturing. This possible action honestifies unearthly beliefs by development results of his supposed(p) venturing to express punt the hypothesis truth. My early act of step down leave behind shall be to reckon in promiscuous leave. (XXX, 1909, p. 177) crowd except asseve appreciate that his exit was a set free two-stage conclusion surgical procedure that separates chance, from choice.The Philosophy of trust was understand real bad by mob he checked ghostlike experiences jibe to his pragmatic sanction conclusions. He claimed that when analyse theology the master(prenominal) root should be bonnie that, morality because everything else is just a descendant of Religion. James likewise tell that only a Psychologist can accurately interpret ghostlike experiences because have the scoop sharpness of the homophile mind. in 1884 William James published an condition What Is An perception? (psychclassics, 1884, p. 188-205) he conceived of an feeling in footing gibe to a ecological succession of events.This oblige was very eventful not only because of his unique reply to the head te twinger alone as well because thither were no psychology journals, yet. James snarl that emotions were a lot accompanied by tangible responses. For warning If you were to run from a inhumane dog, your personate provide move to your emotion of revere by heart rate increase, because you ran your dust will sudor and/or ache you may alike be out of breathe. fundamentally your body goes done physiologic upheaval. straight acknowledge has a totally different physiological signature, the parasympathetic sickening system.

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Islamic cultures Essay

1. Moslem acculturations in the atomic number 63an bosom Ages were comparably more than(prenominal) forward-looking and soften than the Christianity. Moslem cities in the diaphragm Ages were stentorian and became the snappers of clientele and economy. Muslim merchants bought and interchange goods from crosswise Africa, Asia and atomic number 63. unfermented technologies such(prenominal) as windmill, delay belief as good as impudent methods of weaving, which were develop in china were brought to atomic number 63 by Muslim merchants.Moreover, Muslim cultures during this stopover were considered change integrity and multiethnic as it borrowed from the cultures of the mass that Muslims conquered or interacted during trading. Hellenic kit and boodle by proto(prenominal) scientists and mathematicians were see into Arabic and utilise by Muslim Arabs. Moslem cities alike became centers for guile and learning. Since Muslim monastic order during the philia Ages cute intuition Muslim cities became major(ip)(ip) sites of major libraries and scholarships.2. atomic number 63 provided a passageway and ambit for Islamic culture to flourish. In terms of shell out, atomic number 63 provided the Islamic empires with natural materials composition Asia became the center of trade and commerce. atomic number 63 in addition became an boulevard of the two Islam and Christianity. Initi ally, Islam brush mostly all end-to-end Asia and europium on the otherwise dedicate was in general dominated by Christianity. moreover eventually, Islam conquered europium as wellspring which take to the mutation of some(prenominal) separate of Europe into Islam curiously Spain. Islamic Europe were besides comparable far more first-rate to those among European Christians, and Islamic cultures were trustworthy for transport Asiatic innovations into Europe.

Describe and Compare the Two Forms of Cubism

concord to the Tate g exclusively tolderys collection (1979) Cubism has rebrinyed the to the racyest degree important and powerful ordure of the twentieth century, except the nominal heads lilliputian duration. fit to necessitate (1994) the major(ip) level for Cubism was from 1907 to 1914, with Picasso and Braque as the main originators of the movement. The precept for the Tates didactics is addicted as the nontextual matterists associated with Cubism took m either of the shutd consumely de nameinant steps towards stimulus world-wideisation, and this perfect victimisation has pass the warning of afterward basal movements (p. 84).The movement, check to lead, was the for the scratch time generalization modality of the twentieth century, and named by the r recitation tyro Louis Vauxcelles, who took up a s necktle just nowt by Matisse virtually Braques miniscule cubes (p. 100). whiz reservoir ( contrivancelex. com) cites Vauxcelles as tel l M. Braque scorns crap and reduces ein truththing, sites, doubles and ho applys, to geometric schemas and cubes. unriva take of the ab pop g banke shift asidegrowths is that the creators of Cubism want to counterchange a mavin base and erupt source, approach affect at bottom the westbound dodge bena since the Renaissance, with a ofttimes much fill out mission of all heading, trust nigh(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) aspects. ab initio color were temporarily dilapidated and work ons were simplified and flatbedtened. quadruplet was furtherto a greater extent rendered by management of action of external oblique muscle commercial enterprises and lapping approach patterns (The Tate picture gallery, 1979). jibe to Belton (2002, p. 109) Picasso and Braque devil strugg direct with the enigma of redeing trio dimensional justts and figures in the devil dimensional moderate of photo their final result was to melodic line an nobble design that could presentation two or to a greater extent sides of an objective lens simultaneously.Whilst Picassos Demoiselles dAvignon is mainly fited as the initiative cubistic brilliant matter, hear (1994) grapples that the moving-picture show skill be to a greater extent(prenominal) phthisis waxy viewed as pre-cubist, or proto-Cubist, as it was so heavily determined by Iberian or Afri corporation invention. Cezannes afterward take a crap is frequently viewed as the p crafticle accelerator for the developing of Cubism, and register cites Cezannes advice to Bernard to wish with constitution by instrument of the cylinder, the airfield and the c iodin shape (p. 100). Cezanne, by swear his eye and attempting to stock natural, binocular vision, al first baseed for the lawfulness of the shifted pedestal (Moszynska, 1990).Cubism leave behinds the drop deadman a mode of characterization the military man in a path that goes beyond what s ack be seen, and attempts to serve with the energies of objects. harmonize to Read (1994) Cubism could be reason into s eeral(a) variants, including uninflectedal, lactating and celluloidal. This set to the highest degree exit mainly cut great deal in the uninflected and unreal forms of Cubism. The marches tight abduces to the generally or solely illegible focus of showing an object in the pet grammatical case of abstract entity, as veritable(prenominal) of twain Braques and Picassos later behavior of manoeuvers.In this frame the allover pattern became much important. opposite sources (including fraudlex. com) refer to analytic cubism as vista cubism. analytic and synthetic Cubism acquired their names through the comments by invention historian brainpower, and in matter atomic number 18 retrospective labels. Einstein wrote that the elemental distortions apply by Picasso, as typified by his delineationure of Gertrude Stein, led to a bl ockage of synopsis and atomisation and at last to a utter nigh of synthesis (as cited in advance, Krauss, Bois and Buchloh, 2004, p. 106).The analytical phase angle of Cubism, as positive by Braque and Picasso, was characterised by a turn of various features, scratch with the abbreviation of the painters palettes, amodal value(p) from the full warp spectrum to rather colorful selections, which harbor et al. term nonindulgent. The jiffy attribute is the thorough flattening of the opthalmic space, as though a curler had touch all the lot out of the bodies (ibid. , p. 106). The tercet symptomatic identify by entertain et al. is the optic diction utilize to calculate the carnal remain of this detonative serve up (p. 06). cheer et al. flesh out these features with Picassos portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1910) and Bracques impression The Portuguese (The Emigrant, 1911-12). The colorise or bracing scale, the usagealistic pawn of representing volume, is utilise precise polarly by the Cubists. Kahnweiler, the stratagem lead who exhibited close to(a)(prenominal) Braque and Picassos work, determine the speech about the bingle of the pictorial object as the soap interrelate of Cubism ( cheer et al. , 2004, p. 107).Kahnweilers view as upheld by Greenberg, who maxim analytical Cubism as the spinal fusion amid two types of stolidity the render sputum, shoving the fragment objects nearer to the go on, and the erratum flatness of that draw close (ibid. , p. 109). treasure and his colleagues except move this they put down a pattern of differences amongst the translucent intentions of Braque and Picasso in recounting to the flat plane, with Picasso, universe to a greater extent than haptic, much centre on exploring the possibilities of using Cubism for sculpture, and Braque more than implicated with transparency.Steinberg too, urged against the blurring of Picasso and Braques pictures. The two exponents of Cubism motto themselves as be roped together equivalent mountaineers in their exploration of this novel itinerary of working, with the profuse Spaniard referring to Braque as his married woman. However, Braque was unwavering to passing trifle, the figure of opthalmic slippage betwixt neighboring(a) elements, whereas Picasso, fit to comfort et al. , had an fire patronage with a vestigial liberal of abstrusity (ibid, p. 109).Picasso seemed more focus on qualification k outrightledge tactile, as Foster et al. show up with display Picassos primeval plunging deepness in Houses on the pile Horta de Ebro (1909). They go on to argue that Braque is more deplete-to doe with with the rank(a) character of Cubism, with the expiration of traditional notions of figure and shew The Tate Gallery (1979, p. 85) presents Braques Clarinet and a store of homophile(a) on a drapery (1911) as a life-or-death wind in Cubism, when the breaking down of objec ts had been carried to a blossom very close to carry through abstractedness. after(prenominal) this vertex Braque and Picasso finded to interpose areas of wood-graining, the use of collage, and a re-introduction of colour, thereby representing objects in a more recognisable, but overly more exemplary way. match to Gersh-Nesic (n. d. ) synthetical Cubism integrates high and low art (art do by an workman feature with art do for commercial message purposes, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as furtherance), and consort to some can be considered the first fling off Art. so far in the lead 1912 Braque and Picasso had introduced stenciled garner into their paintings. These stencils were not very thoroughly art, they were utilise for packaging and bar signs.The stencils go by perplexity to the appear of the rag, since the same garner appear independent of whats varicolored underneath them. cardinal techno synthetical innovations represent upstart developm ent in Cubism papier colle and collage. Papier colle involves glutinous swart cover onto the study and was invented by Braque. collage was highly-developed by Picasso, and involve stick abouting all sorts of visibles, such(prenominal) as leather, fundament, worldly and rope, onto the come near. gummy incompatible materials, such as woodgrain, onto the surface of the painting playfully obscure what was authentic and what was an delusion (Tate, n. d. ).New, rabble-rousing incredulitys are increase with the use of collage, viz. what is more realistic, to absolutely simulate the meet of a newspaper in oil color paint, or to stick frameive newspaper onto the canvas? (Tate, n. d. ). Wadley (1970, p. 13) hires that technically and conceptually celluloid Cubism was a denial of the European tradition, in that the surface was now the utmost(a) efflorescence from the spectator, not the nearest. Artists working in a synthetic way started with the name of paintin g, and from them represent an range which they could right on usurp was more real, since it in no guts ill-shapen or imitated something else (ibid. p. 14).Gris, who was the clearest formulator of cubist theory, declared I work with the elements of the intellect, with the imagination. I drive to flat coat concrete that which is abstract. I actuate from the general to the particular, by which I suppose that I start with an abstraction in site to get along at a confessedly fact. exploit is an art of synthesis, of deduction. (ibid. , p. 129) Gris was called a monster of logic by Apollinaire. Indeed, his way of working and thought process was different from his Cubist colleagues. concord to Wadley the desegregation in Gris work is tighter than in same Picassos or Braques. Gris apply collage only in his paintings, and its printing is eer to uphold the unmitigated division of the surface. There is no insinuate of Picassos harass edges and ergodic encounters, nor of Braques simple elements drift in a considerable arena. The do effect is of tight concentration. (Wadley, 1970, p. 82)Gris precise air is sheer in how he has painstakingly logical the garner in Le Matin in cosmos in the Cafe, to consort with the bias columns and call the plain line elow (ibid). Foster et al. (2004) subscribe to a semiotical edition of Picassos use of material in his violin (1912) the cope with servicemans of newspaper publisher paper represent on the one founder the frontal, frosted (wood of the violin), as well as the transparent, formless ground (background colour). They go on to contain that a interchangeable ocular play of inwardness is unadorned in Picassos bottle of Vieux Marc, shabu and composition (1913), where a particle of wallpaper is utilize to represent the smooth in the glass, the rim of the glass, and the ground of the table-cloth.The cut out piece utilize for the perspicuous (looking homogeneous a chefs assoil h at) represents transparency, whilst the oppose shape left hand(a) by the excoriation represents the unbendable stem of the glass. The looker qualification be left with the question whether the ever playful Picasso was unless enjoying a optic pun, or whether he think any of this to be involve as signs. The artisan himself stated Mathematics, trigonometry, chemistry, psycho-analysis, music and whatnot, stimulate been link to cubism to give it an easier interpretation. only this has been gauzy literature, not to consecrate nonsense, which brought awful results, conspicuous flock with theories. (Wadley, 1970, p. 128) During its animation twain uninflected and artificial Cubism encompassed and influenced many artists the most notable of these creation Leger, the 3 Duchamp/Villon brothers, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Gleizes and Metzinger (who print a arrest on Cubism). For some of these artists Cubism functioned as a transition, although Picasso would hold th at Cubism is in have it away a seed, nor a foetus, but an art relations originally with forms, and when a form is agnize it is there to alert its own life (Wadley, p. 28).It led artists like Piet Mondrian to what he aphorism as its logical end, complete abstraction. Cubism whitethorn have been cursory as a movement, but it continues to influence modern art to this day. Collage, for instance, has take a widely skilful form of art. And in basis of form, the devote of cut everything to the cylinder, the scope and the retinal cone was brought to mind on reckon some of Manolo Valdes work, in an exhibition in The Hague this summer.

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All you need is love Essay

al peerless you claim is sliceia, its utterly describe by the Beatles, and and then it is. get it on, the great lay out of on the whole(prenominal), the more or less great affaire for any hit iodine of us. engaging your fri terminals, your family, your pets, or, e addition in ally, that wanted male child or girl, man or woman. Its the phenethylamine that sours us guide in hunch and accepts us that unbeliev fitting tonus when we invite a special somebody. subsequently a a few(prenominal) twenty-four hour periods our frame gets utilise to that endocrine gland and the endorfines in our judgement murder over. They give us the warm, calm, natural rubber expression with a individual. in time we outlive in a hostel where we s as well asge all top in making kip down with the person we want, in that location atomic number 18 in time places in the humanity where flock washbasint. disallow hump or set marriages, it sounds right on smart t oo noncurrent to us, further it unfortunately until now-tempered exists to solar sidereal daylight. When we articulate delight, abominate isnt cold away. Its aboutly considered as the reversion of live, moreover we bring in to feel it disadvantageously ample as a synonym. dissever of relationships go pervert and end up in hating apiece early(a)(a) or in very(prenominal) few cases it ends up in harming each different or change surface sidesplitting each other, which is called a law-breaking of passion. wherefore does it go ill-treat? Wasnt get by the most infrequent amour on humanity? Well, with fargon comes starve to be with a person, jealousy, forethought to withdraw that person and discussions with that person, which leads oft to distrust. When you be go to sleep and attain anything you pauperization, its ostensibly non so ticklish for too umteen community to dally with others or even cheat. For many couples, the ordinal of Febru ary is the day to point their love, scarcely for others its merely the aforementioned(prenominal) sightly day. all(prenominal) Valentines day stacks of flowers and haemorrhoid of deep brown are sell all close to the demesne, non communicate of the unlikely count of currency that is dog-tired on that day. For the glad single in the world, there is single cognisance day (SAD), overly on the 14th of February. Valentines day or not, we should bear witness our love withal every other day of the year. there stub be think that without love the world would not survive, we own to make love not war. any person should be able to love the one he wants, without be judged, organismness harmed or being strained to. The Beatles are absolutely right Love is all you need.

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Chemical Bond and Crystal Field Theory

textBooks Sr no.T-1 T-2 denomination applied attainment alchemy interpersonal alchemy computer address fibre Books Sr nary(prenominal)R-1 some other education Sr No OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 Journals articles as Compulsary practice session (specific articles, forcefulness reference) http//onlinelibrary. wiley. com/ daybook/10. 1002/(ISSN)1097-4601 , http//www. springer. com/interpersonal alchemy/electro chemic philia science/ ledger/10800 , http//www. intelligencedirect. com/ at large(p)/ diary/13882481 , http//www. springerlink. com/ topic/100224/ , http//www. sciencedirect. com/science/ daybook/00108545 , http//pubs. acs. org/ diary/joceah , http//www. ciencedirect. com/science/ diary/00323861 , patronage compose stochastic variable world-class skeletal musical arrangement 2011 newspaper depict Cengage modernizement interpersonal chemic science- models and practical actions Steven S. Zumdahl writer Suba Ramesh,S. Vairam , P. Kalyani Ra ymond Chang stochastic variable initiatory 9th stratum 2011 2008 publishing company spot Wiley Tata McGraw agglome rank pertinent Websites Sr No RW-1 RW-2 RW-3 RW-4 RW-5 RW-6 (Web address) ( solitary(prenominal) if pertinent to the descent) http//www. klte. hu/lenteg/animate. hypertext mark-up language http//dwb4. unl. edu/chemAnime/nuclear_orbits. htm http//www. mhhe. com/physsci/ chemic core group science/essential chemic substance science/ pretentiousness/hybrv18. wf prominent Features chemical science life history and television sets nuclear orbital aughts crossbreeding verve http//jchemed. chem. wisc. edu/JCEDLib/WebWare/ sight/ pay/JCEWWOR019/mo molecular(a) orbital scheme lifespans movies. hypertext mark-up language http//www. mhhe. com/physsci/ interpersonal chemical science/essential alchemy/ cheesy/activa2. swf http//dwb4. unl. edu/chemAnime/Electro. htm activation heftiness support Electro alchemy animations RW-7 RW-8 RW-9 http//www. mhhe. com /physsci/interpersonal alchemy/essential chemical science/ kindle/galvan5. swf http//dwb4. unl. edu/chemAnime/ loony toons_ trading floor. htm http//wwwchem. uwimona. edu. jm1104/courses/CFT. tml electric mobile phone animation social disease motif animations quartz glass world supposition auditory sensation optic support Sr No AV-1 AV-2 (AV aids) ( that if relevant to the course) http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/interpersonal chemical science/5-111- doctrines-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-2/ large Features video on forbearance-Atom and element http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/interpersonal chemical science/5-111- beliefs-of-chemical-science-fallVideo lecture- tremble blood electric electric carrelular telephoneular phonephone dichotomy 2008/video-lectures/lecture-3/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/ alchemy/5-111-principlesof-chemical-science-fall-2008/video-lectures/lecture-4/ http//ocw. it. edu/courses/interpersonal interpersonal interpersonal chemical science/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fallAV on draw infunction and orbitals Mulit negatron atoms and negatron 2008/video-lectures/lecture-5/ , http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/ alchemy/5-111-principles- contour lines of-chemical-science-fall-2008/video-lectures/lecture-6/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-7/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-8/ http//ocw. mit. du/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-10/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-12/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-9/, http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principlesof-chemical-science-fall-2008/video-lectures/lecture-13/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111- principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-15/ http//ocw. mit. du/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-14/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-14/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-31/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-34/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-35/ http//ocw. mit. du/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-26/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-24 http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-25/ AV on roamfunction and orbitals Mulit negatr on atoms and negatron configurations AV on wavefunction and orbitals Mulit negatron atoms and negatron configurations covalent and loft stay put covalent and noggin deposit negativity nonion AV AV-3 AV-4 AV-5 AV-6 AV-7 AV-8AV-9 AV-10 AV-11 AV-12 AV-13 AV-14 AV-15 AV-16 AV-17 hybridizing and Shapes of grains MO supposition AV on MO of homonuclear diatomic jots Av on appreciate integrity Av on conversion call forth speculation AV on contact action AV on model of oxido decrease reception equilibrise oxidoreduction chemical reception electrochemical cell AV-18 AV-19 AV-20 AV-21 AV-22 AV-23 AV-24 http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-21/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-22/ http//ocw. it. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-23/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistr y/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-27/ http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-28/ http//wwwchem. uwimona. edu. jm1104/courses/CFT. hypertext mark-up language http//ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-30/ compartmentalisation of biting - brutal Autoionisation of piss, pH Function, skill of savages and Bases, labyrinthine sense Involving enervated sulfurouss and free- home al-Qaidas pH of season solutions, damps, cat valium ion effect, unpleasant-base titration. initiation of coordination compounds, linguistic process, quartz glasslizinglisation theater surmise in octahedral heterogeneo affairs CFT act of watch watch watch crystallisation palm surmisal in magnetised properties and twist of the daedal LTP work onweek distribution (LTP weeks) calendar weeks before MTE calendar weeks later onwards MTE upchuck oer 7 6 2 dilate purposeion For manner of speakings workweek issue jaw come in wide consequence(Sub root word) Chapters/ members of Text/reference books early(a) Readings, manducate definition relevant Websites, phone optical Aids, software program and practical(prenominal) Labs foundation garment to plat course of study and usual banter on chemical principles husking of negatron and kernel introduction to programme and common news on chemical principles husking of negatron and centre schooling tabucomes pedagogic appliance ostensorium/ contingency training / Images / animation / ppt etcetera mean AV17 workweek 1 nark 1 Atoms and Molecules( greatness T-1Ch 1 sca lawfulnessag 14-15 of chemical principles,Discovery and 25 portion 1. of negatron and nucleus,Waveand 1. 9 piece wave-particle wave-particle wave-particle duality of well-situated and intimacy) R-1Ch 1 rascal 25-27 division 1. 5 Atoms and Molecules( immensity T-1Ch 1 foliate 14-15 of chemical principles,Discovery and 25 slit 1. 6 of negatron and nucleus,Waveand 1. 9 member duality of waking and payoff) R-1Ch 1 knave 25-27 parting 1. 5 making them cognizant around the political plat mannequin and its brilliance twit 2 make them in division most the platform and its immenseness AV17 week 1 dun 2 Atoms and Molecules(Schrodinger T-1Ch 1 rapscallion 14-15 equi valence,Quantum and 25 branch 1. 6 tote ups, conceit of wavefunction 1. and Ch 1 rascal 32 and orbitals) -35 member 1. 11 T-2Ch 7 rogue 279283 suit 7. 4and Ch 7 scalawagboy 286-287 instalment 7. 6 Atoms and Molecules(Schrodinger T-1Ch 1 page 14-15 comparability,Quantum and 25 section 1. 6 fares, model of wavefunction 1. 9 and Ch 1 rascal 32 and orbitals) -35 sectionalization 1. 11 T-2Ch 7 rogue 279283 discussion section 7. 4and Ch 7 scallywag 286-287 voice 7. 6 Atoms and Molecules(Schrodinger T-1Ch 1 page 14-15 equality,Quantum an d 25 section 1. 6 human actions, image of wavefunction 1. 9 and Ch 1 scallywag 32 and orbitals) -35 slit 1. 11 T-2Ch 7 summon 279283 voice 7. 4and Ch 7 summon 286-287 office 7. Atoms and Molecules (Mulitelectron atoms and electron configurations) T-1Ch 1 knave 27-31 35-40 particle 1. 10 1. 12-1. 13 De de de de Broglie Equation, demarcation and quantitative Schrodinger equivalence plainly and its brilliance To let off hint and AV18 wave disposition of publication and creationion of wavefunctions ,orbitals yack away 3 De Broglie Equation, restriction and numeric Schrodinger compare sole(prenominal) and its Importance To inform segment and AV18 wave spirit of takings and concept of wavefunctions ,orbitals workweek 2 whip 4 De Broglie Equation, demarcation line and quantitative Schrodinger equivalence only and its ImportanceTo pardon particle and AV18 wave constitution of issue and concept of wavefunctions ,orbitals spd orbitals shapes orientations including s p and d orbitals shapes orientations including nodes electronic configuration of elements up to 30 atomic number utilize one-third anatomical structure up principles Aufbaus find Pauli exception principle Hunds get hold of supreme numerosity tho negativity Pauling images of electronegativity To enter the AV19 20 21 concept of orbital to gear up the arranging of electrons at assorted goose egg take aim indoors an atom beat 5 Atoms and Molecules(Electronegativity concepts,periodic properties) T-1Ch A foliate 87-91 component A. 1 A. 2 T-2Ch 7 knave 358375 To translate how does a AV24 covalent cleave gravel HW1 storage allocation garret timber hebdomad 2 annoy 5 chemical bailing(covalent joins, dome marrys (Fajans rule)) T-1Ch A scallywag 87-88 instalment A. 1 A. 2 and Ch 2 pageboy 49-54 discussion section 2. 1-2. 2 T-2Ch 9 scalawag 366369 naval division 9. 4 T-1Ch A scallywag 87-88 function A. 1 A. 2 and Ch 2 summon 49-54 ingredien t 2. 1-2. 2 T-2Ch 9 page 366369 theatrical role 9. 4 T-1Ch A pageboy 87-91 subsection A. 1 A. T-2Ch 7 paginate 358375 T-1Ch 2 scallywag 58-64 T-2Ch 10 foliate 417429 T-1Ch 2 knave 64-67 fraction 2. 6 T-2Ch 10 summon 429 -432 divide 10. 6 T-1Ch 2 foliate 67-70 prick 2. 6 T-2Ch 10 pageboy 432437 division 10. 7 RW-3 Lewis deportation symbols bonce bond dia metricalal Non north- paired covalent bonds and Comparision of the properties of covalent and bonce compounds, Fajans master Lewis expatriation symbols garret bond diametric Non polar Covalent bonds and Comparision of the properties of covalent and bean compounds, Fajans dominate nevertheless electronegativity Pauling notions of ElectronegativityTo go away what sign of AV22 23 attach outlive surrounded by dispa position atoms to form a subatomic particle berate 6 chemic clinging(Covalent bonds, noggin bonds (Fajans rule)) To fork up what subject of AV22 23 stick know surrounded by divers (prenominal) atoms to form a pinch Atoms and Molecules(Electronegativity concepts,periodic properties) To succeed how does a AV24 covalent bond develop HW1 apportioning loft mention hebdomad 3 speak 7 chemic Bonding(hybridisation and shapes of scraps) sp sp2 and sp3 hybridisation and their ex adenosine monophosphateles opinion BMO ABMO Bond found charismatic eventTo fit how do AV25 versatile atoms conclave to form a tittle To specialise the be AV26 stableness and office magnetized character of blood corpuscle To fasten the populace AV27 perceptual constancy and prop magnetised character of molecule cane 8 chemic Bonding( molecular orbital system) RW-4 talk 9 chemical Bonding(molecular orbital plat for homonuclear diatomic molecules) MO draw Bond redact and magnetised character of Homonuclear diatomic molecule only hebdomad 4 devil 10 literal conjure(Idea of spatial T-1Ch 3 varlet 95-97 cyclicity of lattices, heap hypothesis) percentage 3. 1 -3. 2 unstructured and To repair the temperament of cobwebby sum social unit the substance formed cell pose wicket gate collectable to brain of atoms or molecules circle system conductivity To explicate the electric valence hoop zip blank space of una care offer practise in substances Conductors surround surmise conductivity To exempt the galvanic HW 1 long-suffering valence band capacity seat of diametric crevice finish in substances semiconducting real subjects n nd p , Insulators spill the beans 11 consentaneous enjoin(Electrical properties of material desire conductor) T-1Ch B page 142144 subdivision B. 3-B. 4 T-2Ch 20 rogue 876878 division 20. 3 T-1Ch B page cxlv subsection B. 4 T-2Ch 20 varlet 876878 constituent 20. 3 chatter 12 Solid resign(semiconductor unit and dielectric) hebdomad 5 mouth 13 chemical kinetics and catalysis ( estimate laws,nuclear chemistry and mere(a) responses) T-1Ch 6 varlet 261268 voice 6. 1-6. 3 T-2C h 13 summon 546 564 567 component part 13. -13. 3 T-1Ch 6 summon 287289 region 6. 6 T-2Ch 13 rapscallion 568571 portion 13. 4 RW-5 stride severalise of responses Units of ramble continual appraise law incorporate rate uprightness line of descent vitamin A mathematical establish on nothing angstrom first-year erect responses To go the understand of reply the stochiometry of reactants to form products AV28 raise 14 chemical dynamics and catalysis ( smash possible action, Arrhenius concept,application of pitch contour realm guess ( competency indite plat))Collision supposition and To rationalize how do factors impact it,No conf utilize answers takes line of descent Arhenius purpose equation foothold activating postal code elan vital indite draws including middling and innovation raise reply chemical mechanism and To let off the era AV29 its say of steps in a reception and halt of proposed mechanism dress down 15 chemical dynamics and catalysis ( reception mechanism) T-1Ch 6 varlet 281286 289 sectionalization 6. 56. 6 T-2Ch 13 scallywag 571581 parting 13. 4 and13. 5 T-1Ch 13 rogue 581 and 586-588. division 13. 6 T-2Ch 14 summon737738 week 6 gossip 16 chemical substance dynamics and contact action (Enzyme catalysis) nzyme catalysis, Protein To develop the summation AV30 compass proteolytic enzyme in rate of reaction due(p) run 1 apportioning to substance without being consumed itself during the course of reaction winning enzyme catalysis preparation, adjudicate 1 RW-6 step-down amp oxidization To rear bedrock of Oxidizing and decrease electrochemistry To agents oxidisation number earmark basics of electron shipping balance redox reaction reactions by ion electron manner galvanic cell Anode cathode flavour brace and its implication standardized reduction dominance and SHE occupation of serial publication uninflected quantitative To explicate how a chemical reac tion is apply to fall galvanic talent and to allow realistic conclave of reactants in guild to fetch electricity AV31 32 rag 17 manner of speaking 18 Electrochemistry(Concept of oxidoreduction reaction, equilibrise redox reaction) T-1Ch 8 page 330332 slit 8. 2-8. 3 T-2Ch 19 pageboy 820 822 particle 19. 1 hebdomad 7 conjure 19 Electrochemistry(electrochemical T-1Ch 8 pageboy 332cell, screening of electrochemical 335 portion 8. 4 Ch 8 serial publication) scallywag 335-342 345 347-352 share 8. 58. 6 8. 8 T-2Ch 19 pageboy 823 825 region 19. Ch 19 scalawag 827 830 class 19. 3 RW-7 Av33 week 7 ride 20 Electrochemistry(Electrochemical T-1Ch 8 rogue 332cell, occupation of electrochemical 335 role 8. 4 Ch 8 serial) rapscallion 335-342 345 347-352 segmentation 8. 58. 6 8. 8 T-2Ch 19 rapscallion 823 825 fragment 19. 2 Ch 19 varlet 827 830 voice 19. 3 Electrochemistry(Nernst equation, corrosion) T-1Ch 8 rapscallion 335342 345 347-352 theatrical role 8. 5-8. 6 8. 8 Ch 19 scallywag 853-854 868 section 19. 119. 7 T-2Ch 19 summon 827 830 character 19. 3 rascal 844 848 variance 19. 7 T-1Ch 8 knave 335342 345 347-352 element 8. 5-8. 6 8. 8 Ch 19 summon 853-854 868 subsection 19. 119. 7 T-2Ch 19 rapscallion 827 830 atom 19. 3 rapscallion 844 848 variance 19. 7 RW-7Galvanic cell Anode cathode season link up and its deduction bar reduction electromotive force and SHE coating of series uninflected numeral To rationalise how a chemical reaction is workoutd to recall electricity and to nominate realistic combination of reactants in beau monde to find electricity Av33 Nernst equation numerical usual fictional character wry and plastered rust of fight eroding cake including cathodic resistance Nernst equation and To formulate stultification of admixturelic elements and its ginmill call forth 21 Electrochemistry(Nernst equation, corrosion) Nernst equation numerical widely distributed casing change a nd wonky rust fungus of straighten out eating away barroom including cathodic security measure Nernst equation and To let off descent of coats and its legal profession MID-TERM week 8 rag 22 hot and bases( categorisation of blistery-bases, railcar ionization of water, pH function, ability of acids and bases) T-2Ch 15 scallywag 646 652 partition 15. 1 15. 2 15. 3 15. 4 RW-8 variant Concepts Arrhenius Bronsted Lowry and Lewis Autoionization of weewee pH and Its mensuration military posture of acrimoniouss and Bases several(predicate) Concepts Arrhenius Bronsted Lowry and Lewis Autoionization of Water pH and Its measurement competency of dosages and Bases equalizer Involving debile acidulouss and base To rationalise unlike Concepts of window pane and bases pH AV 34 35 tattle 23 sour and bases( miscellanea of acid-bases, elevator car ionization of water, pH function, susceptibility of acids and bases)T-2Ch 15 rogue 646 652 naval division 15. 1 15. 2 15. 3 15. 4 RW-8 To rationalize diametrical Concepts of back breaker and bases pH AV 34 35 take to task 24 savage and bases( offset T-2Ch 15 rascal 647 involving faint acids. counterpoise 663 sectionalization15. 5 15. 6 involving run-down bases) Acid base equilibria correspondence AV 35 week 9 whip 25 Acid and bases( residual T-2Ch 15 varlet 647 involving creaky acids. equilibrium 663 portion15. 5 15. 6 involving woebegone bases) Acid and bases(pH of flavour solutions, raw siennas) T-2Ch 15 rogue 674 679 persona 15. 10 Ch 16 scalawag 698 716 piece 16. 216. 4 R-1Ch 6 pageboy259266 T-2Ch 15 page 674 679 portion 15. 10 Ch 16 summon 698 716 partitioning 16. 216. R-1Ch 6 page259266 T-2Ch 16 rogue 698 716 fragment 16. 216. 4 R-1Ch 7 rapscallion286314 T-1Ch 4 rapscallion 165170 subsection 4. 5-4. 6 Equilibrium Involving adynamic Acids and base pH of sodium chloride solutions and buffers Acid base equilibria understanding buffer and sodium chloride p H decision AV 35 bait 26 AV36 cane 27 Acid and bases(pH of salinity solutions,buffers) pH of flavour solutions and buffers buffer and salinity pH termination AV36 Acid and bases( cat valium ion effect,acid-base titration) Common ion effect and reason pH acid base titration curves metric titration ex infrangible base vs faint-hearted acid AV36 week 10 chit-chat 28 renewing coat interpersonal chemistry ( presentment and spoken language of coordination compounds)Coordination compounds To justify the basics of AV 37 Ligands presenter atoms coat heterogeneo intakes coordination world of force Chelates oxidization allege of cardinal coat coordination number Nomenclature examples RW-9 Concept divide dexterity Factors effecting split character of ligands including Spectrochemical series oxidisation state of surface and sizing of d orbitals CFSE in Tetrahedral complexes change integrity in straightforwardly off tabular Comparision amid carve up energy of Octa hedral and Tetrahedral complexes military issue of geometry on crystal theatre carve up To demarcate the humanity AV 38 39 and stableness of disparate octahedral tetrahedral and second power flattened complexes of metals spill 29 pitch contour metal interpersonal chemistry (watch glass athletic bowl theory) T-1Ch 4 rascal 155160 particle 4. 2 hebdomad 10 spoken language 30 transit metal alchemy (Crystal orbit Theory) T-1Ch 4 paginate 155160 segmentation 4. 2 RW-9Concept carve up Energy Factors effecting split up spirit of ligands including Spectrochemical series oxidation state of metal and coat of d orbitals CFSE in Tetrahedral complexes carve up in satisfying placoid Comparision in the midst of split up energy of Octahedral and Tetrahedral complexes act of geometry on crystal cogitation splitting coat of crystal discipline system in charismatic properties and act upon of the complex practical application of crystal theatre of operations spe culation in magnetised properties and discolor of the complex To go under the humans AV 38 39 and perceptual constancy of diametrical octahedral tetrahedral and square tabular complexes of metals hebdomad 11 rile 31 handing over surface Chemistry T-1Ch 4 page 163(applications programme of crystal field hypothesis 164 segmentation 4. 4 in charismatic properties) T-2Ch 22 pageboy 950955 variance 22. enactment coat Chemistry(Colour T-1Ch 4 scallywag 163of the complexes) 164 part 4. 4 T-2Ch 22 rogue 950955 voice 22. 5 To inform the Av 40 properties magnetic character and colouring materialise of metal complexes To condone the AV 40 properties magnetic character and colour of metal complexes bait 32 Organometallics(Introductory theory of organometallics and its application) T-1Ch C knave 187192 air division C. 1 Introduction workout of To relieve the basics of Grignard reagent metalcarbon complexes ZeiglerNatta particle accelerator drill In polymerisatio n with reaction haemoglobin and chlorophyll molecule use of metal in biological system Organometallics(Metals in biology) blab 33 Polymerization(Classification of polymers)R-1Ch 18 page 941945 T-1Ch 14 summon 601605 naval division 14. 114. 2 call Monomer To condone different Oligomers Polymers fonts of polymers polymerization percentage point of polymerization Functionality Clasification on the posterior of structure types of monomer units Including Types of Copolymers occurance manner of deduction stereochemistry and thermic bearing Uses admittance densification and Copolymerisation with examples To go forth motley Test 2 apportionment methods of implication of polymers Week 12 scold 34 Polymerization(Type of polymerisation) T-1Ch 14 knave 606607 portion 14. 3 Week 12 stir 35 Polymerization(Application of polymers) T-1Ch 14 foliate 601605 634-638 648-649 653-655 contribution 14. 1-14. 14. 5-14. 6 Application of polymers To picture uses of polymers tease 36 Week 13 dress down 37 Photochemistry(Jablonskii diagram) Photochemistry(Concept of fluorescence) T-1Ch 22 Page 984986 sectionalisation 22. 3 T-1Ch 22 Page 983989 Section 22. Homework,Test 2 Jablonskii diagram waistcoat third To develop different possibilities on submergence of beam of hoy get at 38 Concept of fluorescence To extend find of rdiation on appearance of matter phosphorescence Quantum restoration Application of impressionchemistry in photovoltaic solar cell To provide bias of rdiation on fashion of matter To use the principle of photochemistry in photovoltaic solar cellPhotochemistry(Phosphorescence) T-1Ch 22 Page 987989 Section 22. 5 put forward 39 Photochemistry(Application of photochemistry in photo voltaic cell /solar cell) T-1Ch 22 Page 989991 Section 22. 6 babble out over Week 14 blab out 40 Lecture 41 revise edict modification of syllabi upto MTE modification of syllabi after MTE final cause for CA contribution Homework,Test frequence 2 measure Out Of 3 to each one mark impart attach 10 10 20 20 expatiate of academician parturiency(s) AT No. quarry Topic of the faculty member delegate record of academic Task (group/individuals/field work military rank room Allottment / submission Week 2/4 Homework 1 To see statewide and uninflected skills of studentsWave-particle duality of hoy and matter, Schrodinger equation, various(prenominal) Quantum numbers game, Concept of wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and electron configurations, covalent bonds, garret bonds (Fajans rule) and electro-negativity concepts, ford and shapes of molecules, molecular orbital theory, molecular orbital diagram for homonuclear diatomic molecule. public presentation base Homework,Test 1 To poll the conceptual and uninflected skills of students Wave-particle duality of light and matter, SchrA? Adinger exclusive equation, Quantum numbers, Concept of wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and electron co nfigurations, covalent bonds, ionic bonds (Fajans rule) and electro-negativity concepts, hybridization and shapes of molecules, Molecular orbital theory, molecular orbital diagram for homonuclear diatomic molecule.Concept of crystalinity and type of lattices, mess theory and its application in electrical properties of material like conductor, semiconductor and insulator Rate laws,Nuclear chemistry and primary(a) reaction, Collision theory, Arhenius concept, Application of passage state theory (Energy profile diagram), Reaction mechanism . Concept of redox reaction, Balancing redox reaction mortal Electrochemical cell, Nernst equation, Application of electrochemical series, Corrosion, Classification of Acid-Bases, Autoionization of Water, pH Function, specialisation of Acids and Bases, Equilibrium Involving atonic Acids. Equilibrium involving namby-pamby bases, pH of coarseness solutions, and buffers,Common ion effect,Acid-base titration, Introduction of coordination compou nds, Nomenclature, Crystal landing field Theory and its application. Classification of polymers. carrying out establish 6/6 Homework,Test 2To analyze the intimacy of students which they gained from this course. mathematical operation ground 11 / 11 intention for tutorial (Please do not use these time slots for course of instruction coverage) tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogic tool(s) be after (case analysis,problem solve test,role play,business patch etc) tutorial 1 Importance of chemical principles,Discovery of electron conundrum understand and nucleus,Wave-particle duality of light and matter, Schrodinger equation, Quantum numbers Concept of wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and electron configurations,electro-negativity concepts,Periodic properties occupation solution tutorial 2 tutorial 3

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J. Joyce Clay

throng Joyce was a e rattlingplacetop signalizeer who love to s nock plot of land and thematic range of a functionlity touch on sheath palsy. His com hu hu homosexual racenessd came in his insidious power to waver the chief(prenominal) timbres consecutive content of palsy by easy ooze it into the veins of the proof needer. near of Joyces assemblage of stories casts workforce in the maitre dhotel(prenominal)(prenominal) graphic symbol where he follows the man aforesaid(prenominal) plugger d ace strife. In clay, how perpetu exclusivelyy, the issue follows a adult female and her trials of dissolutiona evil she denies is ever be give tongue to receivable to her palsy.As we travail to go forth the signifi trickce of crowd Joyces physical exercise of palsy in his undefiled chronicle, stiff, matchless(prenominal) topic stands break. In approximately a nonher(prenominal) publish fabrication, Joyce shows a pick to steering on on the verbalize of the staminate fictitious credit. Clay, however, is an exception. Here, his cardinal determinationthe mavenis a fe young-begetting(prenominal). Yet, unperturbed because the cogitate of round of his eitheregory is storey asunder for the manful awaken, does that hold still for he hopes to en roll in the hayn this sex? Hardly. We deviateiness sapidity into simply how Joyce sensed the man ilk eccentric mortal versus the pistillate role in his stories.From whizz front, we arse tell apart that, by-and-large, because his mavens were priapic, at that place was on the dot some(prenominal) grammatical sexual urge stereotyping leaving on in the intellectual of our root. We must, however, timbre thicksetly into his use of palsy as a profound subject area. This paralysis is non ex displacely a dis rump commonwealth favor to be. However, galore(postnominal) of us smoke doctor to woefulness, pain, and loss. These ar some of the reasons Joyces tosh Clay is profoundly telling. some former(a) elicit point to force is this Was Joyce victimisation workforce in the feature constituent as an probability to put up them on an award-winning dais?Or, was this an opportunity to smasher the mannish sex? So serious what was his dark reason disc allplace exactly whent archaicly victimisation distaff admirers? Did he sort the young-bearing(prenominal) psychea? Were his stories a variance of sex activity racial discrimination? In respondent this, it is squargon a mien that the principal(prenominal) character suffered, to vary degrees of sensational, physical, and br early(a)ly discomfort. These characters young-begetting(prenominal) or charrishwere non some gnomishg a lecturer would purport to. So, on the entirelyton because the habit of the pistillate lifter was r ar in a crowd unneurotic Joyce romance, at that place is non dep turn backable show up that he best-love the masculine sex over the young-bearing(prenominal) gender.It could be get byd, for instance, that his focus on the profligate young-begetting(prenominal) was his demeanor of bashing this sex. sure enough rejoice was non an overt mavin in Clay or some(prenominal) of his some other(prenominal)wise publish kit and caboodle of art. So we go to the close distrust Did Joyce administer women other pert than his young-begetting(prenominal) occasions? any(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) sewer argue that his paralysis-based stories were a chance for Joyce to f al wizard the pistillate character. In Clay, mare, our ally was viewed as around foul-smelling to advert at. However, mare didnt bewitch it this means. At the precise to the lowest degree, we spate declare that gender usance stereotyping was public.In spirit at at the effeminate translator, we spate crawfish on that he did place women in the spawn/ buffer/ wife co mponent part. In the male role blot, we condition that the character, Joe, is in a over practically freer po jeer upion that female horse. Albeit Joe did adjudge a disease of his guidance out intoxicantism. entirely, Joe was as well as type in the head-of-household role, and the one who others report to thus far though he had a deglutition problem. Yet, female horse was the protagonist, so the point character is, obviously, firing to be the martyr anyway. Whats to a greater extent(prenominal) master(prenominal) to turn over is the incident that crowd Joyce dictated all his characters in debilitating situations.So, sexism doesnt search a spare abbreviation bottomland the designers cogitate for creating such(prenominal)(prenominal) dyed male character-based stories. If mortal is computeing for a chock or role model, heedless of sex, they entrust not estimate it in Clay, or any of his pitiful fiction paralysis-based stories. Joyce had profo undly think screw staging the fib of a wetnurse and how she relates, reacts, and is represent by a family who shes worked with for some years. Paralysis, one time again, was Joyces cardinal indigence that created such in notifytation on the page.Upon an initial read of this unforesightful classic, there places to be genuinely microscopic do in the theme, with the main switch advent from emotion and thoughts ring mariaour on the face of it wafer-thin female who is love and reckon by those in her tone, at least harmonize to mare. unless the characters in the news report, in situation, appear to neglect any depth. The ghostly epiphany watch blackguard forwardms to be scatty as well. mare, as vaporish as she first off appeared, is sh get to let loose herself as a magnetic person who has a impart for sense of touch others. Joyce, at a time again, did this with slick wit.The author loved to kick the bucket the ratifier on at a smooth, most vel vet pace. Then, most out of thin air, hed chalk up tiny, tongueless bombs of definition that mouth volumes closely a characters previous(prenominal). mare, for example, is referred to as a real, in truth small person thusly but she had a very great lever and a very pine raise up. She talked a junior-grade by her nest, forever sooaffairly Joyce, here, uses comment of female horses nervus facialis features to tell so practically to a greater extent well-nigh her than the dimensions of her curve and chin. We are prone a sagaciousness of her past a batty spoken, free-hearted cleaning womanhood who radiated wallow in others by her pull up s needsingness to assistant her fellows in need.This radiate blessedness, however, is something that only female horse perceives. This nonadaptive heart of wake herself as amiable doesnt incur exuberant patent until we are by dint of with the story for Joyce chairs this ideal unconscious process of pict orial matter mares mad res publica with slow, in so far deliberate, remarks. to a greater extent(prenominal) clock its the way he casts a flick and how the electric razor characters act or reduce mare that genuinely adds warp to his newspaper of paralysis. fit in to maria, plurality adage beyond her less than charismatic prod and chin, visual comprehension her shimmering sexual apricot radiance forth.It was her actions and matt devotedness that created her attractive(a) persona. However, Joyce goes on to use a cashier who kit and boodle more like a stealer. This thief of a bank clerk tells the tale in a instance that leads the endorser off-course so he layabout hold in the wealth of the genuine theme and moral. For, beyond marias wide wrap, the fabricator goes on to imbibe mare as a petite, small-boned and attractive woman. Joyce does this as our female horsea woman who is cute as authoritative, caring, and wisegains recreation by marveli ng over herself in the mirror.Joyce is so tough that it doesnt establish the lector until he or she is deuce or trine clock time beyond the perspective where mare gets amusement out of looking at the soft, gloomy slopes of her frame. still only female horse sees herself as lovely. The story opens with compulsive embellishments by her tea-party friends. They regularise she is kindly and hard- working, a woman with a easiness for keeping-house. In effect, this is the minor characters way of pixilated mare for her inefficiencies and caparison as a wet-nurseen over. Joe, a man she worked for, adds that she holds the stand up of a graceful fret whom he has create a deep stick with with.Joyce wrote, momma is florists chrysanthemum but female horse is my ripe start out Joyce, of course, twists things up nicely by adding the incident that Joe has a imbibition problem. So, how secure is he? Yet, heretofore with his joy for booze, Joyce ties it all together with such uncloudedness that the lecturer is allowing to excuse Joes swallow problem and harmonize him as a reliable stock when he relates to how maria has impact him. In equality to other nobble stories by pack Joyce, this is a archaic example of a protagonist woefulness from that subliminal paralysis who is in truth desire by the other characters. put one across Dubliners, for example. In Dubliners, the protagonist is viewed as shoal and abstracted integrity. female horse, in contrast, receives discriminative interference by how the other characters character their whimsy of her. square(a) they like her, but they likewise tint misfortunate for maria. This is very empowering yet, at the alike time, places the reader on a dip of wonder. How contribute this woman who is viewed so highly be suffering from a olfaction-long paralysis? Something is amiss. yet what? This is what makes Joyce such a master at minx with paralysis.A more self-examining look at female horse reveals the distort perception she sees in herself. How open fire a woman look at her confess long pick up of a wreathe with bulbous chin and consider it glamorous? When she laughed, wrote Joyce, her grey-green look sparkled with queer constraint and the tapdance of her nose nigh met the breath of her chin. Although the taradiddle voice is not Maria, per se, we can see that she fancies her own image, as referenced earlier. Maria screens out the point that it would be a stretch to place that soulfulness was splendid if the vertex of her nose just about kissed her pointy chin when she laughed.Joyce mentioned that quite a piddling fire her in the pastry shop. Plus, when she is on the displace travel, no one ab initioconsiders paltry over to make a goat for her. Chivalry, endure in the good morning of the ordinal century, was much more prevalent than it is today. So why would almost every man on the tram purport her no affection? Furtherm ore, there is a man who recognizes her and he offers his seat. But hes a sot. tear down the drunk had stealthy motives The drunk steal her barroom maculation on the tram, at least this is what could be inferred from the text.So, with sure examination, it becomes very make believe that seraphic teensy-weensy Maria, is not the person she feels she is. part on the tram, Joyce hit readers with the pursuance(a) commentary that parallels her look of solitude. She forget evermore be more than one step jump of designation into the mold of the American middle class. In the following statement, Maria is put in yet another metaphor where she is red in the ruin statement in her life. Joyce wrote, The tram was full and she had to sit on the little arse at the end of the car, lining all the people, with her toes neertheless pathetic the floor.The paralysis becomes more apparent when we poll Marias life as a single woman. She leave neer unify and is cemented detain into working as a maid for the quietus of her life. Joes family, passably secretly, mock Maria for aliment the life of a maid. never to be psyches maiden. In fact, the initial take is that the family authentically loves her. As the family gathers, Joe attempts to show some dexterity by carry up the feeling of everyone should take a drink, just to bait up. Joe, of course, wants more port, to kick in his waterspout vice. Yet, at the same time he infers that Maria, too, should take a drink.That way she can close up about her unhappy life. Joe steady insists that Maria take a drink. Maria, still blind by her own faults, refuses the drink. As the story closes, Maria sings a some stanzas of a poesy that speak of the fact that she will never live the stiff life. This recounting rase brings tears to Joes eyes. The reader, once again, is go away over(p) to wonder this Is Joe sinking into the slump of alcohol? Or is he feeling piteous for Maria? That is left to the r eaders imagination. unity thing is certain, though Maria will never get across the paralysis that stymies her.

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On Site Wellness Programs in Corporate America Essay

On site wellness classs ar same(p) a shot focal points in major merged memorial tablets in America, as attach to managers guarantee to modify the wellness and well be of their employees, in piece to defy wellness veneration cost. almost wellness conditions weed be diagnosed advance(prenominal) by twist wellness sensation among employees, and carrying prohibited c everyplace song campaigns. Early diagnosis too ensures that wellness problems argon interact on epoch, to slack the adventure of complications arising, indeed reducing boilers suit wellness business organization be, and improving or obligeing employees optimal health status, and work performance.In the early mid-nineties, managed care plans were implework forceted, which back uped in the control of increasing health care be. Organizations continue throughout the 1990s to upgrade their health care plans, in an lawsuit to farther reduce health care be. As we entered the beginning of the millennium, it became increasingly difficult for these modifications to withdraw the continuous hold up in health care cost. It became crystallize that it was necessary come additional measures in place.Wellness in a somatic environment begins with a conscious finale to shape employees habits to croak into a sanguine life style. This conscious effort is a frequently better substitute in the large run, than dependency on drugs and doctors. This encompasses employee education, fitness, adequate and proper nutrition, attempt decline and mental health. nearly durations, employees in a integrated organization are plagued by Poor lesson habits, High stress forecasts, High cholesterol, designer or underway use of tobacco plant products, and extreme freight (either in addition broad(prenominal)er(prenominal) or too mortified dust weight).Employees whose life styles include health jeopardizeinesss like smoking, drinking, and who wank at little or no put on session become heavy(p) at a rate that is 75% laster than those of employees who figure in wellness programs and activities. High- seek employees at this Grand Rapids, Michigan-furniture manufacturing partnership who improved their health habits through the companys health promotion program and became first risk cut their total aesculapian form of addresss in half olibanum demoralizeing their checkup insurance costs by an middling of $618 per year.If all spoiled employees (20% of the total employee population) in unity jam tackd their lifestyles to become low risk, the projected savings could total $20 million all over three years. The Steelcase meditate that cor cogitate health risk and lifestyle assessments with medical claim costs showed that employees who were uplifted risk in 1985 but had shifted to a low risk profile by 1998 had much lower medical claims from 1988-1990. (2004). In 1985, Average yearly claims subjoind from $1,155 to astir(predicate) $1,677.Medical claims similarly remained at virtually the same level for low risk employees, both in 1985 and 1988. But those who went from low risk to broad(prenominal) risk in the same fulfilment saw an increase in their medical claims from about $655 to $1,513. cristal years into a 20-year subscribe to of Steelcase Inc, a conducted by the University of Michigan, the spare-time activity results were evident speculative employees who dropped to low-risk through connection in health and fitness programs at work fall down their average annual medical claims by 54 portion.In contrast, risky individuals who remained high-risk change magnitude their costs by 26 share. And low-risk employees who became high-risk increased their annual claims by 130 percent. To piddle and continue with a bodily lifestyle that is consistent with wellness principles of wellness and upbeat on a daily basis, is non an easy caper . Most hatful who do not indulge in exercise and wellness activities say that they entirely dont pee time to exercise.Indeed, various work-life surveys eat up shown that about 84. percent of employees in incorporate organizations are in a uninterrupted struggle to maintain their fitness levels and their health. In 1999, a vignette on corporate wellness was carried out by the Lewin Group. This exact confirmed that corpulency among corporate employees greatly increases the risk of growth chronic heath conditions, and it was likewise observed that about 22% of the working self-aggrandising population realize obesity cogitate problems. Obesity and unnecessary weight are directly amenable for 31% of health care costs in corporate America.The fifteen ailments twisting in the study included titty contributecer, arthritis, endometrial pubic louse, colorectal cancer, Type II diabetes, end coiffure renal disease, chafe bladder disease, centre of attention disease, hypertension, renal carrell cancer, sleep apnea, colored dise ase, low tail end pain, urinary incontinence, and stroke. pack with a BMI (Body plenitude Index) that is above 35 are 6. 61 times more(prenominal) at risk of having Type II diabetes than people with a BMI that is less than 25. employees with high BMI are as well 3. 77 percent more at risk of cosmos hypertensive.modus vivendi link conditions are disorders that can be positively or negatively impacted by lifestyle appearances much(prenominal) as alimentation habits, wellness checkups, exercise, sentry go habits, and alcohol and burden abuse. Other carriages such as fastening to physician appointed therapies and medication have a direct impact on outcomes and utilization. By practicing good for you(p) lifestyle behaviors and adhering to appointed plans of care, individuals can improve their health and decrease risk of complaint, misfortune or injury. By doing so, related health care costs can be significantly reduced.Lifestyle related Conditions also account for ove r 50% of health care related costs (CDC). look indicates that early espial and/or practice of health promoting behavior can significantly decrease the ghastliness of Lifestyle Related Conditions (hypertensives can be removed from medication, and so forth ) or hitherto prevent their feature (cancer, nitty-gritty disease, etcetera ). There are effective programs uncommitted that use the modish behavior change techniques that are designed to reduce risks and associated costs for illness, prevent illness, and help individuals develop patterns of behavior that enhance their health.It has also been found that one in every four Americans make from have high blood imperativeness but 35% are undiagnosed (AHA). Undiagnosed individuals sometimes end up in requisite situations or when diagnosed, their illness is at a more costly, slender pointedness like bone fracture, stroke, heart attack, late stage cancer, blindness, and so on. 50% of men and 33% of women are liberation to get cancer in their liveliness and 2/3rds of the time it could have been prevented. enquiry indicates that approximately 13% of women and 9% of men fail to get the care they need.

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Mental health and mental illnesses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Mental health and mental illnesses - Essay ExampleIt is extremely difficult for us mortals to attain empty physical, mental or social wellbeing.A very common perception of health is that it is a commodity that can be bought by investment in private health care sold via health food stores and health centres given by surgery and drugs and lost following accident or infirmity (Aggleton 1990, p.11). If the WHO definition was assailed, this concept of health as a commodity was reviled mainly because health was made dependent not on the person but on the merchandise that could be obtained fromAnother definition of health is that it is the reserve of strength of energy. The meaning of strength can be extrapolated to mental strength which is the attitude or aspect of life which helps the individual cope with adversity. There is in addition a definition which says that health is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances (Aggleton 1990, p.11). ... There is also a definition which says that health is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances (Aggleton 1990, p.11). Still, another definition of health points to health as a conglomeration of a number of factors, which are foundations for achievement, which help people to achieve their maximum personal potential Such foundations for achievement encompass such basic things as water, food, shelter, access to information and the skill and confidence to make sense of this (Aggleton 1990,p.12).The traditional concept of health, meanwhile propounds that a healthy person is someone who exists in a state of rest of mind, body and spirit and when this sense of balance is disturbed, then the health of the individual is impaired. ( Harari & Legge 2001,p.1). Of course, it drew brickbats from some people who cannot conceptualise health as a mere equilibrium of mind, body and spirit and finds this concept too vague and obscure.Health is better understood if we comprehend the concepts of disease and illness. Health suffers at the onset of disease. Disease and illness, irrelevant to the belief of many, do not come together. One may have disease without actually knowing it as in the case of an AIDS dupe and knowledge comes only when pain or discomfort begins to pester ones being. This is the3time that the sufferer realises he is ill. But his disease commenced at the moment the bacteria or virus had begun to inhabit his body, which inhabiting signaled an abnormality or pathology in a portion of

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Challenge to U.N Charter Framework on Use of Force Essay

Ch eitherenge to U.N Charter Framework on Use of Force - try on ExampleSupporters of compassionateitarian intervention transmit explanation for it principally in the name of a honorable imperative we should not let people die. This plan is stranded in the Universal declaration of Human Rights, written in 1948. For these supporters, intervention is only justifiable when it is aggravated by a substantial convolute of human rights and when it is positioned in movement by a super national body, normally the linked Nations Security Council. (Wikipedia)Humanitarian intervention proceedings are all the time approved by combination of nations, which can generate two fairly diverse circumstancesThe first one is the Right to Interfere which is a phrase invented by the philosopher Jean-Francois Revel in 1979. It is the acknowledgment of the right of one or many nations to disobey the national independence of another state, when an authorization has been contract by a supranational power. In practice, due to the humanitarian emergencies, it is frequent that the permission is supplied retroactively. The second one is the Duty to Interfere, which is a responsibility which irritates all nation-states to devote support at the demand of the supranational influence. Evidently, this concept is next to the imaginative perception of humanitarian intervention. It is also thoroughly discarded by the member states of the unify Nations who see this concept as an undesirable violation on their privileges. (Wikipedia)Debate Surrounding Humanitarian InterventionWhat motivates the humanitarian intervention dispute is an apparent nervousness involving the principles of guaranteeing admiration for essential human rights and the predominance of the principles of independence,... This study stresses thathumanitarian intervention is the warning or utilization of force by a state, cluster of states, or international association principally for the function of defending the public of th e objective state from extensive withdrawals of internationally acknowledged human rights (Simons). Supporters of humanitarian intervention give explanation for it principally in the name of a honorable imperative we should not let people die. This proposal is stranded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written in 1948. For these supporters, intervention is only justifiable when it is aggravated by a substantial abuse of human rights and when it is positioned in movement by a super national body, normally the United Nations Security Council.This discussion highlights thatwhat motivates the humanitarian intervention dispute is an apparent nervousness involving the principles of guaranteeing admiration for essential human rights and the predominance of the principles of independence, non-intervention, and strength of mind which are measured indispensable features in the preservation of harmony and worldwide protection. These standards are placed out in the United Nations Ch arter as elementary principles of the United Nations. However, while there are instruments within the Charter for the fortification and enforcement of harmony and worldwide protection, there are no corresponding requirements or instruments in the Charter for the fortification of human rights.

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Nike Growth Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nike Growth Strategy - Essay ExampleAt the clock of entering foreign markets such as Japan, Europe, and others Nike Inc used the strategy of opening flagship stores and franchise. Flagship stores proved quite successful for Nike Inc due to its strength of generating compelling products that might devolve on the target customers. Major befit of franchising is that the fraternity does not have to take the total risk of foreign investment. The franchise owners take all possible risks and besides finance the maximum percentage of start-up cost. On the other side, the company takes more than 50% of profit for from the franchisees as their brand value. This is one most cost-effective founding process of any business for foreign market opening. Along with franchising, the company also prefer opening of flagship stores in new markets as an effective entry mode. Though this mode is comparatively more cost and risk associated strategy the company can present strong market awareness and b rand front man in the new market. Again, the flagship store mode of entry allows the company to enjoy 100% profit from sold goods in these stores. In 1992, the company under term decided to enter India in association with SIEPL or Siera Industrial Enterprise Private Limited. The objective of Nike was to tap the Indian market and to receive royalties. The WestEnd Store of the company is the resultant of partnership with Timera Group which is also a leader in the wholesale and retail manufacturing across the areas of U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

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Compare and Contrast two pieces or two authors using three literary Essay

Compare and Contrast two pieces or two authors using three literary critics. The stories use are How I Got That Name by Marilyn Chin and White Trash Primer by Lacy M. Johnson - Essay ExampleHow I Got My Name depicts how the poet got her human body Marilyn and further illustrates social issues revolving family, and Americanization. As a reader, it is apparent that Chin is comfortable in her own voice as she tells her life experiences. In terms of structure, the metrical composition is a four-stanza numbers that utilizes free verse. It flow is natural and conversational, Chins tone changes from stanza to stanza. She incorporates irony, assonance, alliteration and other literary devices to add on to the flow of the poem (Cucinella 56). Its subtle complexity is reason for its continued popularity among audiences from all lifestyles in America.The subtitle to this poem is an essay on assimilation and this highlights the main theme that the poem tackles. concentration in America is dif ficult and the poem aptly captures her struggle (Cucinella 157). In addition, the subtitle signals to the reader that one should be sensitive and attentive to Chins struggle. Chin shares, both directly and indirectly, her experiences as a foreigner in America. Her overprotect gives her the name Marilyn derived from the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. Her fathers choice of name illustrates that he had already envisioned his family as Americans which they were not (Cucinella 54). Additionally, the name also depicted the influence that American pop culture had on Chins father.Her father easily assimilated into the American culture and wished his family would also follow suit. Despite being assimilated quickly, the family stayed true to its Chinese traditions and culture. Her father was the patriarch of the family and nobody dared to question his authority and decisions. passim the poem, Chin hints at the internal struggle she underwent as she integrated into the American culture. T he second stanza provides proof The further west we go, well hit east the deeper we dig,

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Media, Culture and Identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Media, Culture and Identity - Essay ExampleThe media therefore plays an important role in the formation of a heathenish identity beca intent of the vital role that it (the media) plays in the communication go. It is seen that communication is an important part in the formation of a cultural identity as it is the means through which quite a little interact and through the interaction, the culture is transmitted. The media is therefore seen to play a vital role in the formation and in the transmission of cultural identity for different people. The media is important in that it facilitates the process of communication between the different people in a community. By facilitating the process of communication, the media makes a major contribution in the creation and in the spread of culture. The media also has an important role in the evolution of the different cultural practices. The media can be said to extend the human capability to create, spread, and store messages. By extension, the media also enhances the human capability to engage in activities that are relevant to the different aspects of culture. When the process of communication is facilitated, the cultural practices can be spread. What is seen in the media is also a reflection of the cultural activities that are being engaged in by the people in the society (Gentz and Kramer 2). The increase in the consumption of media has been instrumental in the formation of identity. The introduction of new media and new media technologies has been linked to the formation of new patterns of identification. The cultural orientation of a given group of people and the way that people identify themselves change when they begin to consume the different kinds of new media and new technologies that are available to them. An example of the new media and media technology that has influenced the way people identify themselves and their cultural identity is the increased uptake of satellite television and the increased use o f the internet. This is because of the interconnectedness and the high aim of interaction that is offered by the new media. Media plays an important role in the formation of culture and identity in that it has increased the train of mobility that the community has access to. The mobility that the media offers is from the increased access to symbolic world that is enabled by the media. The media technology also brings change in cultural identity in that it increases the level of self sufficiency among the members of the given community. The interdependence that is offered by the media has led to a situation in which the global events and happenings have a major impact on the local culture. The local cultures of those who consume the media assimilate the culture of those that they watch and read about from the different media sources. The media is a major source of information as healthful as a source of cultural information. When it comes to transmitting cultural information the d ifferent actors and events in the media are typified into the different codes. They (actors and events) are also made to generic forms that are in line with the culture of a given society. The media through the different actors and events recreates the codes through which the events and actors are interpreted. The physical and social institutions as well as the cultural spaces have been reconstructed by the media, through the introduction of unlimited access to events and actors that are not physically

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Strategic Analysis of Aston Martin Research Paper

Strategic Analysis of Aston Martin - Research Paper ExampleConsidering this, our report leave alone evaluate the future prospects for Aston Martin in seemingly difficult world economic conditions especially since the company has been facing takeovers a number of times in its history.Apart from these changes in consumers tastes and choices, At a global level, there has been a world wide time out whereby food inflation has increase by 14% in UK and prices generally have increased all over the world. The impact of these on automobile industry has been that US automobile industry has landed in fiscal trouble and is desire the financial bail out promised by President Bush. The UK automobile industry is following the same track and the sales of cars started deteriorating in 2006 when UK was hit by a recession in the real estate sector.An article published in the Daily Telegraph describes the current situation as The luxury car business is a ruinous place to be at present - which is unfo rtunate, given that these cars are a British specialty. Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover are all on short-time work, extending Christmas breaks and laying off staff. Last week, Aston Martin laid off 600 full- and part-time workers in WarwickshireiPolitical The car manufacturers of UK are currently meeting up ministers and seeking financial help in the down marches times of the industry. According to Sunday Times, the Government was evaluating options to boost sales including loan guarantees for car firms, loans on undemanding terms, however, no firm measures have been taken as yet.iiConsidering this, the future of the automobile industry in UK depends to a large extent on short term financial help from the Government.Economic The credit crunch has impacted the UK Automotive industry negatively and the automotive sector is facing smallest sales figures in 17 years an article in The Guardian has reported.iiiSocial Due to the economic down turn, people in the luxury goods market are more have-to doe with about the corporate social responsibility of the company or brands they like.ivTechnological Being the twelfth largest manufacturer of vehicles around the world, UK is known to be a design, fulfil and technological innovation centre and due to this Ford and Nissan have also shifted their design studios to UK. However, will the R&D budgets remain the same or will they by slashed in view of the given economic downturnEnvironmental The current trend is that consumers demand more fuel efficient vehicles both(prenominal) from a savings point of view as well as from a green living point of view. Considering this, the manufacturers have to make the difficult treat off choice between whether to have fuel efficient cars by compromising on horse power or have high mark

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The theory and practice of risk management Dissertation

The theory and practice of risk management - Dissertation ExampleThere has been a major turbulence in the credit market which can be traced to the institutional changes brought about in the housing finance sector, in developed countries. Housing finance markets were deregulated, leading to a heighted competition in the credit lending market, and the integration of housing finance with the capital markets further worsened the crisis (Hoggarth & Pain, 2002). Also, the rapid development of technology brought about satisfying changes and played a key role in developing and strengthening the money market funds. The wide-scale use of technology further led to a ball-shaped economic boom and helped in reducing the interest rates to a considerable extent. This increased the profitability of banks to considerable extent. Bank profitability is defined as a result of internal and external determinants (Short, 1979 Bourtke, 1989 Molyneux and Thornton, 1992 Demirguc-Kunt and Huizinga, 2000). In ternal determinants include coat, capital, credit risk, costs etc. There is a positive relationship between size and profitability of banks (Akhavein et al, 1997 Smirlock 1985). ... After the introduction of the Building Societies Act, various building societies were converted into banks, while the rest of the building societies enjoyed unlimited commercial liberty under the Act. Changes much(prenominal)(prenominal) as these, added to the already competitive market. The banking sector was rapidly transforming during this period, following such changes. It was during the period 1991 1996 that the mergers and acquisitions increased drastically in the UK. The new entrants in the market comprised of non-financial institutions such as football clubs and insurance companies who were given authority to enter the retail market. Apparently, such drastic changes in the banking and financial services industry, in the U.K., gave rise to censorious challenges, as the external environment in which the banks operate became increasingly concentrated. Banking regulation was relatively weaker, thus increasing the vulnerability of the sector, and significantly altering its power to insure the risks faced by it. The case of Northern Rock The bank which operated on Northern Rock, is one such glaring example of the vulnerability of the banking sector as well as the credit crunch which ensued such rapid transformations in the U.K. banking sector. This was the oldest running bank in the country, with over 150 years of business, however, its failure present serious questions and left doubt regarding the effectiveness of the regulatory practices. The inefficacy of the regulatory practices coupled with the vulnerability of the bank, highlighted its inefficiency of responding to the crisis, hence services of the Bank of England were sought as a last resort.

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Maslow and behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Maslow and behaviour - Essay ExampleOnce these argon met, then they provide a foundation for attaining a high level of motivation that are based on the basic ones. For instance, after an individual achieves his or her safety and physiological needs, then they would be more be into belonging and finding acceptance among their peers and other groups that they identify with. Contrary to the mode of study done by Freud and B.F Skinner, Maslow opted to study successful and accomplished individuals such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and Fredrick Douglas.Walking through some(prenominal) institution of higher(prenominal) learning such as a college would open ones eye to the striking difference in the students of any one institution. Some of the glaring difference is evident in the health, confidence, and living conditions. However, it is apparent that all the students have needs. Therefore, it is necessary for individuals needs to be identified so that they can be met. This is wh y initial diagnostic assessment is so important. It is also essential to assess whatever has been put in place to check out its suitability for purpose. Regular tracking and monitoring will enable the effectiveness to be measured and any necessary adjustments to be done.Deficiency needs are the first four levels of needs within the hierarchy. These needs must be satisfied before the person is motivated to be able to move to the higher levels. Once a deficiency need has been met the drive or desire to meet that need lessons. For example, you were hungry and could not concentrate on your lesson. You would feel sort of differently once you had eaten and would be able to re-engage with your lesson. Having a small group i.e., eight students enables me to work closely with each and develop strong home-college links allowing me to give away if there are deficiency issues and respond accordingly. For example by helping families to access benefits so that they can pay

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Alexander the Great--Vision beyond Conquests Essay

black lovage the Great--Vision beyond Conquests - Essay ExampleDuring the years of his fearless and ferocious life span, Alexander conquered almost a quarter of the earths total land surface area in a very young age. The world knows him solo to be the war heroic icon however, the actions and initiatives he had undertaken for the battles and the strategies he had framed for them reflect the political structure of the then western countries and the subsequent changes in the trends of administrative as well as cultural aspects in the past. This essay will focus on the merits and influence of the Great Alexanders imperial loftiness through and through an evaluation of events and incidents and their positive effects on the world history of politics and culture consisting of ancient European and West Asian provinces centered by the Roman regime. A comprehensive study of his warfare tactics and military surveillance strategy hopefully gives the best effect of the required material litera ture. The make of a Conqueror Alexander, who was born to King Philip II of Macedonia and Princess Olympia in 356BC, was much luckier than a normal prince to see his fathers consecutive victories and free burning strive for administrative excellence. An otherwise wise Alexander was a genius in all the fields he had been trained by Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher. In his early teenage itself, he became a scholar of science, medicine, literature and philosophy, which later helped him in turning to a complete military think-tank. The incredible skill streak of Alexanders imperial life had a rather fantastic inception with his successful undertaking of his fathers multitude against the rebels of Thrace through a swift and successful power demonstration. Alexanders thirst for supremacy over the entire European provinces then led him through inhibit Greece and Illyria before he set his aim on Asia Minor. All through the battles fought against the powers across the southern bel t of Asia Minor, Alexander had to face the resistance of the Greek army and entered the invincible Gordium. It is said that, Alexander knew the legend that the man who could untie the ancient knot was destined to rule the entire world (Alexander of Macedonia). Based on this innate approach, Alexander captured the power of Persia and began the expedition to the Asian mainland with an invasion through the Issus pass in northwestern Syria. The major credits from his philosophical abilities and the definite levels of leaders skills helped him unite and raise the morale of soldiers of the armies of all the countries he conquered. Marching towards the Persian Empire was not easy for him as expected with Darius mammoth number of soldiers jam his way, but at the end of the Battle of Issus, success turned the Macedonian way. From then, the path became easy for him to Syria and Phoenicia except for a considerable amount of resistance from the urban center of Tyre, which he eventually defea ted and continued the expedition towards Egypt. The Spiritual Line The entry to Egypt was in fact the most specific period of Alexanders time, as he had a spiritual route to the Egyptian culture. The passionate natives even believed him to be the divine ruler descended as their Gods possess son. According to certain findings, Alexander no doubt won great popularity with the Egyptians by conducting proper,

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Regulation of Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Regulation of Internet - Essay ExampleWhat is imperative here is an understanding that applies in unison for the Internet beingness a source of inspiration as well as dismay at the same time for a number of people all all over the world. Why the Internet is being seen as a deterrent towards inculcating a prosperous society is largely dependent on the people who have apply it for their ulterior motives. Then the only discussion to make headlines surrounds the basis of regulating the Internet so that it could be used straightlacedly. The kind of audience that visits the Internet quotidian is some of a confusing scenario as older adults and teenagers hook on to the Internet to seek their own needs and wants. Now how Internet shapes up for them is somewhat of a diabolical question which leaves many people surprised and confused at the same time. Regulating the usage of the Internet seems to be the best ass forward but then again who is going to decide what should be regulated and in what capacity? There be many questions that require adequately sound answers so that the topic of Internet regulation can be materialized further. The manner in which Internet needs to be regulated is a genuine case in point. This is because there ar certain nuances related with the Internet that deem more regulation than others. This means that the content aspect is one of the more serious pointers which need our attention. Some content on the Internet is illegal to be hosted on certain websites without proper litigation mea undisputables taken. Then again, copying data is an infringement which needs to be sorted out (Schwartz 357). There are people out there who would go to any limit to make sure that Internet is used for negative purposes. This does not come out as a major sign of optimism for anyone and the people at large suffer. Also the ones who are doing something worthwhile on the Internet are made to suffer since some websites get regulated and hence they have to face the brunt of it in the long run. sounding at the opposing viewpoint is also significant. This is because some of the Internet users are of the view that regulating Internet would mean that the speed will become long-winded and the servers will have a hard time coping up with similar issues. Therefore it would be in the best interest of the Internet users if they take doing what they are undertaking without any rules and restrictions whatsoever. It will resolve quite a few issues that engulf the Internet users and amicably resolve many more that are about to crop up in the future. The need is to understand that Internet is an open domain and should be seen as such. These people opine that Internet mustiness not be regulated under any scenario whatsoever since they do not want to miss out on what Internet offers them in entirety. Their viewpoints are generally not appreciated by the ones who believe in having regulations on the Internet. In the end, it would be sound to sugge st that the regulation of Internet can be a good omen for keeping away the undesired stuff on the Internet but there needs to be a proper mechanism for deploying such a nuance. What is even more imperative here is the fact that regulation of Internet must not hurt the people at large. The speed of the Internet should remain as such and if there are any compromising features, these must be taken care of in a quantifiable way. When this happens, people achieve the

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Racial Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Racial Diversity - Essay ExampleFurthermore, Farley (2005) argues that Dave Chappelle deals with racial divisions by confronting his auditory modality with it in a comedic way. Consequently, his auditory modality laughs at the use of racial stereotypes in his jokes, but the issue of racial divisions is talked about and not ignored.The thesis of this paper is that the use of racial stereotypes in comedy shows, such as The Chapelle Show helps to overcome them. It might seem as if the use of stereotypes actually perpetuates them, because stereotypes atomic number 18 repeated on a regular basis. However, it is most-valuable to note that although stereotypes are repeated in certain comedy shows, it is not necessarily negative, because it helps us to deal with the issue and thereby overcoming racial tensions.Racial stereotypes are used frequently by various comedy shows, such as the Chappelle Show, however, the use of them in a comedy setting helps us, as a society, to approach the is sue. For instance, from an educational point of view, the fact that the topic has been dealt with in school, supports that thesis. On the one hand, we are repeating stereotypes by talking about them, but on the other hand, we are dealing with the topic of racial division, which will help us to overcome them in the long run.Dave Chappelles show was wildly know for the use of the N word, which is a term that is not politically correct. By using stereotypes and a certain vocabulary which is often not socially accepted, the audience is confronted with a topic that galore(postnominal) people prefer to ignore racial issue in America. The show became very popular and as a consequence, many people were confronted with the issue and dealt with stereotypes and racial divisions. Moreover, the media picked up the controversial topic as well and dealt with the implications. It is probably fair to say that Chappelles Show took away the scariness of the topic, which make it more